My Vampire wife
16 Truth
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My Vampire wife
Author :hali99
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16 Truth

Hi Everyone I'm just going to say that there is going to be a really big big twist. I'm going to say sorry beforehad *hope some of you can forgive me*


[A change in tasks you have to kill him]

Ignoring the system, she then looked at his eyes "You don't deserve such beautiful eyes" PUP.

The next thing she knew, his eyeballs were in her hands.

"Ah," the man screamed.

Tightening her hand on his neck, she smiled like a devil.

"Sorry honey," she whispered in his ear, then threw him against the wall.

[A task complete]

"okay what's my reward"

[go to room xxx]

'Why, did you want me to kill him'

[I have my reasons]

'okay anyway, why do I have to go to XXX room?'

[you'll see]

As she walked room by room, something emerged in her heart a feeling she never felt.

Stops in her tracks [ignore it.] the system reassured her.

She felt like she couldn't ignore it. [hurry up]


After a few minutes [you can stop now.] looking at the door slightly open, she could hear two men


"She believed you man your good" when she peeked in closer, she saw who it was she was about to.

Step back, but the system froze her "Wang Lu" step back, but the system froze her "Wang Lu"

[Just listen to them you'll thank me later]

"Did you doubt my acting skills" Wang Lu glared at the man

"Now now I am just surprised how naive she could be" the man kept laughing,

"She got away from me" Wang Lu kept drinking his glass of water.

"You can just kill her next time you see her you know."

"Good idea but I have a head start already if I find her I will do as you asked," he put the glass on the table and sat on the couch.

"How did you get away from your family in the other dimension I mean they never would've let you come here?"

"I just used someone and put an act just like I did with Ural," he sighed.

"Spill it" the man looked excited.

"Well I saved her and transferred her soul to this dimension and the rest you know" Wang Lu kept.

Stares at the glass

"Does your brother know about your act?" the man asked with a serious face.

"No, he thinks I'm looking for her My lost love I mean how stupid does he think I am" Wang Lu


"Did she actually believe that you were the demon king?"

"Yes she seemed to believe it," Wang Lu answered while playing with the glass.

"A Vampire Hunter pretending to be a Demon that's funny,"

the man laughed. "I hope you kill her soon and drop the act I don't want My boyfriend going around and telling people.

That he loves them", the man seemed jealous and continued

"But you do look like the demon king I think, you guys look identical."

"Well he's dead now" Wang Lu touched the hand cheeks and gave him a quick kiss.

'God, system what's wrong with you why do I must watch them being lovey-dovey'

[watch] the system repeated.

"Well, I hope your brother never finds a way to fix that dimensional machine."

"He already did," Wang Lu replied.

"How did you find out?"

"Because I have my memories" Wang Lu looked at him with gentleness in his eyes

"Oh, why did you return her memories to her, though?"

"I don't want to kill someone who thinks that they are human" Wang Lu kissed the man again.

"Would you feel guilty" the man kissed him back.

"Yep," they kept teasing one another

"But why did you have to make her in love with you" the man seemed jealous again?

"Cause that would hurt the worst then only being killed by a stranger it would make her suffer more" Murders Arora filled the surroundings.

"What did she do to you in the past?" the man asked.

'I don't think I met him in the past' Rose thought

[who knows maybe you only forgot]

"She did something that a person could never forget" Wang Lu, eyes seemed pained.

"There it's okay," the man gave him a gentle but quick kiss.

"Thank you," Wang Lu replied. Rose felt sick peaking from the door.

'System can we go now. I know the truth thanks.'

The system unfroze her, and she was about to get up, but someone pushed her into the room from behind.


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