Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
10 Chapter 10
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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10 Chapter 10

Vanessa was carefully looking at the current situation, a Wyvern was eating a body of a Flaming Tiger and there is also another bloody body nearby.

'Did this Wyvern killed these pair of flaming tigers? It couldn't be the Wyvern, since the bite marks on the body of the flaming tiger is different than the Wyvern, there is even deep bloody holes on the body, could it be the Beast was the one who killed it?!' Thinking of that, Vanessa was feeling heart beat faster.

In front of them was a Wyvern, a creature that belongs to the Low Class Dragon, even though it was Lowly Wyvern, it still belongs to the Most Formidable Creature in the world.

Satou slowly crouching and silently get behind the Wyvern's Back, looking at the folded wings on its back. He needed to prevent the Wyvern from escaping, the first thing he needs to do, is to destroy the wings first and will become an easy prey.

He silently cast a maximum firepower of the [Fireball], as he slowly revealed himself from behind and released the [Fireball] from his mouth.

The Wyvern, who is too busy eating a delicious free meal that it found luckily on the ground, it suddenly feel danger behind, turning its head, it found a big round of fire was already about to hit its wing, it also got a glance on the White Beast behind the coming fireball.


A sound of explosion was heard, the left wing of the Wyvern was totally destroyed and probably won't heal since it since it received a full impact of a Maximum Firepower of Satou's Fireball.


The Wyvern roared in pained after it got hit by the [Fireball], then it felt something heavy landed on its back, it was the White Beast!

After getting on the back of the Wyvern, Satou moves his pair of claws with [Enhanced Claws] towards the neck of the Wyvern!


Another sound of pain was made by the Wyvern as it started to move its body furiously to get the Beast away from its back. The pain on its neck was hurting like hell, it even felt that its air passage was pierced by the claws.

Blood was now spilling everywhere on the ground as the Wyvern tried its best to shake the beast.

Satou clawed his way deeper into the neck as he chomped multiple times on the neck as well. After one minute, he soon heard a notification.

Level UP!

Level UP!

Level UP!


Satou gained a total of 9 Levels by killing the Wyvern, the Head of the Wyvern slowly fell on the ground lifelessly as its body collapse at the same time. He leaped on the back of the Wyvern back to the ground.

As the tasty blood of the Wyvern were on his mouth and on his claws.

Then, he saw the Elf was walking towards him with widened eyes as she cant believe what just happened. All of a sudden, the Elf asked something questions from him.

"C-Can you understand what I'm saying?"

Satou was a little bit surprised, then nodded his head.

"Can you speak?"

Satou shaked his head, indicating that he can't speak.

Then, the elf asked him a last question.

"Did you kill the Flaming Tigers as well?"

Satou nodded once again. After that, he walks towards the corpse of the Wyvern and making its body upside down and search for a beast core, if it had one.

Vanessa was surprised the most, after asking a few question as the beast only nodded and shaked his head. It was undoubtedly on a new level of Intelligence of a Magical Beast.

As Satou searched the insides of the Wyvern and found nothing but fleshes, he sighed and started to dragged the Wyvern's body back to the shelter. The Elf seeing the Beast dragged the Wyvern, she started to push the body from behind, while the Beast head was facing the Elf, that made the Elf felt awkward.

2 hours later...

Satou had finally dragged the Wyvern's body inside the shelter, the Elf's stomach growls that made her scratch her head in embarrassment. He gave her food and walks back to the place where he killed the Wyvern.

Vanessa accept the meat and cooked it with her Fire Magic.

Another 2 Hours Later...

Vanessa was standing on top of a tree that was near the cave and found the beast dragging the body of a Flaming Tiger, on the distance, she jumped down back onto the ground walk behind the corpse of the Tiger and started to help the Beast by pushing it behind.

After putting the Tiger's body inside the Cave, Satou pushed the flat rock on a corner and entered the hole, the Elf Girl just followed him and didn't mind her, and just allowed her to follow him.

Seeing a passageway underground, Vanessa was surprised once more, the passageway seems to be made the beast and wondered where it leads.

Satou went through the passageway where it leads to the Mountain, he wanna reach level 50 faster, so he decided to hunt a few creature that will suffice.

Getting out of the hole and used [Enhanced Eyesight] to see if there any creature that will make him reach level 50. He found a Group of Goblin with a Big Goblin with its leader, wandering the forest.

He silently approached the Group and used appraisal on the 2 Meter Tall Big Goblin carrying a big club with messy clothes and armor.

[ Goblin Champion | Level 29 ]

And the rest of the Goblin were Level 4 - 9.

'Seems to be enough.'

While, Vanessa was behind him crouching as well as she saw the Big Goblin.

"A Goblin Champion." She spoke in a very low voice. She didn't expect to see a High Class Goblin here in the Forest, seems that this forest is more dangerous than she thought.

A quick shadow jumped out from the bush and charge towards the Goblin Champion with its claws shining bright, the Goblin Champion saw a White Beast charging towards him, it raised its club towards the Beast, intending to smash the Beast's head.

Satou raised his head and move his claw to slash the incoming attack.

The Goblin Champion smiled and puts more force into the attack, it seems it want the beast to feel despair by breaking its claws.

But, the smile of the Goblin Champion suddenly turned down as it saw the Club was cut into multiple pieces of wood. It was about to step back, when the other claw was already near its head.

Level UP!

Level UP!

Level UP!

Level UP!

'I guess it's not enough... Oh well, there are more Goblin here to kill' He pulled out his claw from the head of the Goblin Champion and started to massacre the goblins.

The Goblins didn't even have power to resist, since their leader was killed by the beast, they can only panic and ran away, but the beast didn't allow them to leave.

After killing all the Goblins on the Group, he finally reached Level 50 and heard a notification.

[ The Required Level for 'Sub-Adult Indominus-Rex' had been reached, and now can be advance to this Stage. Once the Host goes to sleep, you will automatically advanced to the Next Stage. ]

Satou smiled as he goes back to the hole and the Elf quickly jumped in the Hole as he cover the hole with the Flat Rock and soon reached the shelter, and quickly goes to sleep.

Vanessa just stared at the Beast for a couple of minutes, before feeling tired and layed on the ground, sleeping as well.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》