My Vampire wife
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My Vampire wife
Author :hali99
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'Why why why does this keep happening me what did I do to deserve this' Aisha screamed inside her inside her head.

When she saw her sister (Alice) and boyfriend (Mark) on the bed enjoying themselves and moaning. She wanted to kill herself.

She had tears in her eyes but, they were enjoying themselves to much to notice her.

'Why is everyone betraying me and stabbing me behind my back. I wanted to successful so I could give HER a better life but what does she do! stab me in the back WOW' as soon as her ex saw her she started to run "its not what you__" she didn't want to listen to him anymore her heart was clinching she wanted t die. As soon as she saw her 'naked ex' running after her she wanted to jump off the building she couldn't take it anymore she was done with betrayer betrayer she thought what a nice word but it can kill people. She saw that she was at the edge of the hotel building an idea came to her mind. She thought if she jumped off the building she wont feel the pain anymore, she wont be hurt she wont feel anything was better then what she was felling right now ANYTHING. As she was about to take another step her ex screamed "Aisha give me another chance everything would be better please don't do what I think you are about to do please" crying huh did her ever cared about her

"look at yourself in the mirror you look like TRASH" she said calmly

"I will jump off this building and if I live I WILL PEEL BOTH OF YOUR SKIN OFF alive and make you feel what I just felt and if I don't then I will hunt you for the rest of your life" she smiled dangerously. Her ex was scared to death he had never seen her like this he was scared to death and didn't notice that he had peed. When Aisha saw that she laughed.

"I fell for an idiot like you. I must've been stupid OMG I should've made a video HaHaHaHa" Aisha looked down and whispered

"Whats the point of living huh? Hey STUPID JERK REMEMBER what I said if I live then I will peel both of your skin's off. Pray that I die because being hunted forever is better then getting your skin peeling off"

that were the last words of Aisha she smiled and jumped.


"Sis Sis did you tell father that you won't marry that demon"

"Alice I haven't told him yet Mark and I are going to go and tell him this Friday" Aisha said with a smile

"Sis can I come to it will be easier if three people go rather the two people"

"Sure" Aisha replied.

As soon as Aisha got out of the room Alice's face got ugly

"What so special about you that you get whatever you want. This time brother Mark is mine and mine alone and matter what I will make you suffer you for saying that you will take him to see dad I will never let that happen you b*** I have a plan for you" as soon as Alice whispered that she went after Aisha.

"Sis tonight my friends are throwing a party can you come with me pleassee"

"Alice you know I have work tonight"

"But you always have work you never make time for me" When Aisha looked at her sister's sad face she sighed "I'll come with you"

"Thank you! Thank you Sis, you're the best but, what are you going to wear oh don't tell me you are going to wear one of of your business suit come on Sis are you really a women, you really have no sense in fashion" Alice whined

"Oh I have a great idea we can go shopping call your secretary to cancel everything for today ok Sis"

'You bit** i'll make you suffer don't worry I'll be the star tonight'

"Sis come on let's go"

"But Alice I have an important meeting today"


"Ok ok i'll call her" after she called her they went to the mall and Alice started to give her dresses to try on they were all poor quality and really cheap as soon as she saw the ugliest dress she smiled and put it in her bag. After An hour Alice found the perfect dress for herself

"Sis I'm going to buy this dress oh and that dress look so sexy on you you have to get that one" She smiled at Aisha sweetly. Aisha's heart warmed and smiled back

"Sure" after they were done Alice went and put make up on after she was done she asked Aisha "Sis are not going to wear make up"

"Alice it's fine were going to be late"

"OMG I didn't notice the time well we have to get going come on Sis" the car stopped at a night club "Come on sis" when they went inside everyone was looking at Aisha her elegant body and, her pretty face. She looked like a goddesses everyone thought when Alice saw that she clinched her fest 'don't worry I'll make you suffer b****'

"Sis come on let me introduce to my friends" Alice waved her hand and some of her friend's came over "Alice is that your sister OMG she is so pretty even without make up" Maggie one of Alice friend said excitedly. After Alice was done introducing she went and danced while Aisha watched her with a simile. When Alice saw that Aisha wasn't looking she ordered a boy to spill some alcohol on her the did as her was ordered. Aisha was going to get water but someone bumped into her from the back and the glass of alcohol was spilled all over her dress as soon as Alice saw that she smiled and run up to her. "Sis are you ok your dress is ruined"

"hey you you son of a bi*** how da_"

"Alice stop making a fuss it's fine. I just need to get change"

"Sis but you don't have a dress oh now I remember I always carry an extra dress for emergency's here you can go and change"


After Aisha put on the dress she looked like a beggar. Aisha went outside and when everyone saw her they started laughing Alice was at the corner with a satisfied expression and then called Mark to tell him that he needs to pick her up. She ditched Aisha and saw that Mark was waiting for her outside she run up to him he started to kiss him .

"Brother Mmmm" when they were done with the kiss Mark ask

"Did you miss me"

"of course I did"

At the party Aisha was looking for Alice everywhere when she was about to go to the bathroom she got a message from Alice that said to to to hotel XXXXX and room XXX Alice said that she was there. As soon as Aisha saw the message she got worried and went the hotel and but when she got closer and closer her heart stared to get heavy when she touched the door there was moaning coming from the inside but when she opened the room her heart shattered to pieces.


"B_Brother" Rose said with a shock look


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