Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
19 Chapter 19
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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19 Chapter 19

The Villagers slowly stood up and a few of them are still shivering, they just seen a battle that they will never forget in their entire, they will probably even tell their future children on what they just watched.

Three Wolf Kings is already dead, but they don't know whether the Grey Beast is dead or alive.

The Village Chief said, "I'll take a closer look, just stay right there."

All of the Villagers didn't approve, one of them said, "We have been following you for the past years, without your orders, we would have died already."

Another one continued, "If you're going, then were going with you."

The Village Chief sighed and allowed them to check the Beast is dead or alive.

Slowly getting closer, some kids hugged their parents tighter, so the Parents carried their kids on their backs. A few of the Villagers gripped their farming tools.

Seeing the Three Wolf Kings dead, laying on the ground as their bodies was near to each other, the Beast was on the Middle between the Wind and Moon Wolf King's Dead Bodies.

The Wounds on the Three Wolf Kings were deep as hell, they knew that bodies of each Wolf King were hard as a metal. They now knew how powerful the Grey Beast.

The Village Chief check the Beast's Body as he step on the dead body of the Moon Wolf King, he soon goes back to the Villagers and said, "It's still alive, it must have exhaust all of its energy while fighting the Wolf Kings, and now its sleeping."

"Also, the Skin of the Beast is hard as a steel. So, don't think about killing it. Go pick up your stuffs that belongs to you. No Stealing!" The Village Chief continued.

The Villagers nodded as they quickly return to their own Destroyed Houses, they took everything that will be useful to them. Even kids helped their parents to pick their stuffs up. What a good kid.

A man who was having trouble pushing a rock, others quickly helped him with no hesitations. When a person in their Village had a problem, they will quickly rush onto that person and solve that problem.

It took one hour to fully packed their belongings.

The Village Chief only looked around for the past hour and found two broken fangs that belongs to one of the Wolf Kings. Normal Wolf Fangs can be used a weapon like dagger or refined onto a small sword. Since, this is the Fangs of a Wolf Kings, it was extraordinary.

"This is Good Stuff, this will make our hunting easier." The Village Chief said as he walks on front the Villagers.

"You guys ready to leave?" The Villagers immediately nodded as soon the Village Chief turned around and start walking towards the Deep Forest.

The whole people of the destroyed village soon disappear from the area and started searching for another safe place to live in.


While Satou was unconscious, alot of notifications such as :

[ <<Enhanced Claws>> had been upgraded onto <<Metalic Claws>>, Cooldown : 30 Minutes ]

[ <<Enhanced Eyesight>> had been turn onto a Passive! ]

[ <<Fireball>> had been upgraded onto <<Fire Wave>>, Cooldown : 20 Seconds ]

[ New* Primogenitor Dino's Core had been formed, Host can create 1 any Kind of Dinosaur, even Hybrid Dinosaur is no exceptions. Note : They will automatically born as a Baby! ]

[ After Advancing onto the Adult Stage, You will have an ability, <<Mind Telepathy>> and <<Ground Shock>> and had a big increase of elements resistance. ]


A Couple of hours later

On the Cave

Vanessa was leaning on a corner and was waiting for Satou to arrived, it has been couple of hours that he had left.

"He must having trouble carrying the Silver Wolf King's Corpse. He will return later." She said worriedly.

Vanessa walks towards the torn a flesh of the Flaming Tiger and start baking it. After eating, she soon climbed on top of the cave and said, "Come back safely..."

It was already noon and the Sun was close to setting down.


On the Destroyed Village

The Grey Beast's body that has a lot of claw and bite marks, and some small wounds had started to disappear and new flesh had soon replaced them.

After that, its Body was expanding, its claws and teeth were getting longer and sharper, the legs and arms were growing muscles, its tail is getting longer, spikes like horns grew on top of the Beast head and Mini Spikes grew on top of its neck.

Some part of its body was still soaked in blood that had came from the Wolf Kings.

And soon, the process was all over and just had to wait for the Beast to wake up...

Two Hours Later...

The Sun had already disappeared and Darkness had descended. Two Moon slowly showed up in the Sky.

Soon, the Grey Beast slowly opened its menacing red eyes.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》