My Vampire wife
8 Just trying to forget my crappy life
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My Vampire wife
Author :hali99
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8 Just trying to forget my crappy life

as she went inside the bar it was all busy people chatting laughing dancing and some people going out happily she wished that she was as happy as them too laugh she felt pity for herself

she sat at the corner of the bar

"What would you like Ma´am"

"I would like a glass of wine"

"are you sure"

Rose was in a bad mood answered in a harsh voice

"are you going to get it or not?" Rose asked

"of course" he answered

after she drank the wine she started to get a headache the next second

Rose felt like someone was watching her she turned her head and saw a handsome face

¨well hello there" Rose got up from where she was sitting and went and hugged the man's body

¨you know that frowning face doesn't look good on you should be happy that you even get the pleasure of me talking to you¨ Rose cold his skin even whit his cloth on so warm Rose thought

¨what if I say I´m keeping that smile for our wedding day¨

¨stop dreaming¨ Rose let go of him and started to walk out of the bar but the next thing she knew was that she was attacking the men

¨you know you shouldn't be thinking naughty thoughts¨ he swiftly dogged the attack and gave her a really quick kiss

Rose shook her index finger

¨you started it¨ Rose then kissed him hard

Wang Lu was shocked for a second he never thought she could be this brave (just saying women´s have desire too not only men k)

¨You looked delicious let´s go somewhere where not everyone is staring at my meal¨ Rose whispered

¨let´s go I wanna enjoy my meal too¨ Wang Lu replied

as he said that Rose eyes turned Red

¨you know that I am an orphan, not the Hu family's eldest daugter¨ Rose asked

¨Ya I know¨ Wang Lu replied

¨So why marry me?¨

¨if you marry me then I´ll answer that¨ Wang Lu kissed her forehead as they got into the hotel room

¨You know that you look really delicious can I have my meal¨

¨Sure go ahad¨ Wang Lu replied while Rose was sniffing his neck

¨you know you look awfully cute with red eyes what race are you?¨ Wang Lu asked

¨your enemy¨ Rose answered then buried her teeth into his neck

after a while as Rose finished she noticed that Wang Lu didn´t even flinch

¨it´s time¨ Wang Lu whispered into Rose ear

¨What mea...¨ as Rose was about to continue her head started to hurt and strange images started to appear

she couldn´t take the pain and faint

¨good night my bunny¨ Wang Lu whispered to her ear and put her down on the bed

The Next Morning

When Rose woke up her head was aching she quickly looked around and next to her she saw a handsome face sleeping next to her when she saw the handsome face next to her images started to come to her head sh*t what happened what am I oh Aisha your full of surprises Rose thought then as she was about to get off the bed something grabbed her hand what the heck why does it have to be him the clone of the guy in the other dimension who dumped me ahhhhh why god what wrong did I do in my previous life

¨seems like your awake then stop pretending Mr. Demon king¨ Rose shouted in his ear

¨I thought you would run away¨ Wang Lu said while opening his eye´s

OMG he looks so sexy wait what are you thinking Rose snap out of it he´s a demon king for real

¨so Miss vampire why didn´t you run away?¨ Wang Lu asked wickedly

¨Oh Mr. Demon you were holding My hand how could I do tell¨

¨I can see you got your memories back¨

¨right what did you expect¨ Rose got sniffed and stared at his body

¨I gave you your meal last night what about mine¨ Wang Lu wined

¨go eat the human food I am not offering my soul but your not the kind of person who does a favor without anything in return what do you want¨ Rose asked with a mischevious smile

¨I meant what I said last night I want to marry you¨

¨and you want me to believe that the great demon king would marry an overthrown Vampire princess¨

¨well you know I have been looking for you for the last 200 hundred years¨

¨and you want me to believe that¨ Rose asked

¨of cours¨ Wang Lu answered

¨then that means that I´m the last of my kind¨ as rose said that she got on top of Wang Lu


¨then that means that you're the last of your kind as well¨

¨Yes¨ Wang Lu answered

¨you know you a man of a few words when did you become so talketive¨ Rose continued "then let´s make a deal we'll marry but it'll be a fake marriage. we'll just act in front of everyone and fool them and no physical things. I won't get in your way and you won't get in my way. What do you say"

Rose declared happily as soon as Wang Lu herd that his heart clenched and the next second Rose know he kissed her as hard as he could he wanted to make her forget what just e said and make her his. HIS ALONE

¨Your Mine and mine alone do you think I wasted 200 hundred years of my life looking for to make this stupid deal it´s true that I need you for other women to stop bothering me¨ Wang Lu clenched his fist

¨but I thought that you ¨Rose was about to continue

¨Shut up¨ then wang Lu continued

did he fall for me but I don´t like him I already had enough heartbreaks I don´t want another heartbreak

¨what´s the real reason that you want to marry me¨ Rose asked

¨how long are you going to stay on top¨

¨for an etrinity¨ Rose answered

¨I don´t minde¨ Wang Lu answered and then gave her a hot kiss then hugged her tightly I love you and want to live my eternal life with you that day I saw you really trying to save your life I love you since then everything about you your silver hair your red eyes everything and then saw you again fighting to death with your brother I fell for you all over again I am sorry I couldn´t protect you but I will now

(he got his memories back)


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