Roland's Past Life
1 Journal Entry #1
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Roland's Past Life
Author :Byrce
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1 Journal Entry #1

First a little bit about me. I'm Cheng Yan right now I'm starting middle school which is starting in one day, and my mother told me that I should reflect on myself a little bit. Right now I'm part of the local soccer team. I think that we are a pretty good team. I play goalie, and my best friend plays defender. When we are playing games sometimes we talk to each other even though we are not supposed to. I think that I ok because we don't get to see the ball much because it is always in the other half of the field because we are very good. When the ball does get on our half of the field my best friend and I are ready even if we are talking we also pay attention to the game. When he gets the ball he runs up the left side of the field and passes it to one of the strikers on our team. If I get the ball then I pick it up if it comes to me and I try to punt it to the strikers on my team, but if the other team kicks it out on my side of the field then I pick it up and put it on on the edges of the goalie's area and kick it to one of the defenders. One time I passed it to my best friend and he was running with the ball and when he got to the half line of the field he didn't pass the ball he kept going. He even broke one of the other team's ankles which he then proceeded to take the ball up to goal, and he kicked a knuckleball that when in the top left corner of the goal. I thought that I was so cool so I ran over to him and gave him a big high five. We both had big smiles on our faces when he got that goal. One time one of the strikers had hurt his ankle, but we didn't have any extra players so he became the goalie, and I became the striker. So at the middle of the game, he had the ball and he punted it all the way up to me when he kicked it with his bad foot. The ball got up to me and it was bouncing very high so I wanted to try and get a bicycle kick on the ball into the goal. I ran up to the ball and got prepared to go for the jump. I didn't practice it many times only five or six times before this moment which I then ran up to the ball and made a leap of faith going backward with my food going straight for the ball when I felt my foot make contact with the soccer ball I knew that my chances were high. I might just pull this off I thought to myself. Then it happened the ball when right into the goal it was EPIC.


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