Sandshard Online
1 Chapter 1: A Black Halo descends
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Sandshard Online
Author :Leafen
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1 Chapter 1: A Black Halo descends

"Finally! It's here!" A young man says, opening the door for the delivery men to bring in a machine as big as a single person bed. This man is named Dave. He is 21 years old this year, has a part time job at a book store, and is a frequent user of the popular messaging app, Descorn. He is roughly 5'10", has dark blonde hair, almost brown, has light skin, and is pretty fit looking, but thanks to his body structure, he somehow weighs 240 lbs while looking skinny, for the most part.

He is excited today because he has finally received his Full Dive Pod, nicknamed by the masses as "Sand" or "Sand Pod" due to how soft the materials on the inside are, and the fact that you sink down into it. With this, many people are able to play games using vr even in their sleep. For most games, there is an accelerated in game time of roughly three days in game to 8 hours outside. With such an option, people can play the game, while also sleeping and recovering their physical energy and mental energy they overused in the day.

Along with this, was that recently a new FDVR game called Sandshard Online has been coming around, created by an unknown entity known simply as Re:Deux. It boasts almost realistic graphics, many classes, some still undiscovered, a large, open world, with a built in language translator that effectively conveys what a person is saying in a different language. It also has a neat selection of Races to choose your starting character from. Players are allowed only 2 characters in game, however, they must be the opposite sex of each other, and must have the same naming scheme, such as Holy Sun and Deadly Moon, or they can opt to just simply keep at least four letters of their main accounts name, such as Swifthead and Swiftanya.

Finally, the preparations Dave set have been complete, his landline and cellphone connected wirelessly, allowing to have notifications if anyone called. the time was 9 am, and Dave just finished his meal. He had the rest of the day to play this game, as his book store is currently closed due to the cold last night and today, and should be open in a day or two. Using this time, Dave would set off on his journey in the land of Sandshard.

Dave finally laid down in the Sand Pod, sinking down in, relaxing his body, as two pads attach themselves to his temples, as his vision goes black. When he wakes up, he is a vague mound of white motes of light, with a discernible mouth and no eyes,in a pure white room, with a lady at a desk, smiling as she waved him over. This girl was blonde, and definitely had the airs of being a Secretary type. She kept her smile up, her voice sweet as her ice blue eyes stared at Dave.

"Hello there! You must be new to this. My name is Anetta, and i will be acting as the proxy game maiden."

"A... Game Maiden?... Whats that?" Dave responded curiously.

"A Game Maiden is usually one of the sisters who have the ability to bring people into the world of Sandshard. However, the Game Maiden on duty today has ran off to play, as usual, and I am usually her replacement, so I'm called a Proxy Game Maiden." Anetta said.

"Ah. I see." Dave said, nodding.

"Anywho, lets get you registered. What would you like your First accounts race be?" She said, as a selection screen appeared in front of her.

[Choose one of these races. Depending on which you choose determines where you start.

Elven Race

Dwarf Race

Gnome Race

Monster Humans (Demihuman) Race

Human Race

Devil Race

Seraphim Race

Undead Race

More races can be unlocked and used with your second account, as long as your main account completes whatever to meet the condition to unlock that race.]

Dave read through this heavily, reading through the various Races and sub races of the list, before a light covered the whiteness in read, as the selection flickered randomly, landing on a subrace of the Devil Race, and locking that down as Daves' first accounts race. It was the subrace simply titled 'Fallen' it was a choice that wasn't there before.

Anettas face paled as she saw what happened, the world turning to white again. "Dear user I am so sorry for this. It seems like an external force did something to slightly dislodge the Gamecart right as it was about to integrate with the FDVR system, causing a malfunction. The only way this would be possible is if some outside force affected it. Please use your FDVR system Outside capsule camera to see what happened.

Dave nodded, saying a command, as a screen appeared in front of his face, showing the outside view. and in that view, the culprit was... Daves' Ragdoll cat named Muffin, attempting to find a place to sleep on the side of the Sand Pod, and having chose to lay down on where the game cart is inserted, purring away as she settled down to sleep.

Dave sighed, smiling. "Its fine, i guess. obviously if it was because Muffin did it, it must be a good thing."

Anetta sighed in relief. "Alright then. please choose what you want your grown body structure to be, and what you want your account name to be."

After some minor scaling to alter his appearance to become like his real world body, with a slightly more handsome face, and a lighter and slightly skinnier build. He then chose to have Black hair with two blonde golden streaks about a few inches long, coming from the middle of his hair. After looking in the mirror that Anetta provided as soon as she realized she forgot to bring it out, Dave nodded, and went on to write down his name.

"Remember" Anetta stated, "Indigenous races and players will be calling you by this name or a variation of it."

Dave nodded, before deciding to use the name he used in regular PC mmorpgs, Black Halo. As he completed it, Anetta smiled and asked. "Would you like to start the tutorial? It will take place roughly around the time your character is 2 years old."

Dave was startled at the fact that he would be 2, before nodding, accepting the tutorial. He stood still as a white light flashed, taking a picture of Black Halos' face. Before teleporting him away, Anetta had looked down during the flash, and sucked in a cold breath. In the split second instance, on the ground Three things appeared as shadows. A set of wings, and a halo appeared, while giving off an aura that was not at all angel like.

Anetta thought to herself before she mumbled "...Wait, aren't all the Fallen dead...?" She looked towards the direction the teleportation light went towards, sighing. "Mr Black Halo, I wish you luck..."


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