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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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6 Chapter 6

The next day!

Satou soon woke up and stood up, then he walks outside the shelter as he enjoyed the fresh air around him.

He also took a look at his status since he gained 8 Levels last night.


[ Satou ]

Race: Hybrid Dinosaur

Type : Indominus-Rex

Title : None

Level : 16 >> 24

Hunger : 42% | Water : 56%

[ Current : Juvenile Indominus-Rex ]

[ Next : Sub-Adult Indominus Rex ( Level Required : 50 )


[ Status ]

Strength : 128 >> 162

Defense : 117 >> 151

Intelligence : 123 >> 157

Agility : 130 >> 164

Vitality : 240 >> 320

Dexterity : 220 >> 300


[ Divine Blessings : Goddess of Victory and Glory, Eina ]


[ Skills ]

Appraisal, Supreme Smell, Enhanced Eyesight, Enhanced Claws, Glorious Domain


[ Elemental Resistance ]

Fire - 5% | Water - 0% | Earth - 3% | Air - 1% | Light - 0% | Darkness - 0% |


As Satou finished taking a look at his Status and was satisfied.

'I'll just fill my stomach first, then I'll drink water.' Then he walks back is inside the shelter and started to feast on the Earth Bear.

The Earth Bear's Body was hard to eat, but since Satou's extraordinary teeth are made to tear and flesh and bones, and the Earth Bear's flesh and bones are no exception.

While he was eating, Satou saw a round core inside the body of the Earth Bear, it was a size of a fist, he dugged it out by using his claws and check what it was by using Appraisal.

[ Earth Bear's Beast Core | Devour the core to increase your 'Defense' by 12. ]

'A Beast Core, that was unexpected gain, what a good luck!' Satou swallowed the Beast Score immediately and felt his body gots a little bit harder.

[ Defense : 151 has risen to 163! ]

Satou licked every blood on his mouth and soon drank a lot in the pond, his Hunger and Water Bar was now fully stuffed and now its time for him to dig inside the shelter.

He looked around and moved towards a corner where it was not near his Food Supply, and started to digged by using his sharp claws.

Satou soon used [Enhanced Claws] to make it easier where he digged faster since it will only last for a minute.

3 Hours later...

Satou had already made a passageway underground that a little bit bigger than his size to fit in, just in case if he grows larger sooner or later on. He also had used [Enhanced Claws] multiple times as the digging made it more easier and fun for him.

2 Hours later...

Satou had made another passageway just in case and where it leads to the River of the forest, that made him relaxed since the pond behind his shelter will be soon drained by him. He made sure to hide the hole he made above the ground by using a flat rock to cover the hole.

The first passage way leads into the mountains which was the mountain he saw last night, that made it easier to travel there secretly. Then he cover the holes by another flat rock.

He soon head back to the shelter and walks outside and found the sun is already at its peak.

A lot of birds was chirping around the forest and rabbits was going outside their holes, small lizards and snakes were hunting for food.

Not a single beast approached Satou's shelter, he was feeling hungry since he dugged nonstop and soon started to eat the body of the Earth Bear.

Chunks of meat where stuck onto his sharp teeths that made it troublesome, then he realized something that there were many bird around the first that eats meat.

He walk a few meters away from the shelter and layed down on the ground, then opened his mouth for a few minutes.


Then a crimson bird flew down on the ground and moves closer to the Beast, then approached the mouth and realized the beast was not doing anything and just opened its mouth.

The Bird started to peck the chunks of meat that were on the teeth of the beast, Satou found it very ticklish and resist it.



Lots of different birds started to arrived and peck pieces of small meat on his mouth, and it was very ticklish that made him clawed the ground by his claws.

5 Minutes Later...

Satou's teeth were now very cleaned, and the birds who fed on his mouth were stuffed as their bellies were round.

A few of them rode Satou's back and started to rest, that made Satou smiled that he found 'Bird' friends.

Then, he started to explore the forest with the birds on his back.

A couple hours later, many trees were left by a deep claw mark, as Satou found a big pond of water, where it was few meters deep that made think to get a bath. The Birds that were on his back started to get down and started to get a bath as well.

Satou also joined in as he enjoyed his first bath on this world, the water was warm and cleaned that made it relaxing for Satou and the birds as they enjoyed it.

After taking his first bath, he soon returned to the ground and goes back to venturing the forest, the birds also had finished as they hopped on his back.


On the City of Leon, Adventurer Guild Headquarters

Ryan and Jane was sitting with the Guild Master of the City, Mark, who is a middle aged man with a few wrinkles on his face, he was wearing special clothes as a Guildmaster.

"You said you guys encountered an unknown white beast on the Deep Forest of Tria?" Said Mark.

"Yes. It was a strange beast that we never have seen before. Let me draw the features of the beast, do you have a pen and paper?" Ryan asked.

Mark nodded as he took a paper and a pen under his table and handed it to Ryan.

Ryan started to draw the features of the beast. A couple of minutes later, Ryan handed the Paper and Pen back to Mark.

After taking a look on the paper where the beast features where drawn, Mark was surprised by the features of this beast, it was completely unknown.

"It is indeed an unknown beast! Here's your rewards!" Mark picked up a small bag of coins from his drawer and throws it to Ryan.

Ryan catch it with his hands and look at Jane as she stood up ready to leave.

"Thank you, Guildmaster!" Ryan and Jane left the room, and picked up the bag where the Blood Bear was dismembered and headed towards the Meat Shop to sell the Body of the Bear.

Inside the Room of the Guildmaster

Mark can't stopped looking at the drawn beast on the paper as if he had struck gold this time!

'If I were able to capture this beast and present it to the Empire, I will be surely rewarded with tons of gold and status!' Mark can't help but chuckled.

Then Mark left the Room and headed towards the Main hall of Adventurers, where he send there will be an expedition on the Deep Forest of Tria, where each adventurer will be rewarded 2 Gold Coins each. It was a huge amount for them!

One or Two Hundred adventurers joined in the expedition, it was a lot of people had joined!

Mark also told them that they will leave in five days and must prepare themselves, he soon returned to his office with a smile of greed.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》