Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
25 Chapter 24
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Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
Author :RikuSaito
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25 Chapter 24

As the three sleeps comfortably on their new shelter, even though the cold is emanating inside, it doesn't bother them, even the outside is being slightly affected by the cold from the Frozen Corpse Corner inside the Shelter.


Several hours had past

Early in the Morning

Outside the Gate of Leon City

Hundred people were gathering outside the City, and many more are arriving, they are wearing different a set of leather armor, and some is wearing a set of chain mail. Each one of them have their own weapons like Daggers, Spears, Axe, Mace, Bow, Rapier, Halberd, Spike, Swords, Hammer and other type of weapons.

They were talking and discussing about today's expedition, and also the reward after the expeditions.

"I wonder what the Guild Master want us to explore the Deep Forest of Tria?" said a 40 Year Old Man, he had a hammer as a weapon.

"Yeah, I'm curious as well." said a bearded man wearing a special leather armor, and a blade as a weapon.

"Did you know that the Guild Master himself, is going to as well." said a man that had a band on his head, and a long sword as weapon.

"Woah! Are you serious that Guild Master will be here as well?!" said a young man with a loud voice and surprised expression, he had a bow as a weapon and many arrows on his back.

As these adventurers chat happily together and get to know each other, some were flirting with each other with the beautiful ladies that is a adventurer as well.

Soon the other adventurers have arrived, making all the participants that joined that expedition are already here. And Carriages arrived and a cage have arrived in a couple of minutes.

Then, a man wearing a set of light armor and a dual sword as a weapon have arrived, when the other adventurers saw this man they cheered.

"Oh look, its the Guild Master, Mark!" said a man wearing robes, he seems to be a Mage.

"And wearing his own armor and dual sword, too!" said a woman with a rapier on her waist.

"I wonder if I can see and learn his sword technique, that'd be great!" said a young man that has a dual sword on his back.


The Guild Master, Mark, is standing beside a carriage where some of the strongest adventurers will get on. He stand

"Fellow adventurers! This expedition will soon begin! You also know the Deep Forest of Tria for its dangerous creatures lurking inside, but most of the strong adventurers have also joined in."

"And if you killed a normal beast in the forest, you can also bring them back to exchange for goods or money, if you killed a beast with a beast core, you can come and look for me, I'll buy them with a good price!"

"That's all! Now, go in your perspective carriage and let's go!" Mark yelled as he goes inside his own carriage where familiar and strong adventurers can ride with him.

All of the adventurers soon entered their carriages and the carriages soon move towards the direction of the Deep Forest of Tria.

While on their carriages, they talk to each other, and some of them polish their own weapon.

As they go forward, the Sight of Leon City is becoming more far away. The journey towards the Forest of Tria is only two hours if they're on horse or a carriage, if a person is going to the forest on his feet, it would take a few hours longer.


On the Deep Forest

On the Big Lake

Satou, Vanessa and Shiro have already woken up and is swimming on the Lake, the water on the lake is a bit cold, but it was still good to take a morning bath.


Vanessa is clearly naked on the moment as she swims towards Shiro. She left her clothes on the big tree near the Lake.

While, Satou was making big waves on the Lake, by swinging his tail or moving his body, making Vanessa yelped as the waves hits her.

After taking a bath, three of them went to walk around the forest for a few hours to kill time. Ofcourse, before they went to take a walk, they wait for Vanessa to finished dressing herself.

'Hmm... Vanessa, since your a princess, aren't you supposed to return on your Kingdom?' Satou asked as he was ahead of Shiro and Vanessa.

"The Elf's Kingdom is a three thousand miles away from here, there are a lot of dangers ahead, there are some people lurking in the shadows and some people wanna capture me." Vanessa's expression changed as she spoke.

'Oh, why aren't the elves in your Kindgom aren't searching for you?' Satou questioned.

"They are already search for me, but the only thing is, that they don't know where current location and they might be having trouble with the humans ahead of them." Vanessa answered.

'You mean Elves and Humans aren't at good terms?' Satou curiously asked.

"Yeah, We Elves aren't at good term with the humans, even there is a rumor that a War will soon start in 8 Years that will effect all races at this war." Vanessa explained.

After that, Satou no longer asked any question and just walk around the forest


Two hours have past, since the Adventurers have left Leon City.

They are now on front of the Deep Forest of Tria, some of them jumped out from their carriages and looked around the area.

The Guild Master, Mark had also got off from his carriage and entered the forest while saying, "The reason why I made this expedition, is to capture a Small Strange Beast that two adventurers had encountered on the past few days. And also to let you guys experience on how dangerous the forest of Tria is! But since most of the strongest adventurers had joined, you guys still need to be careful, there are many hiding and cunning beast."

"We'll also take a camp later on, that's all!"

The Adventurers also followed him and entered as they looked at their surroundings, they even saw a few wolves on a few area, the Carriages will be protected by some adventurers since their Food and Water supply is inside, they must prevent the carriage being attacked.

Groups was soon created by various adventurers to patrol on areas and also to let other people known what they have discovered.

Even adventurers that live to hunt Beast also gathered to hunt strong bears, giant snakes, and other different beast.

While, Mark was is looking at some area and foot a strange footstep on the ground that leads to somewhere else.

"Is this the Beast's tracks?" Mark said, he told the Adventurers to follow the tracks, and if they encountered any strong beast, they should run back in the group.

There is a lot of tracks around here, making Mark to be curious on what the Beast was doing, soon they found a big pond that had also tracks on the edge of the pond that leads to a Cave.

"Hmmmm? This is?" Mark frowned as he saw the small tracks suddenly became a lot bigger.

The adventurers slowly entered the cave and was shocked.

"Guild Master! You must see this!" A Man yelled.

"Coming." Guild Master, Mark replied as he runs towards the cave and entered it.

The smell inside the cave was pretty smells like fresh corpses that had been killed recently. After Mark entered it, he saw a pile of bones of a Wyvern, Bears, Wolves and a Half Body of Flaming Tiger inside.

"What the hell, is this done by that Beast? No, impossible, there must be a bigger one, or that bigger one must be its Parent, the Beast that was drawn on the paper must be a couple of months old!"

"As long as that Big One is not at the High Class 11 Beast, I will be able to kill it! And I'll be able to bring two in one! My life is gonna change!" Mark said to himself.

The adventurers looked around the cave and found a big flat rock on a corner, they decided to pushed it away and found a hole that leads to somewhere else.
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    《Reborn as a Indominus-Rex》