My Vampire wife
20 “Father“
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My Vampire wife
Author :hali99
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20 “Father“

As she walked out of the mall, she saw someone standing there when she looked at his face, she instantly recognized him and went back inside the mall.

'What the F*ck is he doing here'

As she was deep in thought, he came inside and grabbed her hand.

"Don't touch me, " she jerked his hand away from her own but, as she was about to teleport he quickly grabbed her hand again and teleported with her.

When she teleported, she was in a dump "What does your highness want with a lowly wore like me."

"Rose pleases let's go somewhere else" Zack begged.

"What you can't even can't handle this place," she laughed as she said that he went quiet.

"Please Rose"

"Stop pleasing me, just go away."

"Why don't you come back home"

"Home, but I already am home"

"Rose please stop acting this way mother worried"

"Mother I never knew I had one"

"She's truly sorry, " he looked worried for her.

"Oh, you mean the one who left me on the street. The one"

"ROSE," he yelled.

"You can't bear to hear it, so leave me alone," she yelled back.

"And if she is truly sorry. Then why isn't she here?"

"You're the future King Zack while here I'm a nothing so please tell 'her highness' to think he never had a daughter" Rose teleported out of the dump.

[you okay.] The system asked.

"Yeah," she whispered.

And stared at the sun setting, on the hot sand as she felt all of her body warm

'Isn't it a shame every time I'm reborn I'm alone, he was right wasn't he?"

[Don't let him get in your head]

'I'm not that stupid.'

She touched the cold water and felt a chill all over her body she took out her hand from the water, then she laid down on the sand and closed her eyes. She wanted time to cease.

'Am I toy for them to use when they don't need me they threw me away and now when they do they come back in front of me, what a joke.'

The next thing she knew she was drifting off to deep sleep

When she opened her eyes, she was in the black and white room she quickly got out.

"Where the heck am I"

[I tried waking you, but you were having your beauty sleep]

'Where am I?'

[Your and your father's mansion]

'What the heck does he wants from me.'

[You'll see]

"Master young miss is awake" the maid yelled excitedly after a few minutes, A man walking be in the room, he scanned the room and his gaze has finally fallen on Rose.

"What do you want" 'why can't I teleport' she thought when the men heard that his gaze became colder.

"your attitude is exactly like your mothers"

'"Well, I didn't know I had one," she replied.

"Rose you have to marry him you can't run away from this"

"Well, what if I said I can, " she tried teleporting but she couldn't.

"Then try teleporting out of the room, " she tried but she couldn't.

'System some help here'

[Listen to what he has to say the guy might be handsome]

'System' she whined.

"You don't have a choice in this matter," he walked out of the room.

"I don't have one, huh."

He ordered the maid to dress her up.

'am I his puppet'

The maid set up the door, then she asked her to go through it, She knew she couldn't resist anymore she was the sacrifice.

'Nobody loves me anyway, even my mom abandoned me on the street just because I was a girl.'

After the maid had done her makeup and went to the living room.

"Your highness she's ready,"

He went inside the room, saw that she was sitting on the bed like a lifeless doll.

"Get up you're going to meet your fiance" he coldly took her hand drag out of the room outside of the mansion the butler quickly opened the car's door and they went inside.

She tried teleporting again, but she couldn't [he Put a Spell on You Can't teleport]


"We're here" Then her father got out of the car and walked to the hotel entrance.

She followed him and asked.

"When will you take off the spell?" She eagerly asked.

"When you get obedient, " he looked at her as if looking at a stranger.

"Stupid" she cursed under her breath.


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