Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
13 Chapter 13
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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13 Chapter 13

After getting back to the Shelter with the underground passage, Satou went into a wide area, where tons of big rocks scattered around the place.

Behind him was the Elf Girl, eating fruits from the trees that she had plucked.

'This should be my Magic Testing Ground. I wonder if my Fire can advanced to another Level, so I can a bigger chance to kill the Water Serpent.' As he cast [Fireball] within his mouth and released it towards the big rock.


As the [Fireball] hits the Big Rock, it left a wide black mark on the rock, the rock suddenly started shaking and slowly stand up, Satou checked its level.

[ High Golem | Level 49 ]

As the Golem risen from the ground, it was 4 Meters Tall and had huge a body of rocks with two glowing eyes on its head. The burned mark on its body was still there.

"Graaaa!" The Golem screamed and rush towards the Grey Beast, it raised his arms from the sky and smash it towards the beast.

Satou jumped backwards and give a quick growl to the Elf, which means that she should get away from the battle.


The Golem hits the ground, which left a huge crack on it, even an amount of dust was made. It pulled back its arm and rush towards the beast once more. It raise its fist towards the beast.


The Fist didn't hit the tree, instead it hits the tree behind the Beast and made it fell backwards.

Satou's speed was twice faster than the Golem, which made it easy for him to dodge the two attacks from the Golem

"Graaaaaaaahhhh!" The Golem was angry that the Beast dodge its two attack and raised a leg and stomped the ground, it dash once more towards the Beast.

'What a hot headed guy!' As Satou dodge its charge, but his tail was caught by the hands of the Golem and thrown him into the forest and destroying a lot of trees.

"Graaaaaa!" The Golem yelled before dashing towards direction where it had thrown the Beast off.



Loud footsteps coming from the forest, the Grey Beast that had been thrown off and hits a lots of trees, is already rushing back towards the Golem. And gave a quick roar that made the Golem startled before it can react.


Satou pushed the Golem to the Ground and furiously used his claws to cut the rocks from its arms and legs. Until its head and body only remains.

Since the Golem is only a Rock and doesn't fell pain, it furiously screamed at the beast, as if it doesn't wants to accept its defeat like this.

Satou saw a shining orn on its body, 'It must be the core.' And he soon pierced the ball with his claws and gained 5 Levels of Defeating the Golem.

The Body of the Golem soon started to fall apart and become bunch of ordinary rocks.

After that, Satou went back to firing his [Fireball] on the Magic Testing Ground. It takes 30 seconds to shot another fireball due to the Cooldown.

On a branch of a tree, which Vanessa was staying at, she still felt her ears are vibrating due to the thunder like roar. She watched the Whole Fight and how it ended in less than a minute.

Getting down from the tree, she walks towards the rocks where the golem was defeated at, she started to inspect all of the rocks for a couple of minutes and found a greenish orb that was a size of a fist.

Picking up the orb, she quickly run towards the Beast and pat its leg, it soon turned around, Vanessa showed the Orb on her hands.

Satou felt that this Orb is like a Beast Core, but it was slightly different and soon inspect it.

[ Golem's Orb ]

Devouring this will grant the host to gain <<Earth's Armor>> to enhance your defense by 2x for one minute, Cooldown : 2 Hours

Seeing the Orb's Description, Satou can't help himself to be happy and plucked it from the hands of the elf onto his mouth.

[ <<Earth's Armor>> Skill Acquired! ]

Then he continued firing his [Fireball] towards the rocks for a couple of hours until the sun goes down.

The rocks was now like burned charcoal, even some of them exploded after receiving more [Fireball]. Satou was satisfied that the Cooldown of the [Fireball] has reduced to 25 seconds from 30 seconds.

He soon felt tired and wanna take a deep sleep, seeing the Elf, who was sleeping on a tree, he woke her up by stomping once on the ground making her quickly stand up.

As the Beast and Elf soon returned to the Cave, Satou soon fell asleep as the Elf crawled towards him and sleeps besides him.



Ten man was wearing black robe on their body as they walks venture deeper to the deep forest of Tria.

"Are you sure that Elf Princess had escaped from the Reos Kingdom and headed towards the Forest of Tria?" Asked by the Leader of these Group, who had a big body just by seeing the size of his cloak.

"Yes, I have gotten some information from those people from Leon City, she stayed in an inn and soon left before the Heavy Rain fall." Answered by the Man, called Fitch.

"If that's so, then we have struck luck this time! If we taken her back to the Reos Kingdom, we will be rewarded by lots of wealth!" Answered by the Leader, then the faces of the rest was full of evil smile.

One of the men from the group saw a claw mark on a tree and told the group, "Boss, look at this claw Mark!"

All of them looked at the claw Mark on the tree, another black robe man said, "It must be from a bear, a Blood Bear or Earth Bear, I supposed."

"If we're entering a Blood Bear or Earth Bear territory, then we'll have more goods to bring back! Come on, let's go!" As ten black robe man ventured deeper to the forest.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》