So why me
66 She“s not discreet.
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So why me
Author :ouroboros7
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66 She“s not discreet.

Monday 08 December


When they were given permission to take their lunch break, Adam is not in shape. Isolated in his corner, fleeing from everyone, alone at the back of the class, the teacher's voice only reaching him by fragment, he regrets this sad morning. Delay, stomach pain, he would never have imagined that his first day, that as a dynamic new student entering his new class would have been like this. Picking up his agenda (Girl's project), now well in his body, Adam nevertheless waits until everyone has left to do the same.

Less confident than usual, after slowly crossing the hall, a sublime sun blinds him when he walks through the doors that lead him outside. Its building being located near parking lots 10 and 11, he doesn't waste any time and goes straight ahead. [My time of glory has come.]

In the parking, Adam is very aware that many people are watching his beautiful $1 million American car, yet he doesn't let anything appear. Negligently, he puts on his Ray Ban, his depressed gait becomes that of a winner and it is with a big smile on his face, his right chest, that he moves towards his car without paying attention to his surroundings.

Adam sees his plan fail, when his senses capture a mixture of extremely violent sounds. The mouths of those who previously envied him are opening wide. A powerful engine resonates that everyone listens. Hearing this mix of squealing tires that skid on the asphalt accompanied by the Aoki version of Projet-X Pursuit of Happiness, which gets closer to them very quickly everyone's face is tightened. Suddenly, arriving from behind the tennis courts, a rocket in the form of a pink fuchsia Lamborghini Aventador, which avoids narrowly the students having the misfortune to cross its path, appears. Accompanied by screams and swearing, while frightened by the sound of the angry monster in front of which everyone is trying to escape, without even slowing down, the crazy driver is now heading towards a tetanized Adam. It's pink and fast. It's noisy and much too fast and when in less than 1/4 of a second, Adam sees the hood of the chewing gum on wheels less than 8ft from him, his heart also passes the fourth. However, after a long squeal of tires, the pink rocket, which has slightly deviated from its trajectory, makes 3 laps on itself, then it is accompanied by the sighs of more than four hundred curious, that it finally stops.
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"I haven't trained that kitten well yet."

From the door that opens quickly, 2 long thin legs appear. As the males' lowest instincts awaken at their appearance, a pair of thighs succeed them, inspiring the amateur poets who are on the spot submerging the perverse thoughts of these young men without knowledge of the arts. Faced with the arrival of the woman whose dangerous driving has already been forgiven by all these men, the young women are clenching their teeth. Standing in front of the pink car, which almost killed many people, a young girl with very long blond hair who adjusts the skirt of her Chanel light blue suit, raises her chin and watches condescendingly behind her Vesace sunglasses, the assembly of idiots that obstructs her field of vision.

For Jessica who escaped from her work in order to arrive before the green-eyed bitch, all those proletarians who have their eyes fixed on her sublime body, is not in itself not if so embarrassing, however, today, she lacks time. She likes to be admired by the masses of the people. It is normal for the rat to dream of becoming a noble lion and hide to study it in secret, but a rat will never be more than a rat, according to Jessica who presses her klaxon to keep away this group of rats that if they stay too close will pollute her oxygen.

"I understand your admiration for the goddess I am. However, today I have little time to grant you and even less time to do an impromptu autograph session. Adam, are you there, my Adam?"

Could she be even a little less discreet, Adam thinks, hiding behind his car in front of the hateful looks of the young men who look at each other.

Suddenly Jessica, blinded by the huge group of people obstruct her line of sight, felt a deep unease. Indeed, she feels her presence. Yes, no doubt, she's already here. Jessica is certain of this because she has recently acquired a new and very practical ability and right now, her anti-bitch radar with its green eyes has alerted her to the arrival of this pest.

Adam, reluctant to join Jessica and then be lynched, turns white when a hand covers his mouth. Thinking he was the victim of one of those students jealous of his extraordinary charm, when he's about to cry and receive a new beating, a sensual voice that warmed his heart made him understand that he was in error.

"It's me, forget about that little viper and get in the car. We'll sneak out while she's doing her show."

Without getting up, on all fours, Adam drives around his car. Very slowly he opens the door of the Hennessey, whose presence everyone has forgotten, and then invites Scarlet in. After placing his index finger on his mouth, both doors are gently closed at the same time. The operation to infiltrate his own car now over, it is a smiling Adam who puts the contact. (Boom) Surprised by the sound of the overpowering engine, Adam, who had forgotten this detail, presses the accelerator to escape from the scene occupied by her little star.

When Jessica sees the man she loves, who runs away from her, she was stunned and when from the passenger window of the Hennessey Venom GT, a small hand showing her her middle finger is tense in her direction, she began to scream. "Green-eyed bitch, if I don't kill you today, I'm not Jessica Benson."

On her 3.2-inch high heels, Jessica struggles to run to her car. A door slams, a noisy engine is heard again and it is on a remix of Alan Walker that she commits herself to the pursuit of her boyfriend captured by the one who is now the woman to be shot, whom today, that under the cries of the students, towards whom she is heading, that Jessica increases the volume of her mp3 car radio.


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