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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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4 Chapter 4

As Satou's hunt was successful with an extra of a Blood Bear, it will probably make him last for a week or two. His Level was now at 16!

His mouth was full of blood that has came from the Blood Bear, the taste of the blood was very delicacy as he savored it.

'I need get these bodies back to the shelter. The five bodies of the wolfs will be easy to handle. I should take the wolf corpses first.'

Satou dragged all five bodies of the wolf into one spot and carried one onto his mouth and two onto his arm/claws. And the other two will be soon to pick up as he returns.

30 Minutes Later...

He had arrived back into his den as he puts the three corpse of wolf inside and goes back to the other corpse.

If walking takes 30 Minutes or more back to his den? How about he runs back to the other corpses?


Satou was now running really fast, as if he was fast a car that travels at 70km/per hour! In just 8 Minutes or less he had reached the location of the other corpse.

He wasn't even tired for running so fast for 8 Minutes!

Satou was really was amazed on his new body and felt very grateful for he to be given a new chance to live a second life as a Dinosaur.

He picked up the two corpse of the wolf by his arms and runs back to his den. In 10 Minutes or more, he was able to return back to his den as his heart was filled excitement.

Satou didn't go run back to the last remaining corpse, he drink water first before going back and finally runs!

Footstep of a beast that was coming back and forth was left behind by Satou.

As Satou reached the Blood Bear's Corpse, he was thinking on how to carry it back to his den.

( A/N : The Blood Bear was the same Size as Satou but heavier. )

But, the only thing that he can think of is to dragged the body back into the shelter by using his brute force. But first, he started to lick the blood of the bear on the certain wounds to avoid being tracked by other meat eaters.

Satou started to push the corpse into the direction of the shelter for minutes and took a break and take a look on the sky, it was a clearly a blue sky and tons of different shaped clouds.

He goes back pushing the corpse and took time to reach his den, it probably took him 2 or 3 Hours to finally arrived with the Bear Corpse.


Satou sighed as he layed on the ground and took a look on his stats as his Level risen!


[ Satou ]

Race: Hybrid Dinosaur

Type : Indominus-Rex

Title : None

Level : 3 >> 16

Hunger : 58% | Water : 80%

[ Current : Juvenile Indominus-Rex ]

[ Next : Sub-Adult Indominus Rex ( Level Required : 50 )


[ Status ]

Strength : 63 >> 128

Defense : 52 >> 117

Intelligence : 58 >> 123

Agility : 65 >> 130

Vitality : 110 >>240

Dexterity : 90 >> 220


[ Divine Blessings : None ]


[ Skills ]

Appraisal, Supreme Smell, Enhanced Eyesight


[ Elemental Resistance ]

Fire - 5% | Water - 0% | Earth - 3% | Air - 0 >> 1% | Light - 0% | Darkness - 0% |


Satou smiled as he took a nap for the time being.

But, Satou didn't knew that there was pair of eyes that was totally surprised on what he did.


The Goddess of Victory and Glory, Eina, that was traveling the forest for the time being had caught her attention from the White Beast as it walks around the forest.

Since she was a Goddess, ordinary people or beast can't see her, only she can reveal herself, if she wants it. And also other Gods and Goddesses can see each other even they were hiding.

Only few of Gods and Goddesses have an Appraisal Skill and that includes her.

"What a weird beast! I had never seen such a beast like these before!" Eina spoked in a surprise.

She followed the Beast for the time being, since it caught the attention of her. She saw the Beast swooped a rabbit and crush it to death.

And now she saw it crouching on the tall bushes and staring at the pack of wolves.

"Does this beast wanna hunt these pack of wolves. Most of the wolf is at Level 5, while this Beast is at 3. Even though this Beast was bigger than wolves, but a pack of wolves can be deadly to others."

When she used appraisal on the Beast, it showed [ White Lizard ] as its race.

( A/N : Satou's Appraisal is a lot better than other Gods and Goddesses Appraisal, and his race will be fully hidden and I used [ White Lizard ] on the Appraisal of the Gods and Goddesses. )

Sooner, the actions of the beast surprise her. First, it throws a rock behind the bush and caught the attention of the wolves. Second, it placed the dead rabbit on the bush and the dead rabbit was seen by the first wolf.

"What a cunning beast! This must be highly intelligent!" Eina exclaimed in excitement.

In just a few seconds, she was unable to believe on what just happened in just a few seconds. The Beast had bitten the first wolf to death and thrown it to the two wolf that close to each other and was send flying towards a big rock, it stab the other wolf in the face by its claw and whipped the remaining wolf and was send flying as well and hit a tree.

But, it didn't stop there. The Beast quickly rush towards the two wolf that struggling to get up and stabbed both of it in the heart and dash towards the last wolf and stomped it to death.




Eina was full of smiles and clapped multiple times, she was thinking to give it her blessing.

The beast was full of awareness as soon it sniffed the surrounding and made sure it was clear, when suddenly a blood bear suddenly was running towards the beast direction.

Eina saw the beast hides once more, and made a meal out of nowhere as if she was waiting for the next show!

She clapped and ate her meal as she watch a brutal fight, that shows a Blood Bear that was killed by tearing its fleshes by the Beast's claw.

A couple of hours later, she saw the beast carried and dragged all the corpses that it killed into his den.

When the Beast was showing tiredness and was about to take a nap, it was time to visit its consciousness!
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》