Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
11 Chapter 11
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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11 Chapter 11

As a beast and an elf sleeping comfortably in the Cave, it was already midnight and air outside was cold.

But, the Beast inside, was showing changes on its body, it's white skin was slowly turning grey, its body was getting bigger, its tail is getting longer, it's teeth are becoming more sharper, it's claws are getting deadly and muscles around the leg and arms can be seen.

The previous size of the Beast was now twice bigger than before! The cave won't probably last longer since the Beast's Size is bigger!

As hours past...

It was now already morning and soon Satou woke up and felt his body change, he slowly stood up and accidentally hit the top wall of the cave, but it didn't hurt him. He looked at the Elf, who is still sleeping.

Silently walking outside the cave, he have to force his way out, since the Entrance was small and used force to get out.

'I'll need to find another shelter.'

Getting outside, he felt his eyesight and hearing is more sharper than before, he felt his body was stronger! And quickly checked his Status with excitement.


[ Satou ]

Race: Hybrid Dinosaur

Type : Indominus-Rex

Title : None

Level : 50

Hunger : 32% | Water : 44%

[ Current : Sub-Adult Indominus-Rex ]

[ Next : Adult Indominus Rex ( Level Required : 100 )


[ Status ]

STR : 500

DEF : 470 (+12)

INT : 480

AGI : 520

VIT : 1 000

DEX : 950


[ Divine Blessings : Goddess of Victory and Glory, Eina ]


[ Skills ]

Active : Appraisal | Enhanced Eyesight | Enhanced Claws | Glorious Domain ( Cooldown : 5 Days ) | Fireball |

Passive : Supreme Smell | World's Language | Primal Roar (New) |


[ Elemental Resistance ]

Fire - 9% | Water - 0% | Earth - 3% | Air - 1% | Light - 0% | Darkness - 0% |



Just seeing his status, most of them were doubled as soon as he advanced to these new stage, what a powerful increase of power!

Satou was filled with excitement when he saw a new passive skill, he can't wait to try it out later.

He tooked a deep breath and then released it!


A high-pitched roar was released as if they were roar of thunders itself, it made a lot of creatures several kilometers away to wake up and felt fear.

The Roar echoed and echoed as many creatures and dangerous beast heard it, as if it was claiming the whole Deep Forest of Tria.


Inside the Cave...

Vanessa was still enjoying a good sleep, she had a smile on her face as in, she was having a good dream inside her mindscape.

When it suddenly was interrupted by a roar like thunder near the Cave, that made her wake up and felt intense of shaking.

The roar soon stopped and she slowly gets up and walks towards outside while shaking, she saw a Grey Beast standing 4 Meters Tall outside the Cave and looked towards her way, those pair of Red Eyes were still the same as it stared at her.

'What the hell is that roar?! She thought, the roar was really loud and terrifying.

'Is this the Beast from before?! How could it change in one night!' She slowly walks outside and the Beast entered the Cave instead and start baking the bodies of wolves with its fire.

Vanessa calmed down and relax, since this Beast was the same Beast from before, it only grew bigger and stronger.


Sound of meats getting eaten and Bones were breaking intensely inside the cave. There are one corpse of a Wyvern and one corpse of a flaming tiger untouched.

Vanessa entered the cave and sat beside the Beast, she joined in as well. After filling their stomachs, the beast pulled the flat rock and entered the hole forcefully that made the hole to expand.

Satou started to make the passageway bigger by using his claws and headed towards the Waterfall, since he needs water to filled his thirsty mouth.

In just one hour, the passageway way through the waterfall was now bigger than before. Satou and the Elf were drinking clean water near the waterfall.

When Satou had to drink water he would need two swoop it with his mouth, just like that, even the Elf was a little bit curious on how he drinks water differently.

After drinking, he followed the river's flow as he saw wolves drinking on a distance, it ran away as soon as it saw him. Ofcourse, Vanessa was still following behind him.

As hours past...

Satou finally reached the end of the river, where it leads to huge body of water where the bright sun made the surface of the sea to be dazzling. He didn't expect that the river would lead it here.

While, Vanessa had her hands on her chest as she saw this huge body of water, she gulped and said, "This water area was told to be ruled by a Water Serpent, rumors that the Water Dragon was living in the deepest part and was told that its power is near Class 10 Beast."

'A Water Serpent? Interesting, I wonder how I'm compared to that Serpent.' Satou's thought as he heard that the Serpent was near Class 10 Beast, what about his power?

If he caught a glimpse of the Water Serpent, he would quickly used [Appraisal] on that Serpent, if the Level was higher than him, he would come back later and gets stronger, if it's lower, he won't mind to dive in the water and lure the the Serpent out of the water.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》