Shadow Princess
44 Breathless
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Shadow Princess
Author :BawMeaw
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44 Breathless

All thanks to the magnificent spring's breeze that, slowly the entire forest started to engulf by the power of 'LOVE'.

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Because of the advanced safeguard, Nuwa didn't become a victim of the otherworldly smell attack along with the small entourage of bandits. Otherwise, she would know what torments those pitiful three were going through right now...

The trio's face was changing from green to purple. They stopped breathing momentarily as they covered their whole face especially their noses. Still, they were lost to the breathtaking odor. After all, how could they win against something that created by King Jingze! Moreover, the ex victim was present in front of them...

The trio could never believe such a ridiculous thing could happen if they weren't experiencing themselves today. If it was in another time someone divulges these, the bandits would laugh their ass off. However, not now!

The smell was like a toxic which was getting stronger with the passage of time. Their lungs were devouring by the odor as if a demon was slowly engulfing their intestines instead of souls. They felt uneasiness in the stomach. Their stomach was rumbling rapidly like machine guns. There was also a tinge of nausea.

It was an indescribable, 'once in a lifetime' experience for them.

"This is ridiculous! Seriously, how can his sh*t smell like this!" Asked the scary face with furrowing brows.

"I know right! That prick Chen Mian's brain is all about food. Dunno what the hell did he gobbled up today. Argh--- this is so gross! I feel so disgusting!"

"Chen Mian you mother f**ker let your sh*t outta here or I'm gonna beat the crap out of you!" Shouted the one who was badmouthing about Nuwa and the pitiful Chen Mian a while ago.

A pitiful silhouette of a paralyzed bulky man's body cried inwardly on his teammate's threats. He shuddered in the chilly atmosphere.

'Wuwuwu... Everyone is misunderstanding me!'

The whole time, Chen Mian was listening to all conversations of his companions when lying helplessly on the ground. His teammates were cussing him and treating him like a traitor, he felt his heart froze on their distrust on him. Indeed he had always been a glutton, but that doesn't mean he could do something so disgusting!

His input was greater than his output after all...!

Suddenly he thought about the time when Nuwa threw something from a pouch and how she bandaged his face like a mommy. He didn't give any importance any of her actions because he thought Nuwa was a perverted creep. However, based on his teammates' current rouge behaviors and Nuwa's mysterious pouch, he started to connect all the dots. Instantly, an ominous feeling grew in his heart. He came to realize that it was impossible for everything was a coincidence.

'Yes, that must be right. It must be that demoness's doing!'

Chen Mian wanted to shout and warn his friends to be aware of Nuwa. She was a sly woman.

'No-no-no! She must be a demoness.'

To simply put, his teammates were gullible chicken compared to Nuwa's dirty tricks. He discerned that she was no good news.

'Who knows what dirty tricks she'd play with them!'

'Wuwuwu... I shouldn't have let my guard down in front of her. Wuwuwu... Brothers were right about women folks. Men should never trust women.'

'Wuwuwu... I'll never believe them again... '

[Note: Unedited chapter.]


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