Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
22 Chapter 22
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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22 Chapter 22

Under the Big Lake

Satou's vision on the water were clear as the as the Blue Sky, the Lake's Depth is pretty deep, there are Sea Plants on each corner of the Lake, there's even tons of fish swimming around.

But after they saw Huge Beast, they quickly swam away as far as they could, trying not to be eaten by the Beast.

Satou didn't mind the creatures on the lakes and just kept diving deeper.

50 Meters...

100 Meters...

150 Meters...

200 Meters...

His speed the on water is pretty decent, since he was only swimming normally without boosting or increasing force on his body and limbs.

300 Meters...

350 Meters...

400 Meters...

Satou was quite surprised knowing that, he hadn't reached the bottom of the lake and haven't seen the Water Serpent.

'Is that guy, sleeping or not? Let's just see how deep this Lake is.' Satou muttered as he continued to swim deeper.

500 Meters...

600 Meters...

700 Meters...

800 Meters...

After reaching 800 Meters, he saw a Big Hole on a corner, where he sense the same scent as the Water Serpent, soon he entered it and felt some movement rushing towards him.


The Figure of the Water Serpent soon came out of its hole and madly dash towards the Beast outside.


Satou dodged and kicked the body of the Water Serpent, smashing the corner and making some rocks to fall on some sides onto the Deeper Parts of the Lakes.


The Serpent quickly recovered and charged towards the Beast, twice faster than before!

'A short-tempered Snake, aren't you?' Satou laughed before twisting his body around the water and prepared his tail to whip the incoming Serpent.


The Serpent who was furious and opened its mouth, showing its big fang to prepared a bite on the Beast. But, before it could reach the Beast, it was already whipped on its side head, making a loud shriek underwater.

The Serpent glared at the Beast, who was just looking at it and not even moving, as if, the Beast was treating him as a toy!

Soon, the Serpent roared and made a Big Whirlpool on front of it and made it move towards the Beast.

Satou lazily casted <<Whirldwind>> and released it towards the incoming attack.


The Whirlpool and the Whirldwind collided to each other, making a lot of bubbles and strong pressure under the Lake.

The Whirlpool soon dispersed and the Whirlwind continued to dash towards the Water Serpent.


The Serpent quickly react and dodge the attack, before casting a lot of Water Blades a rounds its body and ordered it to attack the Beast.

Satou executed <<Metalic Claws>> and slashed all the charging Water Blades on its way.

'Is that all you got?' He activated <<Mind Telepathy>> onto the Water Serpent, and got an angry replied.

'Your just a Big Lizard! I'll make you regret for entering my Territory!' The Serpent groaned.

'Then, come and attack me, you overgrown snake!' Satou said as he just stand there and float on the water.

'I'll eat you alive!' The Serpent charged once again, circling its body too gain more speed and executed another skill.

A Battle of an Indominus Rex and a Water Serpent continued to battle each other to death.


On the Surface of the Lake

Vanessa and the Little Fella was sitting on the ground near the Lake, loud sounds under the Lake can be heard on the very Surface.

Even the Surface of the Lake was forming violent waves, even the Ground was shaking everytime there was a loud boom under the Lake.

"Is he gonna make the Water Serpent end up like the Wind and Moon Wold Kings?" Vanessa asked herself as she caressed the Little Fella.

All of a Sudden, a giant splash on the Surface of the Lake appeared, and the huge body of the Water Serpent soon came up to the very Surface.

The Body of the Serpent was in a mess, and ruined as well. Some part of the Serpent was Flattened and Twisted. It was brutally killed just like that.


A Huge Beat landed majestically onto the ground with its two strong legs, and soon shaked its whole body to get rid the sea plants on its body.

Vaness carried the Little Fella back onto her arms and run towards the Huge Beast.

"Satou, did you get any wounds or injuries?" Vanessa worriedly said.

'Nope, just a small scratch and will soon healed up in a few hours.' Satou replied.

"Oh yeah, did you see any mystic plant on the nest of the Water Serpent?' Vanessa asked.

'I didn't check the nest of the Serpent, is the Mystic Plant you said is, precious?' Satou said.

"Yeah, the Mystic Plant can be considered precious plant or a treasure, if any beast or any person ate it, it will give a great strength whoever ate it!" Vanessa quickly answered.

'I see, can Shiro eat it as well?' Satou asked.

"Who's Shiro? Oh, you mean this cute Little Fella?" Vanessa said with gentle voice, "Yes, Shiro can eat it." She replied once more.

'Yeah, I just got a good name for the Little Fella while playing with the Serpent.' Satou said and continued, 'I'll go see if the Mystic Plant you mentioned is at the Nest.' Before diving once again onto the Lake.

"Little Fella, you finally had a name, Shiro!" Vanessa rubbed the belly of Shiro, Shiro enjoyed beeing rubbed by this Elf.

Under the Lake, this time, Satou swims onto the depths of the Lake and finally reached the Nest of the Serpent, he entered the hole and searched for the Mystic Plant that Vanessa had told him.

He soon found the Mystic Plant on the very nest of the Serpent, the Mystic Plant was shining greatly and was beautiful as well. He decided to used appraisal to the Plant on front of him.

[ Mystic Plant: A Plant that only grows on one big area, it can only grow three leafs. It can give Great Strength on any being whoever ate it. Once any beings or person ate two leaf, their strength can no longer increase. ]

'So, two for Shiro and one for Vanessa. I wonder if there is any Mystic Plant on the deeper parts of the Lake.' Soon, He carefully pluck the Mystic Plant on its root and swam back onto the Surface.

"There is indeed a Mystic Plant on the Big Lake!" Vanessa said in excited tone, seeing the shining and beautiful plant, and has only three leafs, on Satou's claws.

'Here, feed it to Shiro.' Satou gently said as he handed it to Vanessa's Palm.

Vanessa nodded as she plucked one leaf of the Mystic Plant and slowly moved it towards Shiro's mouth.

But Shiro kept moving her head away, meaning she doesn't want to eat plants like a herbivore, she only desire meat!

Vanessa looked at Satou before returning to Shiro.

Using <<Mind Telepathy>> on Shiro, Satou said, "Shiro, eat the leaf, you'll grow stronger!"

Shiro slowly opened her mouth and ate the Leaf, before sticking out her tounge. Satou check Shiro's level, to wonder if it increase.

[ Shiro : Indominus Rex | Level 11 ]

'The Mystic Plant is a precious treasure indeed, too bad it has only three leaves. If Shiro reached Level 20, and sleeps. Does that mean Shiro will advance to Juvenile Stage?' Satou muttered. He was really curious that if, Shiro had reached Level 20, will she also advanced to the next stage, like he did?

'Vanessa feed Shiro another leaf, take one as well.' Satou said normally.

Soon, Shiro had already ate two leaves and Vaness ate one. Shiro's level is now at 21 and Vanessa is at 28!
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》