Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
21 Chapter 21
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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21 Chapter 21

Later that night...

Vanessa who was scared to death had finally calm down and return to her normal happy self, she can't even believe that Satou grew too fast for the past few days. After wetting herself, she quickly changed clothes that she had on her storage ring.

Her heart skipped a beat after seeing the corpse of two Wolf Kings, the Silver Wolf King that she saw yesterday had already been eaten by Satou, since it was said by him, ofcourse she would believe it.

Both of them chatted for a whole hour, before Vanessa was feeling sleepy once again.

Satou can't even fit in the Cave anymore, so he had stay outside for tonight. And doesn't even feel tired, besides he had already sleep a couple hours ago at the Destroyed Village.

Remembering that the Vanessa just peed herself after seeing him, he can't help but laughed a little.

'Do I look scary?' Thinking on his Appearance as an Indominus Res. Yep, its scary as hell.

Laying on the ground, Satou returns to mind his own business.

'Primogenitor's Dino Core. Let me see...' Then, he reads the whole description and was surprised.

'So, I can create one any kind of Dino. It will also start as Baby Dino skipping the Egg Stage. I should just create... Mosasaur? Spino? Raptor?'

'Hmmmmm... I'll just go with the same Dino as me, Indominus Rex, it will be very helpful in the future.'

After he finished choosing a Dino to create, A Bright Light appeared on front of him and slowly descended on the Ground, soon the Bright Light vanished and a small figure of Indominus Rex.

'Is it a Male or Female? I don't even know how to tell a Dino's gender!' Satou scratch his head before checking the Little Fella.

[ Unnamed : Baby Indominus Rex | Level 1 ]

The Baby Indominus Rex opened its eyes and what greeted him was a Huge Beast, it started to make some Dino Baby sounds in a happy way. It suddenly looked around and saw a big corpse of meat(Wolf King's Corpse) as it walk towards the Meat.

Seeing the Little Fella slowly making its way towards the corpse, Satou remembered that the Skin of these Wolf Kings were hard as a metal.

He blocked the little fella and bit a small flesh of the Wolf King, before dropping it to the Little Fella.

( A/N : I'll call the Baby Indominus Rex as Little Fella, for now. I don't have any ideas to name it, so help me out! It's a Female Indo, ofcourse. )

The Little Fella's eyes shined and pounce onto the meat, then starts eating it.

'Am I a Dad, now?' After thinking about that, he laughed inside. Using <<Mind Telepathy>> onto the Little Fella and saying a few words, the Little Fella only replied with Baby Dino Sounds and undo his skill

'Ha....' Satou sighed and felt really a little bit bored.

He watched the Little Fella eating, after that, he swoop the Little Fella carefully onto his mouth and headed towards the Big Pond, where he and Vanessa had taken a bath.

When other Creatures saw him, they quickly run out of their wits. The Little Fella was even making soft roars. Reaching the Big Pond, he scanned the whole area for a couple of seconds and found no creature is nearby even in the water, he slowly put down the Little Fella onto the ground and soaked himself in the Big Pond to clean the Bloodstain on some part of his body that came from the Wolf Kings.

The Little Fella finished drinking, then it suddenly jumped towards the pond and swam happily around.

'This fella sure knows how to have fun.'

After taking a bath and getting rid of the bloodstains around him, Satou swooped the Little Fella carefully back onto his mouth, then heading back.

10 Minuters later...

Satou had already reached their destination, sitting beside a small tree and slowly putting the Little Fella to the Ground, it yawned and walks towards his chest, then sleeps.

He looked at the Night Sky for a some time, and before forcing himself to sleep.


The Darkness have dispersed and The Sun slowly makes its appearance.


Satou soon woke up and saw the Little Fella was still sleeping beside his chest. Slowly standing up to not wake it up.

He started to stretched his body and saw Vanessa had woken up, is slowly walking towards his way.

"Good Morning, Satou." Vanessa said as she still feel sleepy, as she continued, "What are you doing?"

'You to, Just stretching my body around.' Satou replied as he used <<Mind Telepathy>>.

"Can I join?" Vanessa asked.

'Sure.' Satou quickly replied.

Soon a Beast and an Elf was stretching their body around and made some snapping sounds that came from their body.


Soon, the Little Fella had woken up and yawned. Seeing a Small White Figure that looks like a smaller version of Satou himself, Vanessa quickly asked him.

'Its the same as me, just call him Little Fella.' Satou replied.

The Little Fella started walking towards their way, it was kinda adorable for Vanessa, soon it will be a killing machine, just like other Meat Eating Dino.

"Can I carry it?" Vanessa asked in a soft voice, she seems to have a another personality that tell hers to hug it.

Satou nodded. Vanessa crouched and carried the little fella onto her arms, the Little Fella seems to be enjoying and didn't show any aggressive expressions.

While carrying the Little Fella on one of her arms, she asked Satou if he can learn magic.

'Probably, are you gonna teach me some other magic?' Satou said.

"If you have enough mana, and have good comprehension skills. That will suffice." Vanessa answered. And showed her own understanding on Magic, soon the winds started to gather onto her palm and made an a ball of whirlwind.


She released the Ball of Whirlwind towards the Tree and left a deep mark on it.

Satou shut his eyes and was in deep focus, he started to imagine the same ball of whirlwind that Vanessa cast, after opening his eyes.


A Big Ball of Whirlwind was on front of him and was floating in Mid Air, Vanessa had a stupefied expression after seeing Satou executed a big ball of whirlwind she was shocked.

Satou controlled the Big Ball of Whirlwind and made it fly towards the sky and exploded, releasing a huge blast of wind, causing some trees on the area to be pressured by the Strong Wind.

Soon he heard a notification and smiled.

[ <<Whirlwind>> had been acquired ]

Thus, Vanessa continued to teach Satou some magic that she knew. Everytime she casted a spell, He would cast it much better making her shocked once again.


On the City of Leon

The Guild Master, Mark, of the Adventurer's Guild on the City had already prepared a Cage that will fit for the Beast. It was made of some fine iron and was build and forge by the Blacksmith and some other builders.

Tomorrow was the day that the Expedition towards the Deep Forest of Tria will soon to start, the Adventurers that had joined can't help to be excited since the rewards is 2 Gold Coins, it was enough for a family to live for a whole year.

The Adventurers had already prepared themselves for the past few days and now they're waiting for tomorrow's expedition!

Mark told the Headquarters of the Guild that he will be in the expedition as well, so the Vice Guild Master will be handling from now on until he comes back.

'P"I can't wait to capture the Beast and present it to the Empire! My life will soon change and will become a Noble!" Mark muttered as he had devilish smile on his face.


On the Deep Forest of Tria

A few hours have past, Satou had already learned 3 New Skills from Vanessa, which two of them were Air Magic and one Earth Magic. The two Air Magic were, <<Wind Blade>> and <<Air Pull>>, the Earth Magic is <<Earth Crush>> After that they took a break as Vanessa ate meat and fruits before going somewhere else with Satou.

A whole hour have past, Right now, they are already near the Big Lake, where the Water Serpent is staying at.

Vanessa was carrying the sleep Little Fella on her arms. Satou quickly told her that he will be back for a minute. But before she can said a word.



Satou already run towards the lake and dive into the depts of the lake making a big splash on the Lake, and waves had been formed.

'Water Serpent, I'm gonna make you my practice target!'
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》