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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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8 Chapter 8

Satou swallows the Beast Core that had an increased of 4% Fire Element Resistance and soon he heard an notification.

[ Fire Resistance : 5% has risen to 9% ]

Then, he swallows the other one and got another notification.

[ <<Fireball>> has been acquired! ]

[ <<Fireball>> is a basic fire magic that can burn or make explosion, its Firepower is according to the users Magic Power ( Intelligence/INT ), Cooldown : 30 Seconds. ]

Satou raised his head and looked around the surrounding, and found a few small creatures that was hundred meters away from him. He wanna test 'Fireball' and looked for test subject, then found a target which was a small brown rabbit

It was busy eating a yellowish fruit, when a Fireball suddenly appeared behind it and hits the poor creature.


Satou walks towards where the Poor Rabbit was hit by his [Fireball] and found nothing but ashes, even the ground was burned into charcoal.

'This is amazing!' After using [Fireball], he felt that a few his Energy was used as soon he casted [Fireball]. After that, he filled up his stomach and left two corpses of dead flaming tigers in the deep forest of Tria.

Satou didn't saw the Crimson birds and seem to be got scared by the sudden appearance of the flaming tigers, that made him slightly disappointed.

1 Hour Later...

Dark clouds started to cover the sky and started to pour water furiously to the ground, it was a strong rain that made a lot of animals returned to their shelters. And some few beast was still roaming the forest.

Ofcourse, Satou was slowly heading back to the shelter, since he had ventured enough for today and unexpectedly gain good harvest. The rain didn't stop or slow him, but he was enjoying it and even drink the falling water from the dark sky.


The wind breeze gots stronger on a few seconds that made the many leaves of trees to be carried away by the strong wind.

Two hours later and the sky was still dark, Satou was almost at the shelter when he saw a person with a brown cloak covering its figure, the person was very wet due to the rainy weather today, it looked around the surrounding and found a small cave and started to runs towards there.

And the cave happened to be Satou's Shelter.

With a glance, Satou used appraisal on that person.

[ Vanessa | Elf | Level 16 ]

'A Female Elf?' There's even other races on this world!' A quick thought of Satou, since she had lower levels than him, but since she was an elf, she must have strong magic skills.

The Elf soon entered the cave made a small flame on her hand, and saw bloodstains on the ground of the cave and bodies of corpses on a corner that made her gulped and imagine what kind of creature lived here. She sat down on a corner and leaned on a wall.


Loud Footstep outside the shelter can be heard outside the cave, even though it was raining heavily, that made the Elf stared outside and saw a White Beast standing on the entrance on the cave, making the elf to shiver.

The beast stared at the Elf inside its territory and soon entered the shelter, with a pair of red eyes kept staring at the elf, she started to tremble and had her mind to be in a mess on what will happened her.

Nothing happened, since the Beast just layed around the corner close to the bodies of corpses and just started to stare at her.


The stomach of the Elf suddenly growls that made the Elf embarrassed, her face was beautiful with her blonde hair, her golden eyes, it even made her more pretty.

The Beast suddenly stood up that made the elf startled and walks outside for a couple of minutes, and when it returned, it has wooden sticks on its claws and mouth. Then, it put all the wooden sticks down on one spot and made fire out of nowhere.

'This Beast can use fire magic?! It must be a Magical Beast!' Vanessa screamed inside her mind, if this beast was indeed a magical beast, then it's no hope for her to escape.

The next action of the beast made her extremely surprised that it carried a big meat of a blood bear, Vanessa understood what the beast was doing, she accepted the meat with gratefulness and slowly cooked the meat.

While, the beast walks towards to another corner with a flat rock on the ground, it pushed the flat rock which reveals a hole on the ground and soon entered the hole and left Vanessa widened her eyes.

"A Magical Beast with a High Intelligence, such a dangerous creature exist in these forest!" Vanessa said in a very low voice.

While Satou was heading towards the passageway that leads to the waterfall, he also saw the face of the elf, and also a jewelry on her head, it's probably a Elf Princess.


9 Minutes Later...

Vanessa was slowly chewing the cooked meat on her hands when the beast suddenly came out of the whole with a turtle shell on its mouth. It slowly puts it down beside her and showed pure water on the turtle shell.

"Thank... you..." She muttered as the Beast push the flat rock on the hole, covering it, and just layed around the corner and just sleeps.

She picked up the turtle shell and drank some water, and eating meat filling her stomach.

"If only Magical Beast can be kind as this..." Vanessa softly said and layed on the ground falling in a deep sleep.


Author's Note

Some might think that the MC is soft hearted and kind, well it's probably true since this novel have release seven chapters. But, soon in the future, the MC will be massacring a city, an empire, a continent...

Which will be in future chapters.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》