Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home
Chapter 499 Peerless Glory!
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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home
Author :RaisingAFoxSpirit
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Chapter 499 Peerless Glory!

Zi Yuan stood. She was dressed in a long-sleeved white dress with her hands crossed gently in front of her. She was as beautiful as a fairy from the Pure Shadow Palace coming from the sky to the mortal world. As soon as she stepped onto the field, everyone could not help holding their breath.

When Shinsyu saw Zi Yuan at a glance, his eyes suddenly shone with brilliance. He couldn't help but be stunned. He thought to himself, "How can this woman be so beautiful?"

Although Shinsyu was arrogant, he was shocked by the amazing beauty and temperament of Zi Yuan. The arrogance on his face obviously dwindled. He sneered at the people on the scene and said, "There is no one in the Chinese Cultivation Field. Why did you send a woman here?" After that, he turned to Zi Yuan and said, "I don't fight with women. You can leave now!"

Zi Yuan smiled, not saying anything. She dropped her hands, and her sleeves suddenly drooped. Her sleeves were so long that they almost reached her knees. In her hands was a three-finger-wide purple gold silk ribbon hanging down from her sleeves.

With Zi Yuan not speaking, some cultivators from other sects couldn't help but stand up for her. "Hey, do you know who this is? This is Zhenren Zi Yuan, a great master in our Chinese Cultivation World, known as the first master of the young generation!"

Shinsyu took a look at Zi Yuan and said with some emotion, "You are actually the first master?"

Zi Yuan lowered her eyes, as if she were a jade goddess statue. She said with a calm face, "No!"

Shinsyu was puzzled. "Why do they say you are the first master?"

Zi Yuan said lightly, "There are many hidden talents in the Chinese Continent. There are so many masters. How could I, Zi Yuan, be called the first one?"

Shinsyu hurriedly asked, "Then who is the first one? Let them fight with me!" Saying this, he pointed to Li Yundong, who was sitting to one side, and said, "Is it him?"

Zi Yuan glanced at Li Yundong and said, "Whether he is the first or not doesn't matter. The most important thing is that you can't beat him, let alone me!"

Shinsyu was furious. "F*ck! How dare you look down on me!"

Zi Yuan smiled gently. "It's the opposite. I know you're very powerful, but I have a way to defeat you. As for Li Yundong, he has countless ways to defeat you!"

Shinsyu was so angry that he shouted, "Let Li Yundong fight with me. I'd like to see how many ways he can defeat me!"

After saying that, Shinsyu shouted at Li Yundong, "Li Yundong, won't you dare to go up on the stage? You coward, do you only dare to hide behind a woman?"

Li Yundong drank tea slowly as if he couldn't hear what was being said. He turned his face and whispered to Zhou Qin, "Zi Yuan is good at mind-manipulation, which is making Shinsyu so impetuous. You cooperate with me. Let's p*ss off this arrogant little devil and help Zi Yuan."

Zhou Qin's face had not changed, but she winked at Li Yundong, indicating that she understood.

Li Yundong took a sip of tea and deliberately said solemnly, "Zhou Qin, why do I feel like someone was shouting at me just now?"

Zhou Qin cooperated with him and said in surprise. "Really? Where? Why didn't I hear that?"

"No way, didn't you hear loud shouting just now?"

Zhou Qin was at a loss. "I really didn't hear it, Master!"

Li Yundong said accusingly, "You're a cultivator. I heard someone screaming just now. How can you say you didn't hear it?"

Zhou Qin suddenly came to a realization and smiled. "Master, you made a mistake. There's no one screaming!"

Li Yundong asked strangely, "What's that?"

Zhou Qin said with a grin, "That was obviously a dog barking, not a human howling?"

Li Yundong patted his forehead and suddenly understood. "So that's what it was. I heard it wrong. Your ears are so good!"

Everyone saw that the two of them were chatting easily. There was no insult in their words, and they had not named him. However, each word was attacking Shinsyu. They suddenly burst into laughter.

Shinsyu was not a fool. He was so angry that his face turned red. He shouted at Li Yundong angrily, "F*ck, I want to fight with you. Come up if you dare. I want to battle with you!"

Li Yundong still ignored him. He smiled and continued chatting with Zhou Qin while drinking tea. He said, "Oh, on such a cold winter day, there is some dog tied up. How can it be barking like this?"

Zhou Qin also laughed. "Not only is it barking, but it's also biting people everywhere!"

Everyone laughed wildly, and the veins on Shinsyu's forehead jumped with anger. He cursed Li Yundong in Japanese.

Beside him, Cinian couldn't help but frown. He shouted in a deep voice. "Shinsyu! You're here to settle a score, not to bicker!"

Cinian's shout was like a blow to the head, shaking the teacups upstairs. Everyone was shocked. "This old Japanese monk is amazing!"

Cinian's shout shook Shinsyu's whole body, and soon the anger on his face dissipated. His ragged breath gradually settled down. He glanced at Li Yundong and said, "Li Yundong, I'll ask you again, do you dare to fight with me?"

Li Yundong looked at Cinian and thought, "This old monk is really a wise man." He turned to Shinsyu and said, "If you beat Zi Yuan, I'll fight with you!"

Shinsyu took a deep breath and turned to Zi Yuan again. "It seems that I have to fight with you then."

Zi Yuan said with a faint smile, "It seems so. Unless you admit defeat and return the powerful magical weapon you took!"

Shinsyu laughed. "There's no reason to return the things I grabbed. Don't be ridiculous! Come on, let me see what's so great about you, the best in the whole world! When I defeat you, I'll see what Chinese cultivators can do!"

Zi Yuan smiled as if she didn't care about what Shinsyu said. She put her hands in front of herself and asked faintly, "Can we start now?"

Shinsyu snorted, surrounded by a dark aura, and said, "Come on!"

Zi Yuan nodded and said, "Okay!"

As she spoke, she suddenly moved and rushed to the side of Shinsyu like a meteor streaking to the moon. Her hands shook and the fabric in her hands rushed to Shinsyu like a continuous river.

Shinsyu sneered in his heart. Without hesitation, he reached out one hand and grabbed this sleeve. He suddenly put forth his strength and threw Zi Yuan to the ground as he had done in the previous battle, then shouted, "Get up!"

Zi Yuan's sleeve was caught. Not only had she not dodged, but the purple gold-rimmed silk belt in her sleeve had been quickly wrapped around Shinsyu's arm like vines. As soon as Shinsyu used his strength, she flew up with this force. Her body passed over the top of his head lightly, and the tip of her foot was like a dragonfly skimming over the water.

The crowd immediately burst into laughter, and Shinsyu was so angry that he grabbed the top of his head with his other hand. However, Zi Yuan moved very fast, and she flew to the other side of him like a frightened swan.

At this moment, a cultivator in the field asked in a low, confused voice, "Why didn't Zi Yuan break the top of the Japanese dog's skull?"

The experienced cultivator shook his head. "This person from Dongying is very strange. Zi Yuan may not be able to kill him easily. What's more, if she gets caught using too much strength, it will be troublesome! Look, don't ask. There is no reason for Zi Yuan to claim to be the top master of the younger generation!"

Shinsyu saw that Zi Yuan's movement was surprisingly fast, and she moved as if she had a residual shadow. He reached out his hand to catch it, and it seemed that he could touch it. In his grasp, it would become a residual shadow!

Shinsyu's reaction was very fast. He immediately pulled the purple ribbon in his hand with his other hand and released the black aura all over his body. The black aura flowed along with the purple ribbon toward Zi Yuan.

However, Zi Yuan was not in a hurry. Her feet were either pointing, or turning, and her figure was either spinning lightly or bending. The crowd could only see that Zi Yuan was like a dancing Cold Palace Fairy. She swung her sleeves and moved like a cloud!

Everyone was stunned. None of them had expected that this thrilling battle would be so elegant and without a trace of murderous aura!

Everyone felt that Zi Yuan was not settling a score at this time. She was just dancing alone in the field, as if there was no one around. It was cold and quiet.

Li Yundong was stunned. He stared at the pair of light, flexible feet on Zi Yuan and sighed in his heart, "They don't look like a pair of fairy feet that should step into the mortal world, but the woman with this pair of feet can only walk over the thorns of the mortal world!"

Li Yundong's heart skipped a beat. He couldn't help but whisper softly, "She was tripping lightly like a startled swan, like a flying dragon. It's like a chrysanthemum in autumn, like a blooming pinaster in spring. It's like a light cloud covering the moon, like the snow coming back in the wind."

Everyone was stunned. They all knew that Li Yundong was using words from Cao Zhi's Roselle Fu to praise Zi Yuan. When they heard it, they couldn't help but cheer in their hearts. They felt that these words were a perfect description of her!

Zhou Qin, who was next to him, immediately said. "She is very beautiful, like the rising sun casting a morning glow, but also like a water lotus, rippling in the blue waves"

Seeing that Zi Yuan had the upper hand, Su Chan couldn't help but feel happy in her heart. She said with a smile, "She is not fat or thin, her height conforms to aesthetic standards. Shoulders as sharp as a knife's edge, waist as soft as silk. The neck is long and white. No makeup, no powder. Her hair is beautiful and her eyebrows are slender and curved."

At this time, Ruan Hongling and the little fox also smiled and joined in the following words one by one. After Ling Yue had finished her last word, Li Yundong smiled and continued, "Sighing for the loveless of the Lagenaria Siceraria Standl, lamenting for the solitude of the Pharbitis. Sometimes raised with the wind fluttering coat, with long-sleeved light overlooking, standing for a long time. Sometimes the body is as light as flying!"

When he finished the last word, he saw Zi Yuan suddenly stop. She shook her hands, and the purple ribbon suddenly spread out like a waterfall. Her sleeves fluttered in the air, gently waving, fluttering, and moving like a wisp of fresh smoke in the eyes of the people who were still free.

At first, Shinsyu wanted to tug the ribbon, but it seemed that the purple ribbon in her hand could never be pulled completely. He pulled one meter, another meter, two meters, and then another two meters.

But the more he pulled, the faster Zi Yuan circled, like a spider weaving a net. The filaments wrapped around Shinsyu one by one, gradually causing him to have more and more ribbon on his body.

By the time Zi Yuan had completely stopped, he had already become a big rice dumpling. There was nothing but divine power and strange Yin Qi in his body, but it was useless.

Shinsyu struggled angrily. No matter how strong his power was, he couldn't get out of such bondage.

Shinsyu struggled a few times and found that the ribbon around his body hadn't moved at all. He said angrily, "You're cheating. I don't accept it!"

Zi Yuan smiled faintly. "You don't accept it?"

Shinsyu said angrily, "Let me go, and then we'll fight again!"

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "Okay!"

At this time, the cultivators of the Zhengyi School and Qingcheng Sect shouted, "Zhenren Zi Yuan, don't let him go back!"

But as soon as they finished their words, they saw that Zi Yuan had suddenly raised her arms, and the ribbons suddenly fell in!

Shinsyu felt as if he was being pinched in the palm of a giant's hand and then squeezed hard. He suddenly screamed, and all his bones were cracking!

Zi Yuan shook her wrist and threw Shinsyu high up. The purple ribbon in her hand was pulled away in the blink of an eye.

Shinsyu fell to the ground, bleeding from all seven openings, his mouth leaking blood.

Zi Yuan glanced at him indifferently and said, "I told you that I had a way to defeat you, which is to defeat toughness with softness! If you are not convinced, you can heal your wounds and then go to Li Yundong to see if he really has the countless methods that I have told you about!"

At this time, everyone came to their senses, as if they had just woken up from a dream, and they burst into thunderous cheers.

Tachibana Wakako cried out in surprise and rushed to Shinsyu. She checked Shinsyu's injuries and found that none of his bones was complete. Besides, his internal organs had all been damaged under the fierce force just now. Even if he recovered, there would be serious aftereffects!

Tachibana Wakako couldn't help but blush. She stood up and shouted at Zi Yuan, "You beat Shinsyu like this. D*mn it! I'm going to challenge you now!"


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