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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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7 Chapter 7

On the deep forest of Tria

A white beast can be seen walking through the forest with a few Crimson birds on its back, the beast will always left a scratch on certain trees.

As Satou was now a few kilometers away from his shelter, and he found many creatures as he wandered deeper into the forest.

'How large is this forest exactly!' He can't help but wonder on how the size of this forest was.

He raised his head and sniffed the air and smells two scents of an animal and gets slowly closer towards him, which indicates that this two animals were following him.

'Seen me as a prey? Too bad! Since you animals will the prey later on!'


Satou started to sprint that made the Crimson Birds on his back startled and flew away, and descended on a branch of a tree.

The two animals that were hiding quickly chased towards the white beast, their speed was the same speed as the white beast.

Satou turned his head and saw the two animals which looks like a Tiger, but they had fire on their legs and a few on their body, and quickly used [Appraisal] on them.

[ Flaming Tiger | Level 26 ]

[ Flaming Tiger | Level 23 ]

'One is two level higher and the other is one lower level than mine, it seem it will be a good fight and improved my fighting skill as a Dino.' Then, he slowed down and turned its body around, and started to sprint towards the flaming tigers.

The two Flaming Tiger that were chasing the beast was surprised that it slowed down and changed direction, and started to dash towards at them, it made them more delighted.

As a White Beast and Two Flaming Tiger started to rush charged at a great speed, the white beast was a few inches taller than the two flaming tiger, but it doesn't matter since power and speed is only needed.

In just a couple of seconds, the showdown was between a beast and two flaming tiger was about to happened.

( A/N : I'll call the Level 26 Flaming Tiger, Alpha. And the Level 23 Flaming Tiger, Beta. )

Satou opened his mouth and prepared his claws to attack the Beta tiger first, when it suddenly leaped on a branch of a tree which changed his target to the Alpha tiger.

The stronger tiger suddenly opened its mouth and released a quick fireball towards him unexpected that the Flaming Tigers can used Basic Fire Magic.


The Fireball hits Satou's chest and made him feel a burning pain that left black mark on it. Since he has 5% Fire Resistance, it made the impact a little bit weaker. He widened his mouth and aims at the head of the Alpha Tiger.

The Alpha Tiger jumped backwards and had its front left leg bitten by Satou's sharp teeths. As it felt pain on its front left leg, it used its paws on its right and hits Satou's face.

Satou didn't let go and dragged it back to the ground bites deeper onto the Alpha Tiger's Leg, he soon felt a burning pain on his body's side.


The Beta Tiger that was on the branch released a fireball that almost had the same firepower as the Alpha Tiger.

"Ah..." Satou released a low sound of pain, then he used his pair of sharp claws to slash the Alpha Tiger that got its leg stuck on his sharp teeths.

"Roarrrrrrr!" The Alpha Tiger roared in pain as its body got pierce by the Beast's claw. Since the claws have the length of 8 inches, it was like piercing a needle in a tofu.

When the Beta Tiger saw its partner got stabbed by the claws of the beast on the body, it quickly jumped towards the Beast's Back.

Satou who had its mouth on the leg of the Alpha Tiger and his claws on the body as well, he felt something heave on his back which is the other Tiger. The Beta Tiger used its claws on its paw to hold on the Beast's back and started to bite on the neck.

Their weight was no joke for Satou! It was really heavy that made him hard to stand still.

"Ahh..." Satou released another sound of pain as he felt pain on his neck being bitten by the Beta Tiger and his skin on his back were used the hold in, indicating that it would not let go.

'Glorious Domain!' He yelled inside his mind.

The scenery started to changed into one glorious field that made the two Tigers startled and made the Beta Tiger to jumped on the ground. The Alpha Tiger that using its paw to scratch Satou's face stopped for a moment that gave an opportunity for Satou.

'Enhanced Claws!' As his claws that were pierced on the body of the Alpha Tiger and were covered with blood, started to shine white light.

Satou stopped biting on the Leg, instead he chomp on the neck of the Alpha Tiger that struggles furiously and just start to swipe its paws randomly.

He pulled away his right claws and stabbed it towards the Tiger's chest.

Level UP! 7x

The Beast quickly pulled its claws back from the Alpha Tiger and dash towards the Beta Tiger that just had recognize on just what happened in a few seconds.


The Showdown between a Beast and two Flaminf Tigers soon ended, with the White Beast ended up being the winner.

The body of the Alpha Tiger is laying on the ground lifelessly with a big wound on its chest, front leg and a couple of deep bloody holes on its body. The other Tiger was also dead with its body had many wounds around its body, a leg was missing, it's tail is gone and had its neck ruthlessly broken.

While Satou was laying on the ground licking his small wounds that he can only reach, he had a lot of scratch on his face done by the Alpha Tiger.

He gained 7 Levels from the Alpha Tiger and 5 Levels from the Beta Tiger, a total of 12 Levels. He was now at Level 36.

'You Tigers picked the wrong prey. In the end, you became my prey instead of me.' Satou muttered in his mind.

Then he realized a Beast Core that came from the Earth Bear he killed and devoured the Core, making an increase of his defense.

He slowly stood up and walks towards the dead body of the Alpha Tiger, and started to search for the Core for a few minutes on the body. And soon found a Red Beast Core from the Alpha Tiger

He didn't forget about the the body of the Beta Tiger, it also had a beast core that made him joyful that he had luck on his side.

Then, he used [Appraisal] on the two Red Beast Core.

[ Flaming Tiger's Beast Core | Devour the core to gain 4% Fire Element Resistance. ]

[ Flaming Tiger's Beast Core | Devour the core to gain 'Fireball' Fire Element Skill. ]

'Haha... I guess Lady Luck is on my side!'
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》