My Wife is a Medusa
1 Chapter 1 : New World
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My Wife is a Medusa
Author :DrakeGrimmhound
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1 Chapter 1 : New World

In a dark, wet cave lays Ethan, a muscular young man with short, spikey ginger hair, around 180cm's tall, wearing military desert camo shirt and trousers, with a brown top underneath and brown combat boots on his feet, on his wrist is a paracord bracelet that has a whistle, compass, and fire starter built into the plastic buckle.

He has military webbing on, the front two pouches have canteens filled to the brim with cold water, the canteens have metal cups on the bottom with a metal fork, knife and spoon next to them, the four pouches on his sides, two on each side, are jam packed with ration packs, water purifying tablets, matches, and as many packets of tissues he could squeeze into the pouches so he could use it as makeshift toilet paper in the field.

A white, round pouch sits on the very back of the webbing, a weapon pouch from the anime Naruto, Ethan had always loved anime, even before he thought about joining the army, he was raised on it, he had also learned his diligence from watching Naruto, that same diligence got him though his army training. From watching lots of different anime he became open minded and accepting of different types of people, letting him gain more good friends in the army even if they are a little odd to others.

Inside the weapon pouch is a small torch, combat knife, small medical kit, bandages, small sewing kit, and little leather bound note book with a couple of small pencils.

Ethan begins to wake up, as soon as he sees the unfamiliar ceiling he springs into action, within a second he is on his feet with his combat knife in his right hand, pulled from his white weapon pouch, his left hand supporting him against the cave wall.

His light blue eyes scan the cave for whoever kidnapped him and when nothing happens he begins to release his nerves, letting out a long breath he had been holding.

"How did I get here?" Ethan asked himself out loud, one of his bad habits, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't remember how he ended up in the cave, eventually he decided to put that to one side and find a way out of the cave first.

He uses his left hand to reach back into his weapon pouch, pulling out his small torch, while he still held the combat knife out in front of him, he turns the torch on and shines it around the cave.

The cave walls where made of a matt black rock, almost like glass, a large, pure white, dragon skull sat in the middle of the cave, the dragon skull with a black katana imbedded into the brow of the skull.

"Is that a dragon skull, with a katana sticking out of its head?" Ethan shouted out loud when he saw the dragon skull in the middle of the room.

"This probably has to do with why I'm in this cave... and there's no dragons on earth so I must be on another world now... at least now I know that my childhood fantasies of traveling to another world are not wrong." He said with a smile.

Ethan then walked up to the dragon skull and looked closer at the katana, the entire blade a dark red, as if its permanently stained with blood, the blade collar, handle wrap, and pommel are black with carvings of snakes on the guard, which is also black.

"Did you bring me here?" Ethan asked the sword in front of him, he got lost in it's beauty, the deep red of the blade just drew him into a trance like state, he only came back to his senses when out the corner of his eye he spotted a scabbard for the katana he was just lusting over.

He reached down to the cave floor to pick up the black scabbard, now in his right hand, his combat knife back in his weapons pouch, he started looking closer at the finer details on it, small snakes and chrysanthemum's are dotted along the middle of the black scabbard.

Looking away from the scabbard in his hand and back to the katana he asked it, "This is your home isn't it, not that skull. Come. Your home is next to me now." His voice was strong, but was also steady and full of confidence.

He then put the scabbard through a loop on his belt, on his left side, under the webbing as well so that it doesn't get in the way of opening the pouches, his right hand now free, he then grabs hold of the katana but before he could pull it out of the skull a small snake appeared from the blades surface and it started slithering up the blade, passed the guard and up Ethan's arm.

Before he could shake it off the small snake had already climbed to his face, the small snake then split its self into two, both of the small snakes then slithered up to his eyes and start pushing their heads into his eye sockets, trying to move the eyeball out of the way as they try and get in to the eye socket and take the eyeballs place, and they do just that, the small snakes then bite through his eyeballs optic nerves, separating the eyeballs from the rest of his body.

As Ethan screams through the pain, pressing his hands over his eyes, his right hand no longer on the katana and his left is free because he dropped the torch when he felt the small snakes pushing their way into his eye sockets, the small snakes then push the eyeballs out of their new homes and the small snakes then started turning into eyeballs themselves, their bodies became the eyeball and the heads bit down onto the severed optic nerve, connecting the new eyeballs to his brain.

"Hah... what the hell just happened?" Ethan said as his vision began to come back, better then it was before, clearer, he was now able to see the finer details of the cave around him and the skull and katana in front of him.

In his hands he held his original eyes, the blue pupils looking back at him when he looked down at them, "These are my eyes... but I can still see so that means that those small snakes that came from the katana became my new eyes... this really is a new world." Ethan then lifted his head from his old eyes and looked at the katana for a second before crushing his old eyes in his hands, no hesitation, the eyes popped under the pressure and then deflated of all their fluid, the eye then became a paste under further pressure from his hands.

"I hope this proves my... desire for us to be together as family from now on." He said to the katana wedged in the dragons skull, he then reached his hand out as he could feel the blade calling out to him, with his hand out the katana came flying towards him, coming to rest in the palm of his hand.

"Good, lets go explore this world together then shall we." Ethan said to the katana in his hand, the katana just made a hissing sound as it vibrated in the air, he smiled at the answer he got from his new friend, he then sheathed the katana back into its scabbard on his belt.

Reaching down to pick up his dropped torch he noticed that he could see it in the dark even though the light had gone out when he had dropped the it.

"These new eyes can see in the dark then." He asked aloud, the katana just vibrated again as an answer to his question.

Ethan's small smile just became larger, he made sure the torch still worked first and he then returned it to his weapon pouch, "Well it's good to have these new eyes, I don't have to wear contact lenses any more, that's for sure."

After slowly looking around the cave for anything more, finding nothing he turned to look at the only path leading out of the cave and started walking down it, for about two minutes he was walking along the rocky path until he saw sunlight just ahead, around a tight corner.

'Finally I'm nearly out of this damn cave!' Ethan thought as he was turning the corner, he was then hit square in his eyes by the bright sunlight, he had to squint until he got used to the change in his vision, he quickly regained his full vision, no doubt thanks to his new eyes working their magic.

Ethan was amazed at what he saw in front of him; when he could see again.

A mountain range covered in bright green trees and vegetation, as far as the eye could see, including his.

As Ethan stood there taking in the view, lost in his thoughts, he was taken back to reality when he heard sounds of fighting, the sounds of steels clashing and people shouting was coming from his right side and not that faraway either.

From the sounds of people shouting at each others, it appears that they are speaking English, which is good news for him as it would mean that he didn't need to learn a new language.

Ethan started walking in the direction of the shouting as it is the only sign he has seen of other people since coming to this world and he needs to find people that he can talk to, he needs to get information on where he is so that he knows where to go next.

As he hides in a bush not far from the fighting, he watches as a man, wearing black tan leather armour with grey animal fur spilling out of the edges of the leather armour, fights a yellow haired woman with his double edged sword.

As Ethan looks around he sees that there are two other men, but they are both dead, in a pool of their own blood not far from the bush he is hiding in and when he then looks back to the fight to get a better look at the woman, he is surprised to see that the women's hair is yellow, yellow because it's entirely made up of snakes.

The long, thin snakes that make up the women's hair are mainly yellow with white patterns going down their backs, their eyes are completely red, but each snakes eyes shine with intelligence, the woman is also wearing a brown leather armour, but it looks old, full of scar's and patch work from being fixed again and again shows it's self when you look closer at it.

Her midriff is bare, showing off her toned stomach and brown caramel skin, below that is a brown draped skirt, tied together in the front with a knot and a small, sliver, metal snake biting it's own tail, tied into the knot as well, probably as a accessory.

Instead of legs she has a tail that starts at her hips, just like a snakes tail, it's the same colour as the snakes on her head, light yellow scales with a white pattern going down the back of her tail, the underside of her tail is a pure white and even from where Ethan is hiding he can see how soft it looks.

The man had been steadily gaining ground againest the woman, probably because she is so exhausted from the two other fights she has had to do to kill the man's now dead friends, if it continued like this the woman would be dead soon as well.

As soon as that thought crossed Ethan's mind he was dashing from the bush he was watching the fight from and running towards the man in the black leather armour with his right hand on his katana, ready to draw it as soon as he was closer to the man.

When he was within two meters of the man, the man finally took notice and took his attention away from the snake woman he was just trying to kill.

"Oi, don't try to take my kill." The man shouted at Ethan as he stopped mid swing with his sword.

"I'm not aiming for her." Ethan's voice was calm with underlying anger in his tone, he then unsheathed his katana, with the same swing he separated the man's head from his shoulders.

The man's head fell to the forest floor, not far from his now lifeless body, and Ethan watched as his blade absorbed the fresh blood on it's surface, it vibrated with some excitement, when the blood was completely absorbed he returned the katana to it's scabbard.

"Are you ok, love? Are you hurt anywhere?" Ethan asked with concern in his voice as he looked the snake woman in her eyes.


The man who saved her had the most alluring eyes she had ever seen she thought as she gazed into them.

She had seen many eyes before today, all of them looked at her with discust and hatred as they slowly turned to stone, but this man looked at her with nothing but love and care and he didn't start turning to stone as he asked her different questions, she should pay attention, he is probably asking her something important.


"Hello, can you hear me? Did your hearing get damaged or something as well." Ethan asked the snake woman in front of him, she had just been starring into his eyes with a look of deep thought on her face, but damn she was beautiful, if she was back on earth she could easily make a living on her looks.

As he thought this the woman finally came back to her sense's, "Huh, what was that?"

"I asked if you are hurt anywhere, we will need to treat your injuries before they become infected, come over to this fallen tree so I can fix you up." Ethan said to the woman as he walked over to the fallen tree and when he got there he looked back and saw that she was just starring at him again.

"Come on, don't just stand there, come sit down here ." He said to her with a smile on his face, at the same time he patted the fallen tree next to him.

After hesitating for a couple seconds she slithers over to the fallen tree and sits down on it, the same place he patted, facing him again.

"Where are you hurt?" Ethan asked the woman as he took out his small medical kit, bandages and small sewing kit, kneeling down next to her at the same time.


This man with the alluring eyes was taking care of her, he had even smiled at her, in the short time that she has known him he had already done that and more then anyone else has done for her in her live.

Being nice to her wasn't the only thing that he had done, he save her from that man in the black leather armour who was just trying to kill her, if he didn't stop that last strike she would have been dead, her body butchered and her parts sold to the highest bidder.

She was strong, but at that moment she was so tired from the two previous fights that she wasn't able to muster up the necessary strength to defend that last strike, if it wasn't for this man in front of her she would certainly be dead.

As she thought this, the man kneeling in front of her was taking out things she didn't recognize, but she did recognize the bandages that he started to unravel, he was actually taking care of her, tending to her injuries without any hesitation or pause and that just filled her chest with such a warm and fuzzy feeling that she didn't know what to do with it.


The woman in front of him started grasping at he chest, placing her hands over her heart, tears fell from her snake like eyes, "What's wrong, where does it hurt?" He asked her as soon as he saw that she was crying.

When she finally spoke her voice reminded him of the zoo snake from Harry Potter, just more feminine with hissing at times, "Why are you helping me? Why do you smile at me? Why did you save me? I'm just a monster!" More tears fell from her eyes.

Ethan was a little shocked at her outburst but then realised what her words meant, non-human's are treated like monsters in this world, "You don't look like a monster to me, you're actually really beautiful, just my type in fact, ha ha ha." Ethan said to her with a smile and a little laugh, hoping that it would make her feel better about herself.


He said I'm beautiful and his heart beat and breathing tell me that he's not lying about anything he just said, wait, he said that I'm his type... I'm his type... he's helping me because he loves me... and he doesn't turn to stone when I look in his eyes... It's like we're made for each other, she thought as a smile spread across her face.


After Ethan told her that she was beautiful she started smiling softly and her tears stopped streaming down her face, "Now let's take care of your injuries, ok."

"Yeah, I just have this cut on my arm here." She said as she held up her left arm, a deep cut was bleeding slowly down her arm and then on to the ground, she used her other hand to wipe away the tears resting on her face.

"That's a deep cut, I'll need to stitch it up." Ethan said as he opened his small sewing kit and his small medical kit.

He took out some disinfection wipes from the small medical kit, a curved sewing needle and some black thread, he cleaned her cut and the sewing needle with the disinfection wapes and then sowed her cut closed, bandaging her arm up after that.

"That should do it, how's the pain?" Ethan asked her as he stood back up, dusting off his knees.

"Thank you, I'll be ok now." She said looking down on the bandages, a little bit of a smile on her face.

"Good, are you hurt anyone were else?" Ethan asked looking her over, a frown from concern on his face.

"No, but I want to know something... why aren't you turning into stone? When ever someone looked into my eyes they insistly start turning into stone, why aren't you?" She asked him with curiosity in her eyes.

"Oh I think that's because my eye's are similar to yours, see I have snake-like eyes just like you." Ethan said as he leaned towards her with his finger holding his bottom right eyelid open, their faces only a couple inches apart.

She just looked deeper into his eyes, as if she was trying to remember each detail of his them.

"Can I ask you something now?" He asked her letting go of his eyelid and leaning back.

She nodded her head, the snakes that make up her hair bobbed up and down along with her.

"What's your name? I can't just keep calling you love after all."

"My name's Lilith, what's your name?" Lilith asked shyly with a bit of a blush on her cheeks.

"My name's Ethan, do you know where we are?" Ethan asked as he was looking around him at the surrounding woods and then down at the bodies of the men they had just killed.

"We should probably take care of these guys first though, strip them of their armour and weapons, if they have anything else useful with them, take it as well." Ethan said walking over to the man he had just killed, taking off his black leather armour and then putting it down next to the fallen tree.

Lilith watched him as he did and then followed his example, she slithered over to one of the men she had killed with her dagger and started taking off his leather armour, once she got it off she put it in the same place Ethan put the black leather armour.

Whilst she was doing this Ethan was searching the man's body for anything else that could be of use, he took the sword the man used and he also found three small throwing daggers on his body, he put that in a pile next to the armour.

After not finding anything else of use for the man he was searching he moved on to the other man that Lilith killed, he took the twin long daggers and black helmet with some animals horns curving around to the forehead, the armour was beyond saving and so he left it on the body.

As he was taking the helmet and twin long daggers to the piles he saw that Lilith had also finished searching the other man she killed and was slithering to the piles with a axe with a long handle in her hand.

"Was there anything else of use on him." Ethan said whilst looking at the axe she held.

"No, that was it." She said as she put the axe down on to the pile of weapon's, right after she did that Ethan put his things onto the piles, twin long daggers onto the weapon pile and black helmet onto the armour pile.

"Ok, let's try the armour on first and see if anything of it can be used." Ethan then reached down and picked the black helmet back up, he then tried it on his head, at the same time Lilith picked up the brown leather armour to try on after taking off her old armour.

As she was taking off her old armour Ethan looked up from the ground with the black helmet on his head, "The helmet fits me well so I'll use... why are you getting changed out here?" Ethan asked Lilith when he saw that she was getting changed out in the open, her armour halfway off, a slight blush found there way onto his check's.

She stopped suddenly when she heard what he said, "Sorry, you probably don't want to see my body." She said to him with her head down, depressed and gloomy, she then moved to slither over to a large tree she could change behind.

"I didn't say that, your beautiful, I would count myself lucky if I was able to see your body but I thought that you wouldn't want me looking at you... in that way." Ethan said with a direct and serious tone.


Lilith was taken by surprise, this man in front of her was being totally honest, he took what he was saying seriously, she could see it on his face and in his eyes, he meant what he said.

The warm feeling in her chest just got hotter and hotter the more she looked at this man, if she did he might leave her and it was starting to spread to her lower body, every inch of her was telling her to make him hers as soon as she could.

As soon as Lilith had this thought she was rushing up to his side, her brown under shirt on the ground beside them, her hands around his neck as she pushed her ample, heavy breasts against his chest, she was breathing heavily, a look of pure lust on her face.

The end of her tail was beginning to wind it's way up his leg, tugging at his trousers as it did, she was reaching for his helmet, desperate to get to the man underneath it.


Ethan was standing still with a satisfied smile on his face, hidden behind his helmet, he was smiling because of the pleasent feeling that was being pressed up against his chest.

It took all his will to take himself away from that feeling and back to reality, the reality where a sexy Medusa was trying to make him hers, he realised that she was trying to take off his helmet with one of her hands, the other was holding on tight to his neck, as if he was going to fly away, and the end of her tail was trying to take his trousers off, but failing to do so.

Ethan could tell from the look on her face that she wanted him, she wanted him badly, he wasn't one to shy away from a beautiful girl like her so he helped her take his helmet off, as soon as it was off their lips were locked together in a battle to see who would win, Lilith used her long, snake-like tongue to lick the inside of his mouth, trying to cover every part of his mouth in her saliva.

When Lilith finally took a breath and their lips separated, strings of saliva still connected their lips, Ethan used this chance to strike back, he quickly got his breath back and started to play with her lips and sucking on her tongue, licking her teeth and breaking the kiss again to then move down to her neck, sucking on it, trying to leave his mark.

But Ethan was outnumbered, the snakes that made up Lilith's hair seemed to be effected by her lust, licking and biting at Ethan's face, trying to show their affection as best as they could, Lilith was doing just the same by locking their lips together again, she used her long tongue to wrap around his like a constrictor.

When they finally stopped Ethan's face was covered with small red marks, his neck and ears especially red, Lilith wasn't much better, her neck wasn't very different then his but the red marks were bigger, her lips wet and her long forked tongue hanged loosely from her mouth, her breath was heavy and short.

"What was that for?" Ethan asked as he wiped the lingering saliva off his mouth.

"I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that... I liked it though." Lilith said with her arms still around his neck, her face not far from his.

"Don't be sorry, I liked it too, a lot actually." Ethan then leaned in and planted a kiss her on the lips quickly before she could react.

"We can't do this here though, get your clothes and new armour on, I'll take the black armour and throwing daggers, the twin long daggers are yours, we'll sell the axe and sword when we get the chance." Ethan said pulling away from Lilith, his eyes instantly going to her large, tan breasts.

When Lilith saw the dazed look on Ethan's face, like he was staring at something, she first followed where he was looking with her eyes and they ended up of her breast, it took a couple seconds to realise just what that meant.

Her face heated up and she quickly covered herself up with her arms, it just pushed her breasts up making them look even bigger and peakier, "I don't mind you looking but like you said we can't do this here, we're not that close to any towns or cities but we're not that far either, there could still be people around."

"Sorry, your right, we can save this for later." Ethan replied to Lilith, at the same time he lightly smacked her on her scaled behind, a smirk on his face, "You won't get off lightly though."

A small blush found it's place on her face and it only got redder when she realised that his hand was still on her behind, groping her left ass cheek.

He groped her ass for a couple seconds more before her let go to put on the black leather armour and put back on the black helmet, he put the armour on over his webbing and he put the three small daggers into his weapon pouch.

Lilith took a second to recomposed herself after Ethan let go of her ass and she then put her shirt back on and her new brown leather armour on over that, she put on one of the dead mans belts so that she could attach the twin long daggers sheaths to it.

Once they were both finished putting on their new armours they both stood up straight and looked each other in the eyes, "You ready to go?" Ethan asked her when he saw Lilith just finishing putting on her new belt.

"Yeah, I'll take you to my cave and from there we can talk about what to do next." Lilith answered Ethan as she started to slither in a certain direction, Ethan her followed soon after.

"Your cave?" Ethan asked out loud, when he only meant to say it in his head, his bad habit at work again.

"Yes, my cave, there's not much room but enough for you to stay there as well." Lilith said sticking her chest out with a proud look on her face, proud over her own little home.

"Lilith, can I ask you something." Ethan said to Lilith as he walked along side her, he grabbed her left hand with his right as he did, interlocking their fingers.

She was a little surprised at her hand being held so intimately so suddenly, but she liked the feeling of his big hand grasping her smaller hand, his thump stroked the back of her hand as the rough skin on the palms of his hand pressing against the soft skin of hers, "What did you want to know."

Ethan squeezed her hand tighter before he asked her, "How are non-humans treated in this world?" His voice conveyed his hesitance in asking but it was also calming to Lilith when she heard him ask, she could tell from the sound of his voice that he really cared about her, if she was being treated well.

"They're treated like monsters." She looked to the ground, hate in her voice, she just held his hand harder, "They are hunted down like common animals, the adults are killed and their body parts are sold at high prices, the woman and children are captured and sold as slaves, to be worked to their deaths, treated like dirt or as sex slaves."

Lilith stopped moving when she finished talking, she was still looking down to the ground but her shoulders were now shaking from anger, it was clear that she held a lot of hate for the ones who made her run and hide in fear for her life.

When Ethan saw how she reacted to his question he couldn't hold himself back from wrapping her up in a tight hug, his left arm went around her waist and his right went to the back of her head, his fingers wormed their way pasted the snakes to her scalp, he then pushed her head to his neck so that her face rested between his neck and the grey wolf fur of his new armour.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore, I won't let anyone hurt you, I will make sure that anyone who looks at you with even a little bit of distain will meet an early grave, I can promise you that, I promise on my life." Ethan whispered into her ear as he rubbed her back gently.

They spent the next couple minutes in each other arms, when Lilith regained her composure Ethan let her go and they continued on the path to her cave.

It was an hour before they reached her cave, within that hour the last forty minutes was spent with them being pelted with heavy rain, by the time they got to her home their clothes were already soaked through.

"This is my home!" Lilith said excitedly as she showed off her little cave to Ethan, she seemed to even forget that she was soaking wet in her excitement of getting to show what she was proud of to someone else finally.

Her cave was located on a cliff face, the forest they just hiked through was below that, the cave walls were smoothed down with some type of tool, evident from the scratches that littered the walls, in the centre of her cave was a raised platform made from the cave it's self, on top of that was lots of different animal furs, some Ethan recognised, like wolfs and bears, and a lot more furs that he didn't recognise, what kind of animal has six legs and dark purple fur.

In one corner of the cave was a large clay jar, that came up to his waist, filled with old snake skin that Lilith must have shed, besides that clay jar was a pile of gold coins with a dragon head printed on one side and a mans head on the other.

There were other odd bits and pieces around her cave, like a wood pile for a fire, old weapons, little wood carvings of different animals and what looked like a drying rack

"It's nice." Ethan said as he looked around her cave, a smile on his face when he looked back to Lilith, he then put down the axe and sword he brought along, next to the worn-down weapons she had collected.

"We should get out of these wet clothes before we catch cold." Ethan then went on to take off his armour and then his webbing, he put it down near the entrance of the cave but not as close that it would get hit by the rain again.

When Lilith saw what he was doing she followed his action and started to take her armour as well, once it was off she was left in her thin, brown under shirt which was just as soaked as her armour.

She took her wet armour and put in right beside Ethan's, she then turned back around to see Ethan in the process of taking off his trousers, his military shirts already on the drying rack along with his boots, turned upside-down on the ground.

Once he took off his trousers he put that too on the rack to dry, which left him in his boxers, his muscular body on display for Lilith to admire, and she did just that.

Lilith's eye's wondered across his glistening abs, focusing on the rain that ran down them, and they then moved to his arms, which brought her mind back to when she was being held tightly by them, it made her feel so safe, she would do anything to keep that feeling with her for the rest of her life.

"You should take your wet clothes off first and we'll eat after that... hello, Lilith did you hear me?" Ethan asked Lilith as she was still looking at his body in a daze.

"I'm sorry, what was that." Lilith stopped staring at his body when she heard that Ethan was asking her something.

"Come on, I'll help you." Ethan said after he realised that she had been staring at his body, with a grin on his face he walked up to Lilith and started untying the knot that held up her skirt, once it was undone he put it on the rack and turned back to Lilith, he saw that she wasn't wearing anything but her shirt now, "The scales don't go all the way up then." Ethan said as he held Lilith's waist, pulling them closer together.

When Lilith heard what Ethan said she became a little embarrassed, evident by the slight blush on her checks, it just made that blush worse when she felt the hardening bulge pressed up against her stomach, when she felt that she couldn't hold herself back anymore, she grabbed the back of his head and started to kiss him with all her might.

She never thought that anyone, let alone a human, would be this nice to her, and want to have a relationship with her, all that and the feelings she had developed for him had boiled over when she saw that he found pleasure in her body.

She took her shirt off when she had the chance to breath, between kisses, with her shirt now off she pressed her chest up against his and at the same time she pushed him back slowly, towards her animal fur bed.

With one big final push from Lilith, Ethan fell to the bed, she then slithers on top of him and starts to kiss him again, at the same time she used the end of her tail to drag his boxers off.

Once his boxers are off and Lilith sees what was underneath, standing tall, she could feel her instincts screaming at her, telling her what to do next.

"Wait, don't snakes mate for the whole day." Ethan's face became pale upon his realisation.

It was at that moment Lilith striked.


As the sun began to rise on a new day, the rain had passed and the sunlight came back out, it shined into a certain cave on a cliff face, onto a sleeping couple covered in animal furs.

If you took a closer look at this sleeping couple you would see that the woman had her arms wrapped around the mans midriff, her head rested on his chest, a content smile on her face.

If you look below that you would see that the woman had her tail wrapped around the rest of the mans body, like a constrictor trying to suffocate it's prey.

The man began to wake up once the sunlight hit his eyes, "Hmm... why does my chest feel heavy."

Ethan then went onto opening his eyes fully and looking down at Lilith who was still asleep, nuzzling her face into his chest when the sunlight threaten to wake her up as well.

Once he saw that it was Lilith causing his discomfort a smile crept onto his face, he then slowly started to remembered why she was there, "My backs not going to be the same, hah well what can you do." He said will a shrug, he noticed then that he couldn't move his arms or anything else due to Lilith keeping such a tight hold onto him with her tail.

"Lilith, its time to wake up." He said softly, trying to wake her up gently.

"Hmm... oh, morning Darling." Lilith said after waking up to Ethan struggling a little in her grasp, she then raised her head for their lips to meet together in a morning kiss from her and her 'hair'.

"Good morning." Ethan said as he put his head back onto a pillow shaped pile of animal furs, Lilith just tighten her hold on him when she fully woke up and saw their situation, she was happy to stay where they are and enjoy it while it lasts.

"Hey, Darling... Yesterday you said 'people of this world' like your from another world... are you?" Lilith asked as she looked up at him.

"No, I'm not from this world, I don't really know how I got to this world either but I asked you that question yesterday because in my world there aren't any non-human's. So yesterday when I saw you I was a little surprised but I knew I needed to help you when I saw you getting attacked." Ethan replied without hesitation, after they had slept together Ethan's trust in Lilith increased ten fold, he knows that she wouldn't want to tell anyone anyway.

She opened herself up to him so he felt that it was only right he did the say and laid everything out.

"So you only arrived in this world yesterday then?" Lilith asked him.

"Yeah, around twenty to thirty minutes before I saved you, I woke up in a cave in the woods, close to where we met, there was only this sword in that cave." Ethan said as he wormed his arm out of her coils, he then put his hand out towards the katana, calling it towards him, it then flied across from where it was leaning against the cave wall and into his open hand, the katana following it's new masters command.

Lilith was a little frightened by this and so she tightened her coils more around him more, she was also wrapping her arms around his chest, once Ethan felt her do this he put the katana down beside him and stroked her naked back with his free hand, Lilith quickly calmed down once she felt Ethan's touch.

Once she fully calmed down and loosened up her coils she asked him, "How did you do that?"

"I think that it is magic, wait, does this world have magic?" Ethan asked Lilith as he looked down at her, "Yes it does, I can turn people into stone by making them look into my eyes. You said that you didn't turn to stone because of your eyes, does everyone in your world has eyes like yours?"

Lilith replied to Ethan and then asked a question of her own.

"No, my eyes are special, no one else in my old world has eyes like mine, I got them once I picked up this katana." He then patted the katana by his side, it shook a little in acknowledgement, "It was the only thing in the cave like I said and it was stuck in what looked like a dragons skull, but once I pulled it out these little snakes made of shadow came out of the blade and then they destroyed my old eyes and then they turned into the eyes I have now. I think that's why I don't turn to stone when I look in your eyes, you could say were made for each other." Ethan told her with a smile and laugh at the end.

"That must have hurt a lot but I'm glad that I'm finally able to look someone in the eyes with out them turning to stone." Lilith said as she brought her face closer to his and she then kiss him on the lips gently which shortly turned into them making out with their tongues interlocking inside Ethan's mouth.

When Ethan pulled out of the kiss to catch a breath he said, "Wait, lets not start that again, how do you still have the energy after last night?" He asked her rhetorically as she was stretching her neck out to try and start kissing him again, once she heard what he said she gave up and put her head back on his chest as she pouted.

They stayed like that for the next couple minutes, calming down and regaining their composure, once Lilith stopped pouting over not getting to kiss Ethan more she asked him, "What were you doing right before you came to this world?" Curiosity written all over her face as she did.

"I was preparing to leave the army base I was stationed at for guard duty around the base, does this world have an army?" Ethan answered her question and the asked his own.

"Yeah, the Kingdom of Trafalgar, the Trafalgar Kingdom is entirely made up of human's and those men we killed were probable adventures from Traflagar." She said with hate when she remembered the men who attacked her before.

"I see, well in the army I was a dog handler, I was actually just about to get my dog when I blackout and then woke up in that cave."

"What's a 'dog handler'?"

"It's a person who uses a dog to look for things using the dogs nose to fine the things scent and then follow that scent to the thing, like run away prisoners, drugs, weapons, that type of thing, something with a unique smell that the dog can pick up on." As Lilith listens to Ethan talk she moves her coils to get more comfortable, as she is reposition herself she reveals Ethan's body to the light and all his tattoos come into view, making Lilith notice them for the first time.

His tattoos are a full body tattoo suit, in a traditional Japanese style with colour, there are foo dogs playing with each other on both his legs and snakes wrapped around both his arms with white chrysanthemum flowers filling in the spaces on both his arms and legs, he has a samurai warrior on his back and he is riding a tiger, on his chest there is a blue Japanese style dragon with a crystal ball in one of it's hands.

Once Lilith saw his tattoos she was surprised, she hadn't noticed them before, it was always to dark and she was too busy trying to completely cover his body with hers and was focused on his muscles before when he was getting out of his wet clothes, "What is this... why is your body covered in drawings?" She asked him, a confused look on her face.

"You don't have tattooing in this world then, that's strange, in my world even the most cut off places had some form of tattooing." Ethan replied.

"I'm not sure if the Trafalgar Kingdom does this 'tattooing' but I haven't seen any drawings on the people I have killed." Lilith said as she ran the end of her fingers across his skin, following the outline of the dragon.

"Tattooing is a form of art, where the artist will get lots or only one needle together in a bundle on the end of a stick, they then dip the needles into the colour of ink they want the work to be and they then use the needles to puncture the skin over and over again to make a image. The tattoos I have are a traditional style of art from a country in my world called Japan, the different animals and images in the tattoo can have different meanings, like all these white chrysanthemum flowers," He said using his free hand to point at one on his chest, "They mean that no matter where I die I will have flowers with me, it's traditional in Japan to be buried with this type of flower." He said as he lowed his hand on to her back, Lilith's fingers traced the chrysanthemum's she could reach without having to stretch and go to far from his face where she could look at his eyes best.

"Do you like them? I even have snakes on my arms that you might like." Ethan said as he raised his arm again, the snakes on his arm were green coloured with their mouths open wide.

Lilith then turned her head towards his arm, when she saw the snakes her eyes lit up and she said, "Your right maybe we are made for each other, what else do you have tattooed, am I saying that right?"

"Yeah you are, I have the white chrysanthemum's all over and the snakes on my arms, dragon on my chest, a Japanese warrior riding a tiger on my back and foo dogs on my legs, if you let me go I can show you." Ethan asked Lilith.

"Do I have to move, you're so warm and the sun hasn't fully come out yet so the airs still cold." Lilith said pouting a little when she heard that she would have to leave the comfort of Ethan's warm embrace.

"Don't worry you can stay under the covers but I have to make sure the clothes are actually drying and I'll also get you something to eat."

"Fine." Lilith said still pouting but not as much when she heard the promise of food.

She then released him from her tail and Ethan climbed out of the animal fur bed with difficulty as the end of her tail was still holding onto his ankle.

Ethan sat down on the end of the bed and at the same time he patted his sore back with the back of his fist, probable thinking 'my poor back' but he still had a silly grin on his face, "Is that the Japanese Warrior riding the tiger you talked about?" Lilith asked Ethan as she was siting up slightly to see more clearly, pulling a fur blanket with her to cover her bare chest.

"Yeah, their called samurai and them mainly use a katana as their weapon, just like this one." Ethan said as he called his katana to him, it came flying from where it was put beside the bed into his stretched out hand, he then used it as a walking stick to walk over to the dying rack, he only used it like that until all the chinks in his back were out.

His clothes had dried over night and so he put them back on, his webbing was left where it was but his katana was put back on his belt.

After getting all his clothes back on he bent down to his webbing and opened up one of the pouches, taking out two ration packs for them to eat for breakfast and he also grabbed the metal spoons he kept next to each metal cup.

The ration pack looked like a cat food sachet but once Ethan ripped the tops off of them and you could see inside, only then did you know that they are actually food.

He put the metal spoons into the sachet openings and then walked back to Lilith, he sat down beside her, handing a sachet to her after he did, "Here eat this, it's not the best but I like it so try it." He then went on to eating his own ration as Lilith looked at him eating it.

She picked up her spoon from the sachet, it had a bit of the food on the end for her to eat, tuna pasta with sweetcorn in a cheese sauce, at first she wasn't shore what she was looking at but when she looked back up and saw Ethan eating it normally she didn't hesitate to take a bite as she already trusted him completely, she of course believes that Ethan wouldn't try to poison her after all they had been through.

She was surprised by the taste first but quickly got past it when she found that she really liked it's taste, she eating it even faster then Ethan at that point, when she was finished she used her long tongue to like the inside clean.

Once Ethan finished his sachet he lifted his head and looked over at Lilith which he saw just finishing licking the inside of the sachet, once she was she look sad and she then looked over at Ethan with hope in her eyes, "Huh... oh, did you want to lick this clean as well." Ethan asked holding up his empty sachet.

Lilith just quickly shook her head up and down, the snakes that make up her hair were looking sick at the end, like they had just been on a roller coaster, "Ok here." Ethan said as he passed over his empty sachet.

She then licked his sachet clean as well, at the same time she was doing this Ethan was licking the spoons clean and then returning them to their place in his webbing.

Lilith had just finished licking the sachet clean and she had the same sad look she had on before, "Was it good?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah, it was really good, probable the thing I've ever eaten!" She replied excitedly, "Is all food from your world taste this good, also what was it?!" Lilith asked him with star's in her eyes, her face now centimetres away from his, the fur blanket that was keeping her covered long forgotten.

"You ate a tuna pasta with sweetcorn in a cheese sauce and most things in my world taste a lot better then this, these ration packs are actually well known for not tasting that nice. My favourite food is a big bowl of white rice topped with a generous serving of chili con carne, do you know if this world has rice? It looks like a lot of white seeds all together, you cook them in boiling water." Ethan tolled Lilith.

"I can't be sure but I think Kemono, the Beast-human Kingdom, has something like what you described." Lilith said with a frustrated expression on her face from having to think so hard and she still wants to know what other foods he has in his world!

She couldn't hold it anymore, "What other food is from your world?!" Lilith shouted out quickly.

Ethan was surprised by her sudden out burst but when he saw the same star's in her eyes as before he know he had to talk more about the food from his world to calm her back down, "Well there's things like pizza, burger's, fish and chip's, chocolate, popcorn, things like that taste really good. Was there anything I said that sounded familiar?"

"Fish and what... everything else sounded weird to me."

"Chip's, it's pieces of chopped up potatoes cooked in oil and it goes with everything, what about you, what do you eat if you can't go into any towns or cities to buy food?" Ethan asked Lilith as he put the ration pack rubbish on top of the wood pile.

"I hunted all the animals you see here." Lilith said as she patted the animal fur blanket that was covering her again, "I hunted then down, killed them and then skinned them and took all of their meat, I let the skins dry out in the sun and then stretch them back out so they become softer, like this." She said as she stroked a animal fur that looked like it came from a hyena.

"I see... have you always been alone like this and if there is a non-human Kingdom like Kemono, why haven't you moved there?" Ethan asked her concerned with how she has had to live so far.

Once Lilith heard what he asked her, she was a little stunned, she wasn't sure if she should tell him how she ended up in this cave all alone.

"Don't worry, you don't have to tell me anything right now but when you do feel comfortable, know that you can tell me." Ethan said wrapping her up in a tight hug.

"Thank you..."

They hugged for a couple minutes more before they separated, "Are you ok now?" Ethan asked Lilith, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm good... Mmm~ you wanted to know why I haven't moved to Kemono, It's because even though Kemono is a Kingdom made up of beast-humans, they would also see me as just a monster. They might not try and out right kill me like the humans would in Trafalgar but they would definitely try and run me out of any town or city I went to and claim it as self defence if they attacked me."

Lilith said deflating a little, her shoulders slumped.

"What if I was there with you, to protect and act as your shield if needed?" Ethan said trying to cheer her up.

A happy expression settled on her but she then realised something, "But what about my cave?" Lilith said becoming sad at the thought of leaving it.

"I never said we had to leave it, this is home for too now, and I can't ask you to leave this place, so we can travel to Kemono, get what we could need and come back." Ethan explained what a smile.

"Yeah, that sound like a good idea and like you said... you would be there to protect me." Lilith said with a smile and small blush.

"About that... " Ethan said standing up from the bed, putting his hand in his pocket and pulling out a ring.

He then got down on one knee and said, "Will you marry me?" The ring held up in front of her face between his fingers.

"Huh... "
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