Starlight Moon Crystal
4 Magic games
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Starlight Moon Crystal
Author :GalaxyRose
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4 Magic games

Day after day many years, season passed away my was getting stronger and I was able to handle it. We trained harder and harder no matter how bad the weather was. When we were training the midnight people started attacking other people so that they can take people's life energy. They showed up so many times, and we stopped them.

One day they attack the championship of magic battle. We didn't know what to do. But we have no choice but to step in the battlefield because everyone in the battlefield might have magic but they can't defeat the midnight people. Everyone was taking this as part of the championship of battle. Well, that was good. We defeat the midnight people. We heard everyone cheering for us. We don't know what happened but we were the champion of the magic battle.

Here I am right now outside my house training in the woods on summer. Right now I just don't want to train because it has been 15 years my kingdom have to suffer and I am 19 years old. And also it's been awhile since midnight people haven't attack.

"Hey Asuna, what are you thinking? It's look like you don't want to train" Yui said.
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"No, I am fine i was just thinking about the midnight people because it's been awhile since they attack, I wonder what're they thinking right now, and what do they want from the people energy," I said.

"Who knows what they are doing or thinking, all I know right now is that they are planning something bad, so can't let our guard down" Yui said.

After that I got alert message on my magic watch. This magic watch tells me something If midnight people are doing anything to harm anyone.

"Yui, Midnight people are attacking the nearest city we have to go" I said

" let's go" Yui said.

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    《Starlight Moon Crystal》