Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
12 Chapter 12
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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12 Chapter 12

As Satou and the the Elf were standing a couple meters away from the water, he felt that something was moving slowly towards them under the water.


A Big Turtle came out from the water and walks towards the land, the shell was covered in mosses that made the turtle seems to be an old creature, but it was still full of vitality.

When the Turtle saw the Grey Beast, it wasn't scared and just walks towards a tree and started smashing it with its hard shell, making fruit fell from the tree.

Satou used [Appraisal] on the Big Turtle that was eating fruits.

[ Great Tortoise | Level 47 ]

'A Great Tortoise, seems like a target for me.' Then he started walking towards the the Turtle which is still eating fruits.

Vanessa just stood there and was curious, she knows that this type of turtle is one of the most harded shell in the whole forest of Tria, even the Water Serpent wasn't able to eat this and just ignored it.

When she heard the same roar from before, it was ridiculously loud and terrifying that she immediately covered her ears, this roar was basically ear ****.


As Satou walks towards the turtle and released a roar that made the Tortoise to hide in its shell.

The size of the turtle was almost half of him, but the shell was the only that was the most troublesome. As soon he reached the tortoise, he raised his right leg and stomped it towards the shell.


The first stomp made the turtle's body to made the ground below to be pressured.


The second stomp made the turtle's body to make the ground below to be a few cracks.



As the Grey Beast continuously stomped the Tortoise's shell nonstop. The ground below the Tortoise was totally in a mess.

Vanessa was dumbfounded by the actions of the beast. As if it was playing with the Turtle.

"Could it be, that it's trying to break the shell?"

Then, the Beast suddenly stopped stomping and the body of the tortoise was totally shaking in fear.

The reason why Satou stopped stomping, because he heard a small cracking noise on the tortoise's shell, he wanna test the sharpness of his claw on the shell as well.


As he hits the shell, it made a spark between his claw and the shell, and slash his claw again and again.

Until he felt one of his claw pierced through the shell and the skin of the tortoise that made it shriek in fear.

Satou grin as he stopped using his claws, since he had confirmed that his claws were really Sharped and durable, he raised his leg once again with brute force this time.


The Tortoise's Shell was broken and the body under the shell was stomped as well as it released a fresh colored red blood from its mouth and died just like that.

Level UP!

Level UP!

Level UP!


Satou gained a total of 10 levels from the turtle, what a good amount of levels from just one great tortoise! I wonder is there more dumb tortoise like these on this area?

The Elf Girl had her mouth opened as she saw that the Beast used another stomped and broke the shell of a Great Tortoise, just like that!

"What a ridiculous strength on its legs!" Vanessa said in admiration.

The Beast turned its head towards her as it pointed its claw on the dead tortoise, meaning that it wants the Beast to let her join in and eat tortoise meat.

Vanessa quickly ran towards the Beast and used fire magic to start baking it the body of the tortoise.

After cooking the meat from its body, She and the Beast started eating as the Beast eat most of the meat, but she still could get a lot of meat and fill her tummy.

5 Minutes Later, the body of the tortoise had only bones left as its flesh was eaten by the Beast and the Elf.

Satou was feeling good right now, since he sense a great movement under the large body of water, it must be the Serpent that he heard from the Elf.

Slowly walking a few hundred meters from the water, and hiding beside a huge rock beside him, the Elf was also hiding right behind him.


A creature from the water had risen onto the Surface, it's body was a snake, but it's more larger and longer, it was the Water Serpent!

It's size was double the size of current Satou/Indominus-Rex!

It looked at the bones of the tortoise before looking around the surrounding and found a few wolves and other creatures roaming around the water and as well the forest.

When Satou saw the Water Serpent, he quickly used [Appraisal] and was surprised on its level.

[ Water Serpent | Level 92 ]

'I'll just return later on when I'm almost on its level, so my probability on killing it is higher.' Then he slowly left and headed towards back to the shelter.

The Serpent had also goes back to depths of the water.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》