Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
20 Chapter 20
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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20 Chapter 20

As Satou opened his eyes and saw the corpse of the Moon Wolf King, Wind Wolf King and Silver Moon Wolf King is now smaller as he saw them before. He felt liquid around his body and was the blood of the Wolf Kings

Looking at the Night Sky above, it was beautiful that anyone can imagine. But, from the Eyes of the Grey Beast it was still bright in his sight.


Slowly standing up on his Legs, he looked around and saw the a Villagers had nowhere to be seen. Only destroyed houses can be seen.

The Grey Beast that was only 4 Meters Tall and almost 10 Meters, have grown into Utmost 8 Meters Tall and 17 Meters Long, what a huge change!

'They must have left already.' Then, he sniffed the tracks of those Villagers and they had gone to Southeast, he was surprised that those Villagers didn't do anything stupid.

Checking his own body for a whole minute, he found that the scratches and other small wounds have already recovered.


Knowing that his stomach was growling he walks towards the Silver Wolf King's Body and started baking it with his own fire. His control on Fire Magic is becoming better and better.

It took ten minutes to cook the whole body of the Silver Wolf King, opening his mouth and ate a fat cooked meat from the Wolf's Leg.

Soon, the Silver Wolf King's body was only left with its bones and a Beast's Core.

[ Silver Wolf King's Beast Core | Devour the core to gain an increase of 180 Strenght. ]

Satou was a little bit disappointed that it was not a skill, but it was still a Strenght Increase. He soon swallowed the Beast Core.

[ Host has Gained 180 Strenght of increase. ]

Looking at the other corpse of the Wolf Kings, he was already full and wanna bring the, back into the cave.

'Let's see if these Wolf Kings had Beast Core as well.' Walking towards the two corpse he stabbed the body of both wolves and got two beast core, after he pulled his claw away from the wolf's body.

[ Moon Wolf King's Beast Core | Devour the core to gain a <<Moon's Step>>, it will increase the Host's Speed by thrice. Duration : 3 Minutes, Cooldown : 1 Day ]

[ Wind Wolf King's Beast Core | Devour the core to gain an increase of 140 Agility. ]

Seeing one of the beast's core have a skill, he was pleased as he quickly ate the two beast

[ <<Moon's Step>> had been acquired. ]

[ Host had gained 140 Agility Increase. ]

After gaining a skill and two status increase, Satou was feeling thirsty and looked around the village, of there is a well around the place.

If there is a Village, there is always a well on some part of the Village, or some clean River or Ponds. Searching for less than two minutes, There is indeed a small well on the Village, it was kinda too small for him to drink, so he dugged the whole well and drinked refreshing water.

After drinking, he looked back onto the night sky for a few minutes and looked at the screen in front of him.

'Let's see what have changes.' As he looked at his status.


[ Satou ]

Race: Hybrid Dinosaur

Type : Indominus-Rex

Title : Wolf Slayer

Level : 100

[ Primogenitor's Dino Core : 0/1 Dino Created ]

[ Current : Adult Indominus-Rex ]

[ Next : Fully-Grown Indominus Rex ( Level Required : 300 )


[ Status ]

STR : 1750 (+180)

DEF : 1700 (+12)

INT : 1720

AGI : 1800 (+140)

VIT : 4500

DEX : 4300


[ Divine Blessings : Goddess of Victory and Glory, Eina ]


[ Skills ]

Active : Appraisal | Upgraded : Metalic Claws | Glorious Domain ( Cooldown : 3 Days ) | Upgraded : Firewave | Earth's Armor | New : Ground Shock | New : Moon's Step |

Passive : Primal Roar | Supreme Smell | World's Language | Enhanced Eyesight | New : Mind Telepathy |


[ Elemental Resistance ]

Fire - 20% | Water - 10% | Earth - 13% | Air - 15% | Light - 10% | Darkness - 15% | Lightining - 12% |


'Looks like some of my skills have been upgraded and gain a few new skills...'

'Mind Telepathy? Does that mean I can talk to other beings or person in their minds!? That's very helpful!'

'I also gained a Primogenitor's Dino Core, and I can create any species of Dino? That's cool.'

'I'll mind these later. I need to go back.' Satou soon picked up the two corpses of wolf kings on his claws and headed towards where the Cave is.



Sounds of heavy footstep stomped on the ground, making the ground shake and wake the sleeping creatures from their sleeps, looking around the area, they found a huge grey beast carrying two corpses of wolf kings.

Wolves that belongs to the packs of the Wolf Kings had quickly dispersed after seeing the Grey Beast carrying their dead Kings.

All Wolves became too scared to howled, if they did, they will probably received the same fate as their Kings, or worst.

The other Beasts that was always hunting in the night had changed their mind after seeing the Grey Beast. It was too terrifying for today's night.

But, some dumb goblin packs with a few Hob Goblin, and a shaman decided to block the Beast's path and make it their mount. The Shaman raised its staff towards the Grey Beast, ordering the goblins and hob goblins to attack it.

Since the Grey Beast was carrying two wolf kings corpse on its claws, it raised its right leg and execute [Ground Shock].


The Ground Crack and Shock at the same time, all of the Goblin fell onto the Ground, even the Hob Goblin and Shaman had fallen as well. All of them shivered as they saw the gaze of the Grey Beast.

Soon, the area was filled with Goblin's Screaming nonstop until all of them was killed instantly by the Grey Beast.

All of the Goblins died a horrible death by their heads getting whipped and was send flying, some of their guts scattered around, their green blood soon covered the small area.

'Freaking Midgets.' Satou soon continued heading towards the cave and took a atleast a few hours to reached the cave's sight.



Inside the Cave

Vanessa who was sleeping at this moment was woken up due to heavy footstep that was approaching the Cave.

She slowly stand up and took a glance outside the Cave and saw a Figure of a Huge Beast coming towards her or the cave, those pair of red eyes was different from the Beast that she remembered, it was too menacing filled with killing intents.

The Huge Beast was carrying two corpses of giant wolves on both arms, in her view, the Huge Beast was here to send her into her death.

Feeling her body was trembling nonstop, her heartbeat was beating faster. She was scared as hell. She even peed herself, who would not peed oneself just by seeing the Terrifying Huge Beast Coming towards their way.

Soon a Voice sounded out to her mind.

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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》