Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
17 Chapter 17
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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17 Chapter 17

'Let the hunt begin!

As Satou dashed towards the scent of the Silver Wolf King's pack that was 6000 meters or 6 Kilometers away from him as his abyss like eyes, shined.

Many Creatures were startled as they heard loud footstep were coming from the Grey Beast with insane speed as they quickly hide.

Even Bears and other strong creatures immediately returned to their own home just by seeing the Grey Beast.

Satou had already run atleast 1.5 Kilometers for less than a minute, he doesnt even feel tired at all, as if he was reborn to be the fastest!

When he saw a normal wild wolf ahead of him, he didn't stopped and swoop the wolf onto his mouth, getting its flesh pierced by those sharp teeths and he throws it away as he runs.

The Wolf didn't even know what happened and was too busy minding its business.

As Satou sprints, the ground shakes a little, even some rocks that he passed by can't stop to rumble.


5 Minutes Later...

Corpse of wolves were left behind with their body was ruined, blood were splattered around their bodies.

Satou was already on a killings spree with 99 of total of wolves with the wolves that he had killed before from the start.

He already had run a 4 Kilometers due to slaughtering the Wolves on his way, he was slowed down.

All of the wolves that he killed today was either died by getting chomped, stomped and slashed.

His Mouth, Foot and Claws were colored with Blood from the Wolves. If a person saw him, he would definitely call him a Blood Monster, instead of a Beast. Satou continued to sprint nonstop.

Meanwhile, a wild wolf that sitting beside a tree saw him as it quickly tackled its tail and started to run away, but Satou was already behind it and was about to stomped it.

Bam! Crack~

The bones of this Wolf were all clearly broken as blood slowly flowed out from the wolf's mouth.

After killing 100 Wolves of total, Satou heard a notification as he read it. Even though he killed a hundred wolves, they were still very low level and didn't gave him any levels.

[ You have gained a Title <<Wolf Slayer>> ]

[ <<Wolf Slayer>>, when you're fighting any kind of wolf, either it be a Superior Wolf. You will gained 5% Bonus Strength, 5% Bonus Defense, 10% Bonus Speed. It only works on any wolfs and non others. ]

Satou smiled evilly as he finished reading it, it was an awesome title!

'Now, I should ignore the wolf midgets and head for the Silver Wolf King.' Satou dashed towards the scent of the Silver Wolf King, where tons of wolves saw him and all of them howled.

The scent of the Silver Wolf King also started to move towards him, and two other scent of wolves was following behind the Wolf King.

The Grey Beast sprinted faster than ever!

In just a minute, Satou had already seen the Wolf King and the other two wolves from the distance as it saw him too. But, the two wolves behind the Silver Wolf King were two other Wolf Kings!

The Silver Wolf King was 3 and a half meter tall, the two other Wolf Kings were both 3 meters tall. The Silver Wolf King was also the strongest amongst the three wolf kings.

[ Moon Wolf King | Level 61 ]

[ Wind Wolf King | Level 63 ]

'It must haved asked for help after knowing that knowing that I am more powerful than itself. It must have already planned to attack me on the night. Good thing I already have saw these and my chance of survival is 60% with the Wolf Slayer!' Satou quickly thought of a plan.

'I got it!' He quickly runs towards to the Deeper Forest where only Big Trees and Tall Grasses, also bushes were there.


The Silver Wolf King and howled as it chases the Grey Beast with the other two kings, it has a lot of confidence right now, since it gathered two wolf kings to attack the Beast.

The Three Wolf Kings quickly casted a spell that will enhanced their speeds. Silver Wolf King used [Accelerate], Moon Wolf King used [Moon's Rush] and the Wind Wolf King used [Wind's Step].

The Fur on their body shined on their perspective skills as they chased the Grey Beast with crazy speed.

As they got farther and farther, the Light that came from the sun is getting blocked by the Tall trees around them, but they have great eyesight and smell. Since their is bloodstains on the beast.

Satou's claws shined as he activate [Enhanced Claws].

All of the sudden, the Tall Trees were falling as the Grey Beast passes by, making the Moon Wolf King to be hit by the Falling Trees.


The Moon Wolf King howled angrily, even though it got hit by the tree, it was heavy and sturdy, making the Moon Wolf King to feel pain. It slowly get rid of the tree and stood up, chasing the Beast madly.

The two other Wolf King didn't spare to look behind or help the other Wolf King, they kept chasing the Grey Beast as they evade the falling trees.

The Silver Wolf King and Wind Wolf King used their abilities to attack, it was useless, since their attacks was kept getting blocked by the trees to another, which were very annoying.


Meanwhile near the Cave

Vanessa heard a lot of loud howls from kilometers away, making her frowned and worried.

"I must have faith on him! I believe he could defeat the Silver Wolf King!" Vanessa said as she started to practice magic from different elements.

"I wonder if he can learn spells, he had an unbelievable talent when casting the most Basic Fire Magic into a new level!" She continued as she practiced magics.

She even compared her Fireball to his, but it was impossible to reach his Fireball's Firepower Level. But she didn't stop and continued with her eyes full of determination.


Back to the Chase

Satou continued to cut hundred of trees easily with his [Enhanced Claws]. Looking behind him, the Silver and Wind Wolf King were still behind him and evading the falling trees, and the Wind Wolf King was slowly getting closer behind the other two Wolf Kings.

Suddenly, a roared like menacing thunder was released from the Grey Beast. Making the Two Wolf Kings behind him to hit the brakes and got hit by the falling Trees.

As the Two Wolf King pushed the Fallen Tree and was about to stand up.

A round Fireball was already coming towards the Silver Wolf King. The Silved Wolf King intercept it with its Silver Lightning.


As the Fireball and the Silver Lightning collided, an explosion was made as black smokes covered the area.


The Grey Beast appeared on front of the Black Smoke and with its mouth opened, showing those bloody sharp teeths, as it target the Silver Wolf King.

The Silver Wolf King leaps backwards, but the mouth of the Beast were already closed to its front leg.


The Silver Wolf King howled in pain as it bites the head of the Beast as well.

Seeing its fellow Wolf King getting bite on its leg, the Wind Wolf King was about use another skill, a long tail was already close to its body, before it can react.


The Moon Wolf King was send flying and smashed a tall tree behind it.


A Wind Slash was heading towards the Grey Beast as it successfully hits the Beast, the spot where the Wind Slash hits, was now bleeding.

The Wind Wolf was already dashing towards the Beast with fury, the Moon Wolf King had already recovered as it charged towards as well. The Silver Wolf King was biting the head of the beast as it felt that its leg was about to broke.

'Earth's Armor! Now let's see who will die in a minute!'
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》