Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
16 Chapter 16
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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16 Chapter 16

Vanessa, who was right beside Satou can't help to shiver seeing a pack of hundred wolves, there is also a Silver Wolf King standing behind the pack that made her more frightened.


The Silver Wolf King howled as it commanded the pack to approach their prey closer.

Satou was confident that he can easily wipe out the wolf pack and face the Silver Wolf King, but he was a little bit worried about the Elf beside him, she can easily be killed if he decided to face the Wolf Pack head on, she will only be a hindrance to him. So, he needs to get the Elf onto safety first, before fighting the wolf pack.

Seeing the pack slowly approached them, Satou released a [Fireball] to the ground below making the area to be covered in dusk and white smoke.

He thrown the Elf into his back and quickly rush outside the smoke, stomping a few wolves on his way.


The Silver Wolf King ordered the pack to chase the two running prey, it also chased the beast with its insane speed.

Vanessa hold tightly onto the Beast Back trying not to fall down.

Satou's speed was the same speed as the Silver Wolf King, so it might took a long time before the Wolf King can reached them.


Every time he runs, he left a path of dust behind making the wolves behind to get dust on their eyes and slowed down.

The Silver Wolf King was not affected and just gave chased, and finally using one of its abilities, which was Lightning Bolt, that was charged from its body and released towards its prey.

Satou felt something coming behind and jumped from the ground.


The Lightning bolt failed to hit its target and hit a tree instead, the tree soon collapse after getting hit.

Landing back to the ground, Satou increased his speed this time making the Silver Wolf King's expression to changed and used another skill, which was Accelerate, it increased the Silver Wolf King's Speed by three times. Which was an incredible boost on speed!

Four Minutes Later...

As the Silver Wolf King and its pack behind was still chasing their prey. But, Satou released [Fireball] every 25 seconds towards the Wolf King. Ofcourse, the Wolf King dodge those [Fireball] by going left and right.

Satou looked back behind him and saw the Silver Wolf King was getting closer and closer in every minute.

'I should intimidate it by giving a roar, it should work.'

He stop running and turned his body around, stomping one of his leg furiously onto the ground and released [Primal Roar].


The Wolf King immediately jumped backwards as it heard that thunder like roar, Satou stared at it for a few seconds, the Wolf King growls as he turned around and sprinted away.


The Wolf King howled once more before leaving the area and return with its wolf pack.


Satou slowly stopped running by seeing that the Wolf Pack had stopped chasing them, he layed on the ground and groans towards the elf that was on his back.

Vanessa slowly jumped down from his back and was feeling dizzy.

'I should be able to communicate with her by writing words on the ground.' As he moved his arm and using one of his claw to write words.

Vanessa sat on the ground beside him, while he continued to write before finally finishing it.

She heard him growls as she quickly stand up and saw a sentence on the ground that surprised her.

The sentence was— Go back to the Cave first, I'll return later.

"Are you going to hunt those wolves and that Silver Wolf King?" Vanessa asked.

Satou nodded his head and just layed on the ground to recover the energy he lost from running and using magic.

"What is the chances of you surviving?" She asked again with a worried voice.

Satou writes for a less than a minute, as the sentence were revealed — 90% or higher, since I'll be the only one going. Also, my name is Tanaka Satou, just call me Satou.

When Vanessa saw these, she was shocked on how high the chance of him surviving and she also got to know his name!

"I'm Vanessa!" She quickly told her name.

Satou writes once more — Nice to meet you, Vanessa, Elf Princess. Forgive me for my late introduction.

"It's fine! Since you have spared me and gave me delicious meals to feed me. I'll be sure to payback you later."

Satou and Vanessa talked for ten minutes as he felt his depleted energy had already received returned to its peak. He slowly stand up and used [Supreme Smell] to track down the wolf pack.

Vanessa also stood up and said, "Becareful!", before going back to the Cave.

Satou nodded and left as he tracked down the smell of the Silver Wolf King, and its pack.

'Let the hunt begin!'
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》