Starlight Moon Crystal
1 How it all Happened
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Starlight Moon Crystal
Author :GalaxyRose
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1 How it all Happened

It was a time when I just became a four years old girl. I was a princess of the moon and stars. My kingdom people and Queen Serenity my mother and king Jen my father used to be very happy. Until one day some people from the midnight people came and attack my kingdom. Lots of people died. The King and Queen fought hard as they can to protect the kingdom, people, and me. The time was passing by and more bad things were happening. At last the king and Queen had no choice but to use our kingdom treasure-starlight moon crystal. That crystal have the power to rule the universe. Mom and dad hold the crystal together and raise it up high. The crystal light was so bright the midnight people had to leave.

After they left there was nothing but blood everywhere. No one was left everyone was disappearing.I looked around and I saw my mom and dad lying near the lake. I went running to them. When I went there I saw my mom and dad in a very bad condition.

"Princess, we are so glad that you are okay" mom and dad said.

When I heard their voices, I cried a lot.

"Don't cry, listen to us,we have something important to tell you" mom said.

"Yes, take this our kingdom treasure, starlight moon crystal. You are the only one that can keep it safe and protect it" dad said.
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"Our time is running out, before we disappear we just want you to know that we love you" mom and dad said and disappeared.

That was the last time I heard my parents voice. After I took the crystal in my hand, I cried because I couldn't do anything but watch my kingdom suffer like this. I cried and one of my tears fell into the starlight moon crystal and shone so brightly in my hand. It was like a dream my whole body felt light and strong. It was like I have became a new person. I saw my right hand glowing and making a beautiful mark in my wrist. I thought it was a dream for real. But when I touched my hand, it wasn't a dream. I saw the crystal it was still glowing. But then it divided into two. One crystal on the right turned into a beautiful pixie fairy.
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    《Starlight Moon Crystal》