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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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5 Chapter 5

Eina was about to enter the beast consciousness and hit an invisible wall with her face that made her rub it quickly as she felt pain on her face.

"What is this!?" Eina said as she push her arm towards the invisible barrier and soon felt it.

The Beast suddenly woke up and quickly looked around, and only saw nothing on its den. Eina was totally surprised that it startled her.

"What was that barrier!? If even used my powers it won't even break that barrier!" Eina muttered.

The Beast soon goes back to take a nap again, and Eina didn't entered the beast consciousness and just watch the beast sleeping.

She sighed and just raised her hand towards the beast as she gave it her own Divine Blessing, and disappeared out of thin air.

Eina didn't have a chance to meet the Beast's Soul!


The next day!

Satou woke up and saw a notification on his the screen.

[ Goddess of Victory and Glory, Eina. Have given her Blessings to you! ]

[ Would you <<Accept>> or <<Decline>> her Divine Blessing? ]


As soon Satou Accepted it, he acquired a new two skill out of nowhere.

[ <<Enhanced Claws>> and <<Glorious Domain>> have acquired ]

[ <<Enhanced Claws>> is a skill that will strengthen your attack on your claws, Duration : 1 Minute, Cooldown : 1 Hour ]

[ <<Glorious Domain>> is a skill that will trapped any beings and will be weaken 25% of its power, Duration : 2 Minutes, Cooldown : 7 Days ]

The two skills that Satou acquired made him surprised and happy, since it will be very helpful to him today.

He soon stood up and walks towards the pond, after drinking his Water Bar was now full and his Hunger was at 30% right now.

'Time to eat!' As he headed towards on the body of corpses.


Sound of flesh being eaten can be heard inside the shelter and blood drips on the ground.

After filling up his Hunger to the fullest, he looked at the sunset and sniffed the fresh air around him.

The day was almost dark as the sun goes down, but in the eyes of Satou, it was totally still bright in his eyes. He saw a birds on different trees and seems to be sleeping, and bats was flying happily around the forest.

He looked around and saw a mountain on the west and seems to be a few kilometers away from the shelter. Since his food supply will be able to last him for a week or two, he won't waste any food since it will only rot, if he had too much food supply.

He goes back to the shelter and climbed upon it by using his sharp claws and legs, it was a couple meters tall and still was easily climbed by him.

Satou looked at the sky and saw two moon, tons of stars in the sky as well, and was amazed.

'I really am on another world!'

As he enjoy the view for whole thirty minutes, he heard roars that was 1 Kilometer away from him, it seems the roar belongs to a bear.

'I'll just go see what's going on there.' Satou stood up and started to climb down slowly by his claws and legs.

He started to walk towards the road was and used [Enhanced Eyesight], and saw a Brown Bear and a Red Bear they seemed to be fighting over a dead body of a wolf.

Satou didn't forget to use his [Supreme Smell], and he smells two figure that was moving closer to the bear.

'It seems to be that those two figure was waiting for the outcome of the fight, Well, too bad! I will be joining as well!'

He walks faster and didn't disturb or attract the attention of any small beast and birds, and just continues to walk forward secretly.

15 Minutes Later...

Satou had arrived on the Bear Fight, both of the Bear was bleeding a lot, he checked the Level of the two Bear and those two Figure hiding in the bush as well.

[ Earth Bear | Level 18 ]

[ Blood Bear | Level 19 ]

[ Ryan : Human : Level 13 ]

[ Jane : Human : Level 11 ]

'It seems these two are like companions, they won't be a trouble for me. I should kill the Earth Bear first, then the Blood Bear.'

Satou was about to launch an attack, when he saw the female human named 'Jane' was chanting a spell silently saying, "Oh, God of Flames, lend me your strength and give me your Mighty Flame, Fireball!" As she target the Blood Bear first and soon released it.

The two bears who was both wounded right at this moment was staring at each other with pure hatred toward each other. Unknown to the Blood Bear it was already targeted by the Fireball.


The Fireball successfully hits the Blood Bear and caused it to roar in pain, but it was not dead yet, it still has some vitality left. The Earth Bear was happy by the Fireball that landed on the Blood Bear.

The Earth Bear was about rush towards the Blood Bear when its left leg was bitten and was dragged into the bush and shriek in pain until it stopped.

Ryan and Jane who was in the bush was startled as the Earth Bear was suddenly dragged into the bush and shrieking very loud until it stopped.

'What was that?!' Jane and Ryan thoughts at the same time.

The Blood Bear who was scared the most turned around and runs away, but a White Beast immediately rush towards behind it and dragged it back into its previous place where it fought the Earth Bear.

It shriek in pain as well as it finally died by getting its body stabbed multiple times by the Beast's claws.

Ryan who widened its eyes as his body started to trembled, Jane who had covered her mouth by her hands was trying to not scream. Both of them saw how two strong bears was killed in just a second.

The White Beast who had its leg on top of dead Blood Bear suddenly turned its head towards Ryan and Jane's direction that made them more scared shitlessly.

As the Rey Eyes of the Beast looked at them, they felt death was right in front of them.

Satou didn't feel like killing these two humans, but he will if they have an intention to kill him, probably in the future he will be soon eating humans.


He growls as he walks toward the Earth Bear and started to dragged its body back to the shelter, another free meal for him!



Ryan and Jane sighed but their hearts keep beating fast as they encountered and felt death for the first time.

They also the beast dragged the Earth Bear into an unknown place.

"It saw us right? Why didn't it attack us?" Jane spoke.

"Yes, it did saw us. But, it just for growl at us and dragged the Earth Bear's corpse." Ryan said.

Both of them looked at the Dead Blood Bear on the ground and nodded at each other, as they took out tools that were used to cut flesh and bones, and also a huge bag for storing flesh.

"Should we report these back our Guild?" Jane asked.

"Absolutely." Ryan quickly replied.


Satou who had dragged the Earth Bear back to the Shelter was happy right now, since it gained 8 Levels by killing two of the Bears. He also had known that those two human he encountered will report on what they encountered, since he had seen a lot of scenes like this happened.

He was sure that since this is another world, there must be Adventurer's Guild and tons of organization.

He will be busy tommorow for some making passage inside the shelter.

He soon check the surrounding for a few minutes to make sure no one/beast followed him back to his den, after making sure no one followed him, he goes back inside the shelter and took a goodnight sleep.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》