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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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3 Chapter 3


As the wolfs slowly gathered on the dead rabbit, they started to howl at each other as if they were arguing on how to split the dead rabbit's body.

While Satou was crouching down on the tall bushes as he strengthen his legs for a sure dash and kill.

The first wolf who had move closer to the dead rabbit was about to pick it up by its mouth as the other four wolf rush towards the first wolf.

'Now!' Satou quickly dash towards the closest wolf that was about to pick up the dead rabbit, he widely opened his mouth towards the wolfs head.




The closest wolf's head was crushed by the White Beast's Strong Teeth in just a second, the other four wolf was startled by this beast who just ambushed their companion secretly.

Level UP! Level UP! Level UP!

Satou thrown the dead wolf from his mouth to the two level 5 wolf that was close to each other as the two wolf had no chance to react in time and was send flying away towards the big rock.


The two wolf collided with the rock behind them as both of them felt their bones on their body was broken.

Satou didn't give the other Level 5 and the Level 4 Wolf as he slashed the Level 5 Wolf on its face making holes on the wolf's face by his sharp claws. As it fell on the ground lifelessly.


Level UP! Level UP!

He used his tail to whip the Level 4 Wolf as it hits tree making a loud collision between flesh and a tree.


Satou quickly dashed towards the two Level 5 wolf that was send flying into the big rock that both of it was struggling to get up.

He stabbed both of the wolf into their hearts by using his claw and quickly dash towards the last wolf that was whipped by his tail and hit a tree.

Level UP! Level UP! Level UP!

The last wolf was wailing and howling in pain, Satou raised his leg and stomped the last wolf multiple times making a foot mark on the body of the wolf.

Level UP!

Satou looked around and found all of them dead on the ground. He gained 8 Levels total and was now Level 11!

It was very good amount of levels!

'A successful hunt for me!' Satou was proud of himself as he used his Supreme Smell to sense other living creatures that was far from him, he also used his Enhanced Eyesight to see other creature that was only minding their own business.

But one creature was suddenly rushing towards Satou's direction and got immediately noticed by him.

The Creature that was rushing towards him was a Big Red Bear that was the size of him and was running nonstop.

Satou immediately cleaned the blood on his mouth and hides once more on the tall bushes. He also used appraisal on the approaching bear.

[ Blood Bear | Level 13 ]

'Blood Bear? Hmm... Interesting.' Satou never head such blood bear from his past life and was now seeing one right now.

He moved as he crouched on the tall and licked his lips furiously bushes as if he was seeing a big fat meat rushing towards his way.

A couple of minutes later, the Blood Bear was 40 Meters away from the dead wolves, the moment it smell bloods on their body, it even runs faster as it licked it lips.

Satou, who was crouching down on the tall bushes was unknown to the Blood Bear, since he cleaned the Blood from his mouth it won't know him that he was just crouching down.

As the Blood Bear moves closer and closer, Satou ambushed the Blood Bear beside it and giving it no chance to react as he did to those pack of wolves.

He opened his mouth towards the legs of the bear and turned the body of the bear upside down as it struggles to free itself from the furious bite of the white beast on its leg.

Blood started to flow on the ground, as it drips from the leg of the bear. Satou started to tear the body by his claws giving an intense pain on the the Blood Bear. The Bear roared in pain as it felt that it's body was getting weaker and weaker as the time pass.

Bones started to show on the body as the Beast continued to claw away chunks of meat of the Bear, the bear's head slowly fell on the ground making it surely dead.

Level UP! Level UP! Level UP! Level UP! Level UP!

'What a very good hunt!'
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》