Starlight Moon Crystal
3 The new home
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Starlight Moon Crystal
Author :GalaxyRose
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3 The new home

When we went inside there were 3 rooms 2 bathrooms and 1 kitchens and in the living room was big. There was a tv in the corner table in the middle. Book self. Pictures hanging on the wall, sofa around the room 5-Light Chandelier in the room. Then we seats in the coach.

"It's cozy" I said

After that we went out side. It was a beautiful dawn in the sky.

" Do you want to practice training " Yui said.

"I want to practice because I want to get my kingdom back to how it was and take our revenge to midnight people, if I want to get stronger I have to train" I said.

"Now you are talking, then let's start training , Asuna" Yui said.

"Oh but how are you gonna a train me, you are tiny, Yui" I said

"Just because I am tiny that doesn't mean I can't train you. I may look tiny but I am way stronger. Because of my power I can also transform into human. First I can transfer into the same age as you are. Second I can transfer into a 19 years old girl in that form I am called Yuuki . If I turned into Yuuki then I can train you" Yui said.

"Okay but I have one more question," I said.

"What is it?" Yui asked.

"I don't know why but there is moon and star mark in my wrist, My body is feeling kind of light and strong." I said

"Oh! I can tell you about that so listen" Yui said "Remember, when your tears fell in the crystal than the crystal light shone so brightly in your hand, that was because the crystal felt your emotion of sadness in your hand. And because of that crystal gave you power of all the people from your kingdom. In another word you were gathering the magic power of the people around you. And the power of the crystal light. That's why your body felt light and strong. And also that mark on your wrist moon and star represents that you are the princess of the moon and star and the holder of the starlight moon crystal, got that Asuna"

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" I get it….. but I don't have a crystal" I said.

Suddenly one small light started glowing and the crystal appeared and turned into a beautiful pendant.

"Here take the pendant from now on you will be the holder of this crystal, Princess Asuna" Yui said.

"Thank you, Yui. I will protect this starlight moon crystal no matter what it takes. With this crystal I am going to take my and Yui revenge from the midnight people and bring back my kingdom to how it was before, I am saying this as a princess of the moon and star I swore that I'll do what I said even if it will take away my life" I said that in front of the dawn while the sunrise.

After that we took a one day off. Yui changed my clothes into a purple shirt and white skirt. Soon I started to feel good and we took a day off.
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    《Starlight Moon Crystal》