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Solo Leveling System com Upgrade
Author :Shadowd4
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6 Chapter 5

After talking a little about the lesson with the Professor and being reprimanded for some of his actions Sora left.

He was going to the Hokage Tower, but he saw something that irritated him. Some kids were together knocking on Kushina. He runs and behind them and then asks.

(Sora) "What are you doing?"

Sora shows a smile on his face, but anyone who sees this situation would be frightened.

(Brat) "Do not mess up, this is between us and her"

(Sora) "Arrogant you"

Sora punches the brat and then the others run up to him. In less than 10 seconds the other three were lying on the floor in pain, Sora did not hold back when he hit them.

(Sora) "Are you okay? Your name is Kushina, is not it? "

(Kushina) "I'm fine, I did not need your help"

Sora looks at Kushina's swollen face and then smiles.

(Sora) "If you want to pretend to be strong at least do not get your face bloated, come with me"

Kushina looks at Sora and then follows him.

Sora headed toward Tsunade's house, on the way he asked Kushina why she did not retaliate. The answer was something that made him laugh, they were stronger.

(Sora) "HAHAhaha ... Well sorry"

(Kushina) "It's easy for you to laugh"

(Sora) "So let me train you as an apology"

(Kushina) "And what will you train me?"

(Sora) "Un ... I have a workout in mind, but Tsunade will have to be together, otherwise it could be dangerous"

(Sora) 'System, open the boxes'


[There are nine random boxes. Do you want to open all?]

(Sora) 'Yes'

[Opening boxes]

[Congratulations Player for winning 1 Hokage Tower Dungeon Key (E class)]

[Congratulations Player for winning 1 Death Forest Dungeon key (A class)]


In the end Sora won 4 Dungeons and 5 Hp (Normal Restoration Potion) keys.

(Sora) 'System, can I create a group?'

[Yes, but the experience is divided, there is no maximum number of people, but it is recommended that there be fewer, the more people the more difficult the Boss will be]

(Sora) 'What must be done for the group to be formed?'

[Speak "Form group" out loud and then invite others to say "Invite {Person}]"

(Sora) 'That's it?'


When they arrive at Tsunade's house, Sora knocks on the door and one person answers, was the maid of the house.

(Employee) "Sora-sama welcome, what brings you here?"

(Sora) "Hi, well I came by Tsunade, I want to ask a favor"

(Maid) "Please follow me"

The walk was quick and Sora soon sees Tsunade, she was lying on a couch with a few empty bottles on the side. Tsunade was asleep.

(Sora) "Really? in the middle of the day "

(Maid and Kushina) "..."

Sora goes to the side of Tsunade and speaks.

(Sora) "Tsunade, chord"

Without any response Sora continues to do the same until he loses his temper and then pulls Tsunade's face as if it were a plush doll.

The pain of the pull wakes her up and as soon as she sees Sora so close she starts to blush.

(Sora) "There, wake up"

(Tsunade) "..."

(Sora) "You should stop drinking by day you knew"

(Tsunade) "... You're not my boyfriend to send this"

(Sora) "Maybe, but would you accept me as a boyfriend?"

Sora said this jokingly, but then realize that Tsunade is blushing more than before.

Tsunade mumbles low, "Y-yes ..." but Sora can not hear. As Tsunade was quiet after that Sora did not notice anything strange.

(Sora) "Tsunade, I came to ask a favor"

(Tsunade) "What do you want?"

(Sora) "I want your help to train her"

Sora looks at Kushina and then looks at Tsunade.

(Tsunade) "What are you doing here Kushina?"

Sora already knew they knew each other but had to pretend otherwise.

(Sora) "Do you know each other?"

(Tsunade) "Yes, she will be my grandmother's successor as Jinchuuriki"

(Sora) "Hey hey, it's okay to tell me this?"

(Tsunade) "Are you going to use this against the village?"

(Sora) "I have no reason to do this"

(Tsunade) "Then it's okay to tell you this"

(Sora) "..."

(Tsunade) "So how do you want my help?"

(Sora) "I want to take you to a place to train, but it's a ... let's say dangerous"

(Tsunade) "Where is it?"

(Sora) "I can not say if you do not agree"

(Tsunade) "Is it out of the village?"

(Sora) "Yes and no"

(Tsunade) "Alright, I will. Tumi-san please leave us alone "

(Employee) "Yes Tsunade-hime"

(Tsunade) "Speak"

(Sora) "Forming Group, Invite Tsunade Senju, Invite Kushina Uzumaki"

As soon as Sora speaks these words 2 screens appear, one in front of Tsunade and another in front of Kushina, this scares to the two. Tsunade is the first to return to calm.

(Tsunade) "What is this?"

(Sora) "Part of my power I would say"

(Tsunade) "Explain everything"

Sora begins to talk about the system, but makes it look like it's part of his bloodline. He specifies that it was a gift from God. After hearing all the explanation of him and seeing that he still seemed to hide something she decided to provoke it.

(Tsunade) "You were hiding this from me by now"

(Sora) "S-Sorry"

(Tsunade) "As a compensation I want a dinner"

(Sora) "Right"

(Tsunade) "So what do we do?"

(Sora) "For now accept the invitation"

Tsunade and Kushina press the Yes key on the screen that appeared and this made them disappear.

(Sora) "Now think or speak Status"

(Tsunade) 'Status'

(Kushina) "Status"

A screen appears in front of Tsunade and only she can see, along with this appears a screen in front of Kushina and everyone can see.

Name: Tsunade Senju


Lineage: Senju

Work: Ninja

Title: Princess of the Leaf, Princess of the Senju Clan

Level: 34

Fatigue: 0

HP: 2100

MP: 2600

Strength: 56 (Physical Strength)

Vitality: 42 (Hp)

Agility: 46 (Overall Speed)

Intelligence: 52 (MP)

Senses: 56 (Perception)

Remaining points: 0

Name: Kushina Uzumaki

Age: 8

Lineage: Uzumaki

Incomming: moderate

Title: Princess of the Uzumaki Clan

Level: 1

Fatigue: 0

HP: 1000

MP: 350

Strength: 6 (Physical Strength)

Vitality: 20 (Hp)

Agility: 4 (General Speed)

Intelligence: 7 (MP)

Senses: 5 (Perception)

Remaining points: 0

(Tsunade) "Explain Sora"

(Sora) "It's very simple, it can show your level of power, I do not know how to classify it in your standards and I do not have a ready pattern"

(Tsunade) "I would like to show this to Sensei"

(Sora) "Preferably I wanted it not, I do not trust that he'll be able to keep it secret"

(Tsunade) "I can not say anything about it ..."

(Kushina) "Compared to you how am I?"

(Sora) "Let's see"

(Sora) 'Status'

Name: Sora Kori

Age: 18 (IMUTABLE)

Lineage: Ice Emperor

Work: None

Title: Heir of the Ice Emperor

Level: 1

Fatigue: 0

HP: 1000

MP: 1000

Strength: 20 (Physical Strength)

Vitality: 20 (Hp)

Agility: 32 (Speed ​​Overall)

Intelligence: 20 (MP)

Senses: 35 (Perception)

Remaining points: 0

(Sora) "I have 20 strength, 20 vitality, 32 agility, 20 intelligence and 35 senses"

(Kushina) "I'm way behind"

(Sora) "You're still a student"

(Tsunade) "Sora, explain to me about this level"

(Sora) "As you kill something it strengthens you and gives you a level"

(Tsunade) "Is it just killing?"

(Sora) "I think so"

(Tsunade) "What's your level?"

(Sora) "What do you think?"

(Tsunade) "If I were to kick, a ... 1?"

(Sora) "Where's your bad luck?"

(Tsunade) "Am I right? As? Do not wait, how can you be level 1? "

(Sora) "I never killed anyone"

(Tsunade) "..."

Kushina not noticing the strange weather that was end up asking a question to Sora.

(Kushina) "You said you were going to train me, where are you going to do this?"

(Tsunade) "That's a good question"

(Sora) "Let it show you"

Sora removes a strange key from the stock, but for both he made his hand disappear and then reappeared with the key.

(Sora) "I'll wear this"

The key had a peculiar appearance, was green with red edges, had a strange symbol on the surface and a line that cut the key in two.

(Tsunade) "What is this?"

(Sora) "A key to a dungeon"

(Tsunade) "Dungeon?"

(Sora) "It's a different place than you think, Dungeon is the term used to define extra-dimensional fields, in it you can find monsters and kill them from experience"

(Tsunade) "I understand"

=========================== Author's Note ==================== =======

Well ... I did not post anything for a few days, sorry!

I was feeling lazy kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I'll try to post once every 2/3 days, maybe I'll get something better than that, it will depend on my willingness to write.

Now in relation to Kushina, she is not yet a Jinchuuriki, she only receives at age 10, but I know I quoted kurama in an earlier chapter, well it's only part of the Kurama Chakra, Myth Uzumaki is still the jinchuuriki.

The next chapter will have the Dungeon, E-class.

A yes ... Merry Christmas and maybe new year, I do not know when this will be posted.

====================== End of Note ===================== ======
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