Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
14 Chapter 14
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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14 Chapter 14

As the group of black robes ventured deeper into the forest, they found a lot of tree that was marked by the same claw mark.

"Boss, I think that this claw marks are a lot different than an Blood Bear or Earth Bear, its a little bit bigger than those." Said one of the men.

"It might be an Alpha one, it's strenght is at Peak Class 13, but no worries, since my strength is almost peak silver! And with our power combined! We will still be able to slay that Alpha Bear! " Said the Leader of the Group, whose name is Vert.

"Eat some Rejuvenating Pills! we'll need our full Strenght to avoid injuries when we battle the Alpha Bear." Vert continued, as he grab a small bag from his waist and picked a small red pill, and swallowed it.

The rest nodded and picked the same red pill and swallows them as well.

Some time later...

They found a big footmarks that belongs to a beast and a small one that belongs to a person, they observed it for a few minutes until Vert spoke.

"It must be the Elf Princess, and the other one must be her tamed beast! It's footmark is really strange and different than a Alpha Bear! Well, it doesn't matter since it will die sooner and become our goods!" He gasps for a breath for a second and continued.

"Let's follow the footmarks!" As the group followed the footmarks left behind by the Beast and the Elf.

As the Deep Forest of Tria was silence and some part of the forest, were wolves howling due to the full moon as they hunt in pack.

Later on, they found that the footstep leads to a cave ahead of them, they unsheathed their own weapons such as swords and rapier from their waist. Vert's weapon was a battle axe.

"Let's go." Said Vert in low voice as they slowly approached the cave.


Inside the Cave

Satou opened his eyes and can't sleep comfortably right now, he felt like his instincts were warning to not go to sleep right at this moment.

Since, his instincts was warning him, he slowly stand up due to the Elf Girl sleeping beside him. Soon, He heard footstep approaching the Cave.

'Could they be here for the Elf? Or for me?' If they were here to kill him, he will kill them without a doubt, if they were here for the Elf, he will kill them as well, since they had invaded his territory.

Thump, thump, thump

Slowly walking towards the Cave's Exit, his footstep were loud that it vibrate through the cave.


Outside the Cave

Vert and the rest heard loud footstep from the Cave and getting louder and louder, he told one of his men, who was a Mage and good at Fire Magic, to fire at the Cave's Entrance.

"Oh, Mighty Fire God, give me your burning blames and burn my foes, Burning Blast!" As the Mage chanted and fired it towards the Cave.

Satou who was almost at the Cave's Exit saw a Round Fire heading towards, he felt that this Fire was inferior than his [Fireball], he didn't avoid it and take it head on.


As the Mage's Burning Blast successfully landed the hit on its target, the creature inside was revealed and was a Big Grey Beast, it felt like that the Burning Blast didn't even do a damage, only black dot was made on the Grey Beast.

"What the hell! I made sure that I put a lot of mana into that skill!" The Mage said as he can't believe that the Beast was only marked by a Black dot by getting hit by his Burning Blast.

"Prepare yourself!" Vert said as he gripped his Battle Axe, the rest quickly took their stances.

The Grey Beast slowly walks outside and fully showed itself, it was 4 meters tall and almost 10 meters long, with a pair of powerful leg and deadly claws, its pair of red eyes was like an abyss staring at them. And finally those razor sharp teeth on its mouth.


It suddenly released a thunder like roar that made Vert's Group startled as their ears received the loud roar and vibrate through their ears.

"Attack!" Vert yelled as he charged towards the Beast, as the rest gained their composure and followed him.

Vert raised his axe and jump forward, to give the beast a cut on its neck, The beast just stared at them with those red eyes. His Group also aimed on the different area of the Beast.

"Die!" Vert yelled.

"Take this!" One of the men that had a long sword yelled.

"I'll break your bones!" Another man with a hammer yelled.

"Pierce it all! My Mighty Spear!" A man with a spear yelled.

All of them yelled as they reached their own target area, but unexpected thing happened.





Each of their Weapon didn't Pierce its skin or Breaked its bones, but instead their own weapons broke as they hit the Beast. Vert's Weapon had only half of Battle Axe remaining, in exchange, it was able to made the Beast Bleed a little and recovered really fast.


The Beast only stared at them with those Red Eyes, as if, it was expecting something and now was disappointed. Vert and the rest gulped as they felt that this Beast was no ordinary beast.

Suddenly, it opened its mouth and released a fireball, the Beast didn't target them, instead it targeted the big rock that was 80 meters away from it.


The Big Rock blew up and turned into many small charcoal rocks.

"A Magical Beast..." Vert who spoke, felt that his right arm where he used it to grip the Battle Axe had disappeared from his body, he looked at the Beast who had his Right Arm on his mouth.

"My ar-" Vert was about to screamed, when he felt his neck was cut away from his body.

'Face the consequences for attacking me! All of you shall die!'
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》