Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
24 Chapter 23
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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24 Chapter 23

Soon, Satou slowly dragged the big body of the water serpent from the Lake onto the Land.

Vanessa can't help to admired Satou, his Strenght literally surpass a Class 10 Beast, even though he had Huge Body, he had amazing flexibility and perfect control over his body.

"Satou, since your literally too huge for the Cave to enter, are you gonna search for another shelter?" Vanessa asked softly.

Hearing what Vanessa said, Satou made some thinking sounds, before saying, "I'm not gonna search, I'll just build a shelter right here!" As he pointed on the ground below him.

"Oh, okay. Since the Water Serpent no longer rules the Lake here, it'll be a lot better to stay here!" Vanessa said she caressed the head of the sleeping Shiro.

Satou started search for a good area to dig in, and to build his own shelter. Searching for ten minutes before finally finding a good area that was a hundred meters away from the Big Lake.


Sound of grounds being dugged was made, Satou used his claws to digged onto the soil, it was easy as pie! Later, a huge hole on the ground have appeared and inside the Hole was a big empty area.

After finishing the first step, Satou came out from the hole and start to sweep the trees around the Huge Hole and gathered them onto one spot.

Vanessa, who was baby sitting the Sleeping Shiro can't help to be amaze on how great Satou's energy.

"He really has it all, extremely talented at magic, great Strenght and huge amount of energy. I wonder if Shiro will be strong as Satou in the future, I also Hope Shiro won't eat me if she grows up." Thinking About Shiro's future, she can't help but shiver.

5 Hours Later...

It was already noon, and the very first build shelter by Satou was finally finished, the area inside the Hole was enormous, there was huge corner for Satou to sleep in, and two other big corners, for Vanessa and Shiro. There was also an extra huge corner inside to place the corpses of the Serpent and as well as the two Wolf Kings.

Satou was on his corner asked Vanessa, "Do you know any Ice Magic?"

"Yeah, only one Ice spell, its really hard for people to learn Ice Magic. And I only got lucky to read one page of a book." Vanessa said embarrassingly.

"Teach me that Ice Magic. I wanna preserve the corpses on that corner." Satou said as he pointed at the Corner of Corpses.

"Oh, sure. The only Ice Spell I know is, Ice Breath." Vanessa said as she breath ice from her mouth.

A few minutes have passed, Satou release an Ice Breath as well and thanking Vanessa. Walking towards the corner of the corpses, he freezes every side of the corner even the body of the Serpent and Wolf Kings.

Cold started to spread inside the huge hole, but it doesn't effect Satou, Vanessa and Shiro.

Passing by Shiro's corner, he saw Shiro's body was now bigger, meaning that she had become an Juvenile Indominus Rex, as he did! It also made him pleased that if he had another chance to create another Dino and raised it to a certain level, it will also advance onto the next stage easily!

'I wonder if I have advance to the next stage, will I have also more chances to create other Dinos? Well, I will just have to find out in the future. Reaching Level 300 is hard, since there might be no Class 10 Beast in the whole forest.' Thinking about that, Satou was lost in thoughts on how to find other Great Beast.

While he was lost in thoughts, he heard a yawn from Shiro and walk towards his way, after reaching him, Shiro made some happy groans.

Vanessa was shocked on how Shiro grown so fast in just one day, this is basically impossible to believe! But now she had seen a few times, she had to believe it this time.

Slowly standing up, she walks towards the two. Seeing the familiar person walking a towards them, Shiro glance at Vanessa for a moment before turning back to Satou.

Vanessa spread her arms and hugged Shiro tightly, Shiro try to resist, but it was no use.

"You guys really grew faster as few days past!" Vanessa said as she snuggle her head on Shiro.

Satou chuckled and said, 'I'll go back to the Lake and see the very bottom.' As he walks toward the exit and his shadow soon vanished.

Now, there is Vanessa and Shiro left on the Shelter, Vanessa starts to giggle before saying, "Shiro~, there's only two of us here, how about we play together~"

Shiro struggled and finally getting out from Vanessa's hug and started to run inside the Shelter.


It was already noon, the Sun was about to go out and the Night will soon descend.

Satou was now swimming on the depth of the Lake.

100 Meters...

300 Meters...

500 Meters...

700 Meters...

After he reached 800 Meters, he once again saw the nest of the Water Serpent.

900 Meters...

At 1000 Meters, there are some Tortoise living there peacefully, but after they saw him, they quickly hide onto their shells and didn't even take a peek outside their shell.

1100 Meters...

There was even holes on some part of the corner, but all of the holes are empty and had no creature living inside it.

1300 Meters...

Soon, he finally see the very bottom of the Lake, the Lake was 1500 Meters Deep. And on that Very Bottom, there was a big statue of a man holding a halberd on his hands, it was kinda old, some part of the statue was already ruined.

There was also some pile of bones that belongs to the creatures that live under the lake.

There's also a Mystic Plant and a tree that has a strange fruit that resembles a dragon head, that made him curious on what it is, he checked the fruit by his [Appraisal].

[ Berserker Dragon's Fruit: A Unique type of fruit that grants any Dragon to become more powerful than it is, but if the being who ate this fruit can only gain a skill called <<Berserk>>, that will double all of its power for a whole hour. Effects to Host : None ]

'This is really worth it! There's even a Mystic Plant here! Good thing that the Water Serpent didn't ate it.' Satou slowly plucked the Berserker Dragon's Fruit from the tree and ate it.

'Its bitter...' He complained after tasting it, soon he heard a notification.

[ <<Berserk>> had been acquired! ]

After eating the Berserker Dragon's Fruit, he also the two leafs of the Mystic Plant and only gained 6 levels of total. When he killed the Water Serpent, he gained 7 Levels. Right now, he is Level 113.

The last leaf of the Mystic Plant was for Vanessa, slowly swimming back onto the surface of the Lake, he checked his status.


[ Satou ]

Race: Hybrid Dinosaur

Type : Indominus-Rex

Title : Wolf Slayer

Level : 113

[ Primogenitor's Dino Core : 1/1 Dino Created ]

[ Current : Adult Indominus-Rex ]

[ Next : Fully-Grown Indominus Rex ( Level Required : 300 )


[ Status ]

STR : 2150(+180)

DEF : 2000 (+12)

INT : 1980

AGI : 2200 (+140)

VIT : 6000

DEX : 5800


[ Divine Blessings : Goddess of Victory and Glory, Eina ]


[ Skills ]

Active: Appraisal | Metalic Claws | Glorious Domain ( Cooldown : 2 Days ) | Firewave | Earth's Armor | Ground Shock | Whirlwind | Wind Blade | Air Pull | Earth Crush | Ice Breath | New! Berserk |

Passive : Primal Roar | Supreme Smell | World's Language | Enhanced Eyesight | Mind Telepathy |


[ Elemental Resistance ]

Fire - 20% | Water - 10% | Earth - 13% | Air - 15% | Light - 10% | Darkness - 15% | Lightining - 12% |


'Good!' Satou muttered as finished looking at his Status.


After reaching the Surface of the Lake, a big splash was made as soon as he came out from the Lake, there was some creatures drinking on some sides, but after they saw a big splash, they quickly run away from the Lake.

The sun was about to disappear in a few or more minutes before the Darkness will show up sooner.

Reaching the Shelter, he saw Shiro was being chased by Vanessa, Shiro quickly run towards Satou and hide behind his Legs.

'Here's another leaf.' Satou handed the leaf of the Mystic Plant to Vanessa.

"Thanks!" Vanessa cheerfully said as before eating the leaf, her level increased by 5 and was now level 33!

Satou goes back to his own corner watching the two running around nonstop and was full of energy, a few hours later, Vanessa and Shiro had finally stopped playing and was now eating a meat from the Water Serpent with Satou.

After eating, Satou and the other two goes to the Waterfall, were there is fresh and cleaned water. After that, they soon returned to the new shelter and sleep on their perspective corner.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》