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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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2 Chapter 2

As Satou killed the dou wolf, he gained 2 Levels and he was now Level 3! As the two dead bodies of wolfs on the ground, since he now doesn't lack food for now.

He moved closer to the first wolf that he killed and opened his mouth towards the body of the wolf.

As soon he took a bite on the dead wolf, the moment his tasted the meat, it tasted delicious while it was raw meat.


As Satou continues to eat the dead wolf, he broke a bone on the wolf, he felt that his teeth can easily break any bones that he wants to eat!

A few minutes later, Satou filled his hunger that was 50% and now it was 100%, he was really stuffed right now and kept licking his teeth for pieces of meat inside his mouth as he sat beside the tree.

'And now I should find a good place to call it shelter for now.' He stood up on his strong legs and start to find a good shelter.

As Satou was looking for shelter he found a lot of birds and various animals on these places, some of them was unknown to him that made him curious about their species, but not now, since he needs to find a good shelter.

A couple of hours later, Satou finally found a good shelter that seems to be a small cave that the cave was thrice his size and inside the cave a huge space to sleep in and put his food supply in.

He also found a pond that was few meters away from this shelter that made him happy about finding water was not needed for now.

'I'll go back to those dead wolves and bring them inside the shelter.' Satou was now walking towards back the dead wolves and used Supreme Smell to know the location is.

He also found other smells of animals that was kilometers away from him that made him surprised.

A couple of minutes laters, Satou arrived on the corpse of the two dead wolfs, the first corpse was eaten by him was now left by only bones. While the other was still untouched by him.

Satou carried the dead wolf's body on his mouth and he continues to lick the blood as it was a Juice that taste like very good.

Another couple of minutes later, Satou arrived on his den and puts the dead wolf's body inside his den and walks towards the pond to get some water. As Satou tasted the water it felt different than before and got used to it by a couple of drinks.

His Water Bar that was on 50% was now at 100% and his Hunger 95% right now, he didn't eat and just go inside his den and layed inside as he watches the outside of his cave as he felt tired.

The sun was already down and the moon just rises, Satou felt it was the best time to sleep and comfortably sleep on his very first day.

The next day!

Satou opened his eyes and it was already morning, he yawned and soon stood up and took a look on his status.


[ Satou ]

Race: Hybrid Dinosaur

Type : Indominus-Rex

Title : None

Level : 1 >> 3

Hunger : 35% | Water : 60%

[ Current : Juvenile Indominus-Rex ]

[ Next : Sub-Adult Indominus Rex ( Level Required : 50 )


[ Status ]

Strength : 45 >> 63

Defense : 38 >> 52

Intelligence : 40 >> 58

Agility : 47 >> 65

Vitality : 80 >> 110

Dexterity : 70 >> 90


[ Divine Blessings : None ]


[ Skills ]

Appraisal, Supreme Smell, Enhanced Eyesight


[ Elemental Resistance ]

Fire - 5% | Water - 0% | Earth - 3% | Air - 0% | Light - 0% | Darkness - 0% |


'Damn, I guess I need to hunt soon if I don't wanna starve to death, the other wolf's dead body could only make me last for only a day and a half!'

Satou dragged the dead wolf's body by using his claws and start tearing the fur of the dead wolf and start to munch happily on the wolf.

A few minutes later, Satou stopped eating and walks towards the pond to get some fresh morning water.

His hunger was now at 90% and only half of the remaining of the dead wolf. As he arrived on the pond to get some drink. His Water Bar was now fully full and he started to stretch his Dino body as if it was exercise.

'Now time to hunt and explore these place!' Satou was filled with excitement.

'But, first! I need to take a sh*t and pee first.'

3 Minutes Later, Satou was now finished doing his thing and now was departing from his den.

As hours past, deep claws was left behind on some trees by Satou, as if he was claiming a territory, but it was only for his path towards his den.

He also had hunt rabbit easily when it just appeared out of nowhere and just got swooped by Satou's claw, he only had it crush to death and didn't let any of bloodshed. He was carrying it on his right claw.

And now he was fully-camouflaged on some tall bushes as he looks at those five wolfs on the open field, they belong to the same pack as they licked each other furs.

Satou used appraisal on them.

[ Wild Wolf | Level 5 ]

[ Wild Wolf | Level 5 ]

[ Wild Wolf | Level 5 ]

[ Wild Wolf | Level 5 ]

[ Wild Wolf | Level 4 ]

Satou licked his lips secretly on the bush, it was a feast for him, he wanna make sure to kill them all as he have already a plan.

He had a few small rock on his left claw and slowly rolled the one rock on front of him that made all of the wolf looked at his direction and only saw a small rock that rolled behind the bush, one of the Level 5 wolfs walks towards the rock.

It seems these wolf pack was not scared of anything on these forest, he placed the dead rabbit In front of the wolf that was moving closer, when the wolf smelled something in the bush it move closer and found a dead rabbit laying on the ground.

It called the other wolf as they rushed towards the dead rabbit.

None of them knew was coming right now.

While Satou was full of sinister smile and he was waiting for the opportunity to let the wolf gather on the dead rabbit.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》