Starlight Moon Crystal
5 The sword that’s meant to protec
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Starlight Moon Crystal
Author :GalaxyRose
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5 The sword that’s meant to protec

When we went there we saw a giant Robot. It was destroying the whole city we tried to stop him with our magic, it left lots of scratches but it still didn't stop.

"What are we going to do, Yui. I hit him with my magic, but it's still not stopping" I said

" I don't know how, but we have to defeat it" Yui said in her Yuuki form.

We hit him with our magic again and again, but it didn't do anything. It was about to hit us. Suddenly my pendant started starlight moon crystal glowed and time stop. The place around us changed. Then I heard the voice that said "Asuna" that sound was familiar. I turned around I saw a hologram of Queen Serenity my mother and king Jen my father. I was surprise.

"Princess Asuna, we don't have much time, so we have something to give you" said Queen Serenity .

A big star came in front of me and it shine brightly the sword came.

"Wait isn't that the sword of...….."I said.

"Yes that sword is the sword that is meant to protect other. This sword was made of three different dragons blood. They were Sun dragon, Moon dragon and, Star dragon. This sword holds the power of those three dragon" King Jen said.

"We are giving this sword to you as princess of the moon and stars, so that you can use its power for good porpoises" Queen Serenity said.

Sword came floating to me, when I touched it Queen Serenity my mother and king Jen my father disappear. My whole body was glowing, my hair turned into pink color, my clothes turned red and white knight dress.

My pendant stop glowing. The place around me changed back to how it was.

"Asuna" said Yui.

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"Oh Yui, why is time around us still stop?" I asked Yui.

"Well, If I am not wrong you went inside the crystal because someone wanted to talk to you right?" Yui said.

"Yes, it was my mom and dad they wanted to give me this sword" I said.

"That sword is that a twilight sword. If you take out that sword then the time will run again" Yui said.

I take out that sword it shine and time started running again. The Robert was about to hit us. But my body move on it's own according to the sword. In just one hit the Robert got destroyed. The sword has so much power. But in the end all people were safe.

When we went home we started training we made our power much stronger than before. Yui taught me all different kinds of fighting skills. She also taught me how to use a sword. During that time many different kinds of roberts came to get people's life energy.
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    《Starlight Moon Crystal》