Reborn For Power
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Reborn For Power
Author :BrokenPersonality
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During my childhood I lived in a small household with my parents, I had no sibling or anything. Every night I can hear loud noises. The noises were my parents fighting with each other, due to my father gambling addiction. Whenever I ate dinner with my parents, I could feel the discord between them, I know about it but I had a feeling that I shouldn't talk about it.

The only place that I can feel safe is at school. I looked forwards to school everyday because unlike house I feel welcomed by all my classmate. At school I could get along with anybody even with the older students. The reason why I could get along with everyone is because I was "cute", even as a male I was considered extremely cute if I were compare to a female.

A few years later at the age of ten, my parents had a major debt of millions of cash. To repay their debt the owner of a rich family daughter took interested in me so they wanted me to be sold off by my parents. To my surprise my parents agreed quickly without any hesitation, that made my heart break.

When I entered the mansion, I noticed the daughter. She had the same height as me and our age seemed the same. She had black eyes and black long curly hair. When my body had entered her gaze, she stared at me with an excited gaze that made my spine tingle. When I was being transported to the mansion I heard of rumors about the daughter, I heard that she was super sadistic even though I didn't know the meaning of it, it wondered on my mind and she could be considered a genius with the talent she has.

To my surprise she ordered the maids around the mansion to tie me up. Losing my conciseness I awoke up in a cell with my hands being tied. Being scared of my current condition I yelled for help, a while later, the young misses came towards the cell and opened the door. She came up to me and had an extremely cruel smile that would make anyone shiver looking at it. She then moves her face towards me as inspecting every part of my feature. After a while she then lick my lips, and moved back while licking her own lips.

"I didn't expect you to be this adorable, you look so much different than I saw in your picture. Now that I seen you, I will really enjoy my time with you." giggling as she leaves.

A few weeks has passed, every day she would visit me and make me do some embarrassing things. She would make me dress up everyday. Every time I disobeyed her I would get whipped by her multiple of times.

A few months has passed, as I'm no longer trapped in a cell. By learning to be obedient to her I would always follow her around where ever she goes. Accompanying her with her daily needs, like I'm selling my soul to her.

Half a month passed by, an accident has occurred, a new maid tripped and pushed down the young miss. She then ordered me to tie her up and put her in the cell. Wondering if I should do it or not made me almost break down. As I dragged the maid with some additional help I finally put her in the cell, feeling torn up about it. When the miss came she asked me to close off the door towards the cell, after closing the door I headed back to the miss so I wouldn't get in trouble. Watching the miss torture the maid I turn my head away from the scene hoping that I could forget about it. Finishing lashing her anger at the maid, me and the miss left.

Three months after incident me and the miss attended a ballroom dance party. When the music started the miss asked me for the whole dance anticipating that I would accept. Telling her I don't know anything about dancing nervously. She then told me that she would do the leading. After a few breaks, a young girl that has long blue hair and large blue eyes that seems to be the same age as me and the miss asked me for a dance. I didn't know how to reply and I looked at what the miss wanted me to do. The miss then told me not to talk to anyone and dragged me away. A few days later I heard the news that the young girl that asked me for a dance had got in a small accident, feeling sorry for her.

Since four months since the accident with the young girl, she returned to me when I was alone asking if I could visit her house. When she had an accident, I felt sorry for her so I agreed to follow her. After playing for a while, both of us had a lot of fun. In my few years this was the happiest moments of my life. However when the miss saw this she was extremely angry and pulled out a knife running up to her. Feeling that it was my fault I ran up pushing the young girl and took the blow for her. Feeling the pain I smiled as I lost my life.

Waking up from my pain I see only the clear sky. An old man then said.

"Welcome to the after life. The people in your world refer to me as "God" since you have lived an harsh life and you saved someone for your own life, I shall grant you three wishes with an extra gift to remember your previous life." Replied the old man with a calm expression.

"Since I have three wishes my first wish is to have the potential to become the strongest being. My second is to have eternal youth by the time I reach 18, and my last wish is to have the power to go to any kind of world like in the anime." Said Kei with full of determination.

"Very well young man I shall grant you these three wishes. I hope for you the best of luck in your life, take care young one." Sending me off to another world.


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