Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World
297 Chapter 292 : : A Promise
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Psychic Inventor In Cultivation World
Author :Kennny7
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297 Chapter 292 : : A Promise

Normally, when a cultivator absorbs spiritual Qi from the atmosphere they need to refine it a few times while channeling it into their meridians to remove the impurities mixed in it but there was no need to do the same when absorbing those light particles.

After all, they were a refinement of Life Energy or Exp, the cultivation technique just gave a new way to make better use of it.

Rex didn't rush and cultivated slowly, now that his body was stronger compared to the one before the evolution, he was able to breakthrough thrice without much problem and reached the Golden Core 3rd stage.

When he reached the Golden Core stage, the quality of light particles also increased, the energy in them became gentler and purer.

Although the name of the stage was Golden core but it didn't mean that the core in his dantian was of golden color, the name was only there to show its value just like the name of the continent… Golden Bird Continent. The core in his dantian was golden-black, it had golden-black stripes all over it in a spiral pattern representing his Yin and Yang Qi. There were also faint wisps of a scarlet and a blue flame that were appearing and disappearing around the Yin-Yang Core in short intervals.

Even after breaking through thrice, Rex kept refining the Qi from before so that the light particles don't disappear and Lucia could continue her breakthrough. He had noticed that she is very close to her breakthrough to the Golden Core stage and didn't want to interrupt her.

Rex thought for a while then decided to check the progress of his main techniques.

'Technique-Status,' (Rex)

[Cultivation Techniques:-

Qi Cultivation Technique: Black \u0026 White Forbidden Lineage Art

Soul Cultivation Technique: Transcend Soul Cleansing Sutra(Lvl: Pinnacle : : Progress: 37% )

Meditation Technique: Transcend Heart Tempering Mantra(Lvl: Full Mastery : : Progress: 01%)

Sword Technique: 12 Overlord Slashes(Lvl: Full Mastery : : Progress: 45%)

Palm Technique: Angry Elephant Palm Strike (Lvl: Big Accomplishment : : Progress: 35%)]

Rex had modified his soul cultivation technique for himself but unlike Black \u0026 White Forbidden Lineage Art his meridian weren't transformed according to the routes defined in the Black \u0026 White Forbidden Lineage Art after all a soul cultivation is completely different from the Qi cultivation technique so his mastery only reached pinnacle until now unlike Black \u0026 White Forbidden Lineage Art which was maxed from the start.

As for the Angry Elephant Palm technique, it's the case was a little different. Once Rex had modified Angry Elephant Palm with the idea of using the destructive power that is produced after forcibly merging his Yin and Yan Qi without any catalyst resulting in the creation of the Yin-Yang Palm strike skill. After the skill was made it got interlinked with the Angry Elephant Palm technique because of the similarity which meant that the mastery of the technique and skill got interconnected.

Whether Rex practices the Angry Elephant Palm technique or the Yin-Yang Palm Strike skill, their mastery will increase at the same time that's why even when Rex only used Yin-Yang Palm Strike for practice or put it in Skill \u0026 Ability Trainer after its creation, the mastery of Angry Elephant Palm technique still increased.

Rex didn't sit idle and focused on his Soul cultivation base, he left the control of Black \u0026 White Forbidden Lineage Art to Rose and started cultivating using Transcend Purify Soul Sutra.

Unlike his body, his soul didn't change much so he was only able to breakthrough twice.

When he reached the Soul Core stage in soul cultivation, a soul core was formed in his soul, he couldn't see it but could feel it. Unlike the core in his dantian, his soul core was small as a pearl, but his very existence helped Rex to strengthen his transforming Sea Of Consciousness by around 35%.

When someone follows multiple cultivation path, it doesn't mean they will get double the benefit, for example, if Rex reached Core Breaking stage in both Qi and Soul Cultivation doesn't mean that he would have two inner worlds, when he reaches this stage the second time the only benefit will be that his inner world will receive some strengthening.

That's why not many cultivators follow multiples paths, although when they cultivate through the same stages the second time, it will be a lot easier than before but it will take a lot of resources and time in exchange.

Around I hour later…

Lucia opened her eyes, Rex stopped cultivating and turned around to look.

She had slightly unstable breathing, a drop of sweat slid down her forehead, traveled down the sloppy neck then got lost in the hidden valley.

Rex gasped, regretfully he had no way of tracking it any further.

Lucia stood up then bowed towards him.

"I thank Young Master Rex for his kindness," She said in a very sincere tone, she even faintly smiled.

The boundary between the Core forming stage and the Golden core stage is just like the boundary between the Form Synthesis stage and the Spirit King stage. Many would spend all their life and would still fail to breakthrough, this was how hard it was to break that boundary but when she cultivated near Rex she found that it was way easier to breakthrough compared to before.

She was a smart woman and could tell that it was because of Rex that it became so easier for her to breakthrough that's why she was so grateful to him this time.

"It's alright, you were able to obtain more benefit than I expected. I have to say you are really talented if not for you being working as a head main…" Rex was saying then thinking of something he stopped.

"Say, Lucia, why don't you stop being a head maid and train to be a fighter like Aeneas and others. I believe with a little guidance you can go beyond the Golden Core stage and challenge the Core Breaking stage bottleneck then you will be a powerhouse who could walk unhindered in most of the places and would be treated with much respect than now," Rex said with a serious expression.

His words were not hollow, Rex sincerely suggested it.

He liked Lucia's temperament, her working style, and sincerity, more importantly, she wasn't faking it but it was her true self.

Her actions carried elegance, her every movement was refined to the extreme instead of the head made she had the temperament of a Noble. A Noble not by the title but traits, she was like an inborn noble. Rex believed that if she was in right place at right time then it won't be hard for her to become a queen admired by the masses.

'I want to see, what will she be like if she reaches that level,' Rex thought.

"I have to apologize to Young Master Rex but I can't do that," Lucia replied without much thinking.

"I see…, is it because you want to dedicate your life to Madam Jiang?" Rex couldn't help it and ask.

Madam Jiang here was Jiang Shuang's wife who took in Lucia when to work for her and took care of since then.

Lucia looked at Rex for a while then spoke.

"Young Master Rex doesn't need to think it that way. I am not fond of fighting instead I like what I do, Madam Jiang had asked me to choose between these two before too. I can support her in both ways, I chose this one because I like this one and can only show all my abilities this way," Lucia said. She could guess what Rex was thinking so she gave a brief explanation so he doesn't misunderstand thinking that she is forced to do that.

"Then it's fine too, you are a big help this way too. Hmmm…. then, my Lady, you have less time to cultivate because of work so whenever I will cultivate here I will call you so that you can take advantage of the Energy Flake Shower with me and can cultivate faster, having high cultivation is not a bad thing, it will increase your abilities making your work okay," Rex said with a smile then disappeared before she could reply.

Lucia opened her mouth but didn't say anything, she touched her chin.

Young Master Rex was more reserved today… she thought.

Normally Rex will add a lot of words while conversing like… Lady Lucia, Good Morning, etc…. just like her and would carry a gentlemen aura with him but today he was more reserved like he was talking to a close friend.

Lucia then looked at her slightly wet clothes and decided to go take a bath

On the other side, Rex appeared in the garden.

He stretched his arms as he looked at the girl ordering around the same working bots to transport the good inside the castle.

Ria had the same gentle and carrying aura overflowing from her body, as she ordered the working dots in a polite and respectful tone as they were living beings.

She paused for a moment then turned and looked at Rex who was grinning at her.

Ria stopped what she was doing then strode towards Rex, her ample chest leading the way, she stopped after arriving in front of him. Her cheeks were in a shade of red color as she blinked her innocent eyes while looking at him.

[If she was on earth, she could have become a star by now,]

Rex couldn't help but agree. His previous doubt that 'someone has disguised as Ria to claim his pure jade-like body' surfaced again.

Rex kept looking at her but didn't speak so Ria took the lead.

She was careful when talking about these things and used the Qi transmission message.

Rex only slightly narrowed his eyes at her words but inside... he was frowning deeply.

At that time Rex was already in half-sleep or more like a drunken state not thinking much before speaking, one of the reasons for such condition was his new bloodline... if his mastery of mediation technique was at pinnacle then it wouldn't have happened.

'Dammit Rose, how could you do such a mistake. Didn't I told you to knock me out if a situation like this occurs, now tell me how much I revealed at that time?' Rex asked in an anxious tone.

If not for the greed knowledge, Rex initially has a cautious nature. When he didn't have the Ultra-Healthy Body he had given certain commands to Rose to stop him if he speaks too much while being drunk, hypnotized, drugged... for extreme situations.

[You were speaking without thinking, so I wasn't able to predict that you will say that but don't worry I decreased your initial resistance against mental fatigue using Mind-Arts so you instantly went into sleep before revealing anything else,]

'Good buddy, but we still have a problem. She mentioned it the second she met me, she is likely going to ask about my race so what should I tell her, the same excuse as Zakiya?' Rex thought.

Seeing that Rex was silent Ria smiled then spoke.

She was observing Rex's facial expression but was disappointed to see there was no change in it, Rex was going to reply but she spoke again.

Rex got confused.

Rex suddenly became a little nervous and asked.

Ria was speechless.

She didn't how to respond to that, she first calms herself down and spoke.

{You misunderstood, I am saying that if we both have secrets that we can't share now that it's fine. We won't try to inspect or force each other's secret, if someday you think that it's fine to reveal them to me then you can, similarly, if there comes a day that I feel it's really fine to reveal them then I would do so.

His weren't face but genuine, furthermore, this promise favored him more because now he won't have to worry about her asking anything. He could also keep secrets like Ye Tian is just his base form and Little Aru is his child.

Actually, if Rex used the power of the Golden Core stage or even Core Forming peak stage she couldn't have been able to dodge but he didn't.

Rex raised his eyebrow.

Rex laughed bitterly, for some reason her behavior reminded him of Luo Ru who started to compete against him before he left the lower realm, he missed them but at present, he had no usable way to bring them here.

Rex smiled then went to his workshop.


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