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Rebirth of the Legendary Swordsman
Author :Northlight
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-1 Outline

Dynasty Online: The VRMMO that swept the world. Using a western fantasy setting, Dynasty Online quickly became the most popular game ever made, with more than 70% of all people playing the game.

Cliff was a first year University student who joined the game upon release. A talented gamer, Cliff quickly created a guild and rose to a position of power within the game. With the announcement of the Dynasty Pro League, Cliff dreamed of being a professional gamer, showering in wealth and fame.

Initially, Cliff's guild obtained good results. However, on the eve of their entry into the professional league, the betrayal of his former best friend and the loss of his position as guild leader forced Cliff into a corner. Pressured by the guild that he'd built with his own hands, and the numerous enemies he'd made in game, Cliff quit Dynasty Online, choosing instead to go back to college and become a programmer.

Not long after, Cliff's fiancee cheated on him, leaving Cliff at his lowest point. Swearing revenge, Cliff was ready to take his vengeance on his cheating ex and her lover. However, a freak accident left Cliff dead before he could take his revenge.

Opening his eyes, Cliff found himself alive once more, having been sent back in time to just before the game's release. Swearing revenge, Cliff set out to become not just a top player, but the best player of Dynasty Online!


Cliff's death:

Show Cliff a few years after his fall from grace. Barely scraping by as a programmer, his only joy is his fiancee. Finding her cheating on him, Cliff leaves in a fit of rage, but dies before he can come back and take revenge.

Cliff's rebirth:

Cliff is reborn as himself a few years earlier. Just before the release of Dynasty Online. Introduce Cliff as he was then, and show his burning motivation to become the best now that he's been given a second chance. Formulate a plan to get a headstart upon the game's release (OP item, inheritance, etc).

Game Release:

Have Cliff enter the game. Show off his skills from years of playing, dazzling nearby players and allowing him to access hidden quests even he himself did not know about. Plan an unorthodox build based on hidden quests and knowledge of the future.

First day have Cliff perform a stunning action such as soloing a field boss that wiped a large party. This wows some nearby players and Cliff becomes a topic on the forums. Recurring gag is forum comments about Cliff and his prowess.

Also have Cliff begin headhunting for talented players, ignoring those he knew were rotten or part of his guild in his past life.

First week in game:

Have Cliff do the first dungeon with a random ragtag party, somehow leading them to success on the hardest mode. Reactions from strong players and random guilds nearby upon seeing them enter the Hardcore mode for the dungeon. Have Cliff discover hidden talents of some players.

Moneymaking scheme. Have Cliff raise funds through his knowledge of the game from his past life.

Overall Plot:

Have Cliff aim to create a strong guild and become the strongest player himself. Realize that he can't do everything by himself and find strong companions who rely on him and won't betray him. Also have him realize that development of a guild requires funds, not just being a strong player like in his last life.

Cliff's journey will include character development and motifs such as: revenge, finding new friends, learning to trust again, and becoming truly strong, not just skilled.

The game itself will have a compelling main plotline as well. Standard fantasy fare such as orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves, and others will inhabit the world. Monster invasions will be common, and one of the main ways for players to show off their prowess on the front lines. Cliff will excel here.

World Setting:

The primary world setting will the inside Dynasty Online. The secondary setting will be Cliff's University campus. The primary setting allows for interesting and unique events to occur that real life would not allow.


The early antagonists will be those Cliff offends early on in game. These include those who died fighting the world boss that Cliff killed. People who denied Cliff entry to their party and regretted it. And people Cliff offended by declining as he knew they were untrustworthy.

The overall antagonists will be Cliff's old guildmates, and those they conspired with to kick him from the guild and force him to quit the game. Other antagonists will be other top players from other guilds that Cliff is unable, or unwilling to recruit. And various top teams from other regions who are also aiming for the championship.

Cliff will also have an antagonistic relationship with his younger brother early on, and a tense relationship with his parents who don't approve of him aiming to become a professional gamer.

Side Characters:

Cliff's other best friend: A man who died in Cliff's freshman year from a stupid accident. Was a schoolfriend of Cliff's and went to University with him. Cliff saves him early on in the novel and has him join him in game.

Cliff's love interest: secret.

Cliff's Physics professor: A hard-nosed professor who is always after Cliff for skipping class or showing up late. Cares about his students but is known for being harsh.

Various in game characters and NPCs.
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    《Rebirth of the Legendary Swordsman》