Starlight Moon Crystal
2 Pixie Fairy
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Starlight Moon Crystal
Author :GalaxyRose
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2 Pixie Fairy

She was about 10 inch taller. She has long black hair, she had a pink bracelet in her hand and foot. She wore a pink dress. She came to me and looked at me

"Who…..are you?" I asked.

"My name is I am part of the starlight moon crystal or I am also known as the pixie fairy that guard the starlight moon crystal. Uh…. why are you crying?" Yui asked.

I was crying and sobbing.

"My name is Asuna Yuuki. I am the princess of the stars and moon. Even though I am a princess I couldn't save my kingdom, mom and dad. They fought very hard to protect this kingdom until the very end. And the only thing I did was watch them suffer like this." I said

I cried harder than before.

"Uh! Stop crying" yui said "you are a princess right? Then stop crying. Just because your kingdom is like this that doesn't mean all you can do is cry. Do you know how I feel? I was also part of the fight but not in this form. I was a crystal in this fight." I was surprised by what she said " I feel the same way as you. If you want to take revenge then take my hand" said Yui.

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I knew that she was right. That's why I took her hand.

"Alright its look like we are partners from now on, princess Asuna." Said Yui.

"No you can just call me Asuna" I said.

Then soon the kingdom started glowing in reddish color. And suddenly we teleported somewhere.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"We are in planet earth. Here there are different kinds of atmosphere and gravity. And from now on we are gonna live here and train here. Asuna look behind you" yum said.

When I looked behind me I saw a cute little house. There was a lake behind the house there were so many trees around us. Lots of birds are flying.

"It so nice and peaceful around here" I said.

"Yes you are right. But sorry about the little house" yup said.

"No it's alright, I actually like it" i said

"So, do you want to go and take a look inside?" Yui said.

"Sure" I said.
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    《Starlight Moon Crystal》