My planet
16 Picking up demigods 4
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My planet
Author :awada141
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16 Picking up demigods 4

Long He continued his journey in finding his followers. He jumped from city to city in the water part of planet Aquahelios. And in each city, he took a different form.

All in all, he chose twenty five demigods of water, and many others as angels and devils. The angels had a kind and patient personality, while the devils had a brutal, angry and impatient one.

After he finished from the lands of water, he went to the lands of fire and lava. The Fire race mostly liked to live in volcanoes, and sometimes under the lava. Long He couldn't understand how they can even see under the fire, but he guessed that the native folks of his planet have very strange things that can't be understood even by their god.

Long He looked at the scene in front of him and said,"System, scan the area for the nearest city."


[Scanning in progress.] It took a while for the system to do the process. After two days, Long finally heard the ring of the system in his head.


[Scan complete. Host, there is a city a few miles to your left. The city, Pyro city, is the capital of the Pyro Empire. This empire is considered a middle-tier one, with its center being the nearby volcano.]

Long He nodded and set for the volcano. The fire lands has a system of empires, unlike the water lands, with each empire consisting of several kingdoms.

The fire lands had a total of five empires: Pyro, Isomt, Epons, Ferak and Plicols. Like the old empires of planet Earth, these empires were in constant fight with each other, trying to proclaim the territory of others.

In the last half century, the five empires chose to make truce and settle for piece. However, they have grown to not accept each other, so they have forbidden anyone to visit a neighboring empire.

Long He wasn't concerned with the quarrels of his people. It is a sacred rule for every god, whether they were of Ilah's people or not, to not interfere with the matters of the mortals.

It took him some time to reach Pyro capital city. The place was covered with lava, with only a big island in its sea. The island had only a single noticeable thing, its volcano. Otherwise, the land was aflame.

Long He stood in the city in the form of an old man, just like he did before. Pyro was a perfect example of a medieval city. Volcanic lava drifted out of the buildings, where people would bath with fire instead of water.

Long He walked slowly while leaning on his stick, as any old man would do. He stopped for a moment, but was pushed by a group of men.

"Get out of the way, old man," said one of them. They then pushed him on the ground and started to kick him.

Suddenly, they stopped, since a young man said, "Guys, stop this. This old man has a bit of life force left in him. Let's not waste it now, shall we?"

The group obeyed him and said,"As you wish, prince." The prince then looked at Long He and said, "Get up, old man. Don't show me your face again. Do you understand?"

Long He took his stick and lifted his body up from the ground. He looked at the prince in the eye and said to him, "May god He's curse fall upon you all."

"Don't start with your words," said the prince and he shook his head. "I am favored by our god, everybody knows that!"

The crowd shouted in approval and laughed. Long He waited for them to get silent before he said, "God He is a fair and just man. He surely won't favor anyone without any reason, especially if he was a jerk like you."

"How dare you?!" cried someone and marched to beat the old man.

The prince raised his hand and said, "I shall let it pass this time, but my patience has its limits. So you better get away now before I send my faithful men to get your head off of your body!"

The men laughed and cursed Long He and mocked him. Long He walked away slowly while waiting for the next scene.

After he was some distance away from the group, a young man asked the prince,"Prince, how could you let him go? He just insulted you!"

"Don't worry, my dear friend," said the prince with a mischievous smile, "You just watch now."

He paced towards Long He and prepared his fist for the strike. Long He was aware of all of this, but he didn't act or show any sign of resistance. He tried to control the anger that was rising from his heart. Since when these people thought that he favored anyone in particular?

When the prince was about to punch Long He, he was stopped by a hand. Out of nowhere, a muscular young man with tattered and dirty clothes appeared. He held the prince's fist with his hand and punched him.

The prince was sent flying backwards, but was caught by his men. The young man who has saved Long He looked at the prince and said with a hoarse voice, "Try to beat someone of your age! Or, since you are only arrogant on old folk, are you afraid of facing a young man like you?"

"How dare say this to me!" said the prince while wiping the blood that was flowing out of his mouth.

"You just talk! If you're a man, step out and fight! Otherwise, keep hiding behind that band of yours!"

"You'll pay for this!" The group then lifted the prince and ran away.

When they left, the poor man looked at Long He and said, "Grandpa, are you hurt?"

"Thank you, my dear. My shoulder hurts a bit, but it's fine. Don't worry about me, and may god He bless you," Long He said those words and walked away, leaving a confused new demigod behind.


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