Sandshard Online
3 Chapter 3: Thank You for Your Patronage
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Sandshard Online
Author :Leafen
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3 Chapter 3: Thank You for Your Patronage

Days went by, as the Slavery party headed to their home base, a town called Huyodin. Blake was unable to keep his mind on anything due to the mind numbing drug, but every now and then he could make out a few peoples names.

From what he heard while under the effects, the four people who held him down were Kuyo, Tuyo, Muyo, and Puyo, a team of brothers. The man with the halberd was the leader of the Slave group was called Mont Taimen. Finally, the last thing he was able to make out before they arrived in Huyodin, was that the Slave groups name was simply Saludin.

As the group came into the town, many people gathered around, and looked at a cage on a trailer, along with a few batches of loot obtained. They saw a young man, approximately 17 years of age. he looked strong and lithe. His arms were muscled, his legs lean but strong looking, and to top it off, he also had a handsome face.

After seeing this boys face, they realized that he could be a strong manservant for ladies, as well as something good to look at. Some of the strong women in the town started asking for prices, and even some men came over, asking about prices. Most of these men were married. However, Mont turned them all down for now stating "The sale of this rare young man will be set two days from now. We have already agreed with others on this. So please wait until then, and come to the Saludin Post to get in the auction."

Everyone sighed at this, knowing there was no way he would let one of them take it early, and risk offending prestigious guests. For now, they all went their separate ways,anxiously waiting for the day to come, because almost all the slaves Saludin brought were High Quality beings.

The Saludin Caravan moved into their Post, dumping off Blake's cage at the corner where they kept their slaves, telling him that he will receive two meals a day, and that there will be two hours of heavily supervised body training.

Following this new set schedule, two days passed quickly, a slightly weary Blake wiping sweat off his head, as he was brought to a special Hall within Huyodin, called the Trading Hall. Today, all matters were moved to the side in preparation for this auction. Many high class entities were gathered here in anticipation for this event. The Saludin Auctioneer was Matthias, a well known auctioneer usually used for the rare slaves. He had everyone gather together and sit down in the provided seats, as it was time to start the auction.

Matthias nodded, as a low ranking grunt came out, carrying a chain that led to a chained and handcuffed young man. There was some sweat on his head, and he had black hair that oddly had two small streaks of blonde in it. He was also somehow even more handsome than when he was brought to the post through town. you could see his muscular arms and legs, as well as the start to what could be considered abs, as the shirt he was wearing was sleeveless, and had his stomach area showing, as the design of the shirt seemed like it was meant for a much smaller man. It and his pants that were incredibly short were made of burlap-like materials that somehow didn't take away from the charm of the man, but amazingly also added to it.

Matthias cleared his throat, before proceeding. "This young man was found in the demon region, being protected by a Mid level Devil. We don't know why this is, however, from reports, the young man was extremely agile, and strong, as well as extremely proficient in the sword, spear, bow, and dagger, as well as showing aptitude for most weapons given to him, according to our sources. He is also pretty handsome for someone belonging to the Devil race that isn't an Incubus. Thus, the master of this Post, Senior Taimen has set the starting bid to 10,000 Silver coins.

At this price, most people were stunned at how pricey he was. Then they remembered what Matthias said about showing aptitude in almost all weapons given to him, they figured this was a fair price, as well as also getting a handsome face like that. Like that, the bidding started feverishly, many bidding, while some dropped out with looks of defeat on their face, as they no longer had the money to bid with them. eventually, the price was at 90,000 Silver coins, nearing a single gold coin, and only three bidders remained.

One was a man who exuded the aura of being a highbrowed gentleman, the other was a mysterious figure wearing a mask that covered everything except their elvish ears that poked out from holes on the hood on their head. Even their voice was an obviously manipulated sound. The last was an older woman, nearing somewhere between 50 to 70 years old, wearing a light plum colored Victorian dress.

The price had now reached 95,000, and the mysterious elf back downed from the auction, turning to leave, as the man and woman were slowly bidding before the woman bid 1 gold coin. the old gentleman sighed, looking to the woman. "This is my loss, Cyndi. I relent." The woman, Cyndi looked smugly at him, before nodding. "It was a good try, Williart. but you should know i get what i want."

Everyone left the auction hall, as Cyndi handed a gold coin to Matthias, smiling. as a big man from Cyndi's bodyguard team came over and took the chain for Blake from the grunts hands, before wrapping Blake up securely with it, and tossing Blake onto his own back, as he followed his lady, exiting the hall, and heading with his fellow bodyguards and his lady to her estate.

A few hours passed, and they reached a large estate, just a few hours out of the town on foot. The gate guard respectfully smiled at his lady, before opening the gate, allowing them access inside. From there, Cyndi had sent the big man to take Blake to the Servants quarters and give him a room there. She then also told him to get the antidote for Mind numbing pills, as well as a battle ax and a slave contract, stating that he would follow his ladies orders, and would not sellout information to others who wished to seek harm to Lady Cyndi.

Accepting his ladies command, he did just as she ordered, having Blake sign the contract before giving the antidote to him, before putting down a large battle ax that required being held by two hands, telling Blake that he must learn how to use the Battle Ax as Lady Cyndi wold eventually want to see how he had progressed, and she could not be disappointed. Blake nodded, now working for his lady, Lady Cyndi.


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