Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
18 Chapter 18
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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18 Chapter 18

'Earth's Armor! Now let's see who will die in a minute!'

After Satou casted [Earth's Armor], he felt like his body was transforming into steel itself. Feeling that the bones of the Silver Wolf King was creaking a lot, he kept biting on its leg.

The Wind and Moon Wolf King charge towards the Beast, both of them opened their jaws as it shows their fangs.

As they reached the Beast, they sunk their fangs onto the Beast's body.


From the moment they sunk their fangs, it felt like that they bitten on a body of steel instead a body of flesh. One of their fangs broke into half as they fell onto the ground with four limbs.

But, the The Moon and Wind Wolf King didn't expect that the Beast had already launched an attack after they just landed on the ground.



The Moon Wolf King on the Left Side had been kicked by the Beast and was send flying towards the Tall and Sturdy Trees. The Wind Wolf King was smacked away by the Beast's Body and hit the Trees as well. Both of them were send to different direction.

Satou spun his body around after he hits the the two other Wolf Kings, the Silver Wolf King still had its leg bitten as it got spinned around in mid-air.

The Silver Wolf King's bones were really extraordinary, it still lasted until this moment.


Satou released the Silver Wolf King's Leg onto the Tall Trees as well. But, he didn't spade any time and had already sprinted towards the Silver Wolf King and smashed his head onto its body.



The Silver Wolf King shriek in pain as it collided with many of sturdy trees behind it, since it got spinned around like a toy for 20 seconds or less, it still felt dizzy. The pain continued as the Beast continued to smashed its body towards the trees.


The two other Wolf Kings howled angrily as both of them accelerate towards the Beast.

'They are already behind me after receiving an attacked! These Wolf Kings are really formidable.' Satou was astonished for a second.

Tons of trees were already destroyed in one lane as more trees received the same fate as the other trees. The Silver Wolf King still had its vitality as it howled in pain.

The other Two Wolf Kings had already released their own Long-Range attacks, it only made the Beast bleed and some small wound.

Satou already confidence on winning, and pulled his head over and saw a Village on front of him. But, the Silver Wolf King was send flying towards one of the houses.


The Villagers around the Village were Humans, they were living peacefully and in harmony. They didn't expect that one day, that the Village will be attacked!

Seeing the Figure of the Wolf had crashed onto one of the houses, they gulped and quickly yelled to get their own weapons.

The Men picked up their sickles and other tools that can be used as a weapon.

"Protect the Women and Children at all costs! We'll need to quickly evacuate." A Middle Age Man said, he was the Village Chief. But, he was scared knowing that the Silver Wolf King was sended flying by another beast.

A Huge Grey Beast suddenly appeared and leaped towards the Silver Wolf King, who was slowly standing up and fell to the ground heavily as the foot the Beast was on its body.


Two Figures of Wolves jumped towards the Beast and uses their own skills. The Beast shot a Fireball towards their attacks.


The Clash among Three Wolf Kings and one Grey Beast had continued as the whole village were destroyed ruthlessly. Roars and Howls was heard from this Clash.


The Villagers were on the ground and was shaking nonstop as they watched the fight.

Just a Roar from the Grey Beast made them fell onto their knees, some of them peed themselves, they can't even believe what they were seeing.

The Three Wolf Kings that were said to be the second rulers of the forest of Tria.

And, in front of their eyes, The Wind Wolf, Moon Wolf and Silver Wolf Kings were battling one Beast, Three Wolf Kings were having a hard time to battle one beast.

Blood spill everywhere, when the Grey Beast had the opportunity to launch a fatal attack.

The Body of the Three Wolf Kings were already wounded, the Silver Wolf King who had the worst wound amongst the three, is struggling to stand up. The Ground that they were standing is already covered of their blood.

The Grey Beast had its body to be full of claw and bite marks from the Three Wolf Kings. Even its head is bleeding, it only received a couple of wounds and was still had had a couple of its energy left.

"That Beast will win this Battle, just what kind of place is this forest! Even unknown Beast appeared out of nowhere and faced the Three Wolf Kings." The Village Chief said as his body trembled.


The Grey Beast started walking towards the Three Wolf Kings and release a Fireball towards the Silver Wolf King. The Silver Wolf King who had been always target by the Beast is already out of energy, even standing up is a problem.

The two other Wolf King had already used all of their energy and can't even cast another spell to help Silver Wolf King.


The Silver Wolf King's Head was burned and fell to the Ground Lifelessly. As the Beast approached closer to the other Wolf King, it roared once more before dashing with its claws.


The two other Wolf King gave their last howl as they had no chance of dodging the incoming attack, they soon got pierced by the Beast's Claw and died on the spot.

The Beast just stand there on the spot for a whole minute, before, finally collapsing to the Ground and soon heard a notification.

[ The Required Level for 'Adult Indominus-Rex' had been reached, and now can be advance to this Stage. Once the Host goes to sleep, you will automatically advanced to the Next Stage. ]

'Haha...' Satou soon closed his eyes.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》