Starlight Moon Crystal
7 The real princess
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Starlight Moon Crystal
Author :GalaxyRose
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7 The real princess

"I am gathering people life energy so that I can get stronger and rule the whole world" darkness Queen said.

"Absolutely not, after all you have done, I am never going to forgive you after what you did " I said.

"What are you going to do? Are you going to stop me?"darkness Queen said.

We started fighting. She was way too much powerful we fight her hard as we could, but it looks like her power was restoring back again. Then we saw the dark crystal glowing, Yui discrete the darkness Queen, while I break the crystal without her noticing it. She fell down into the ground cried in pain. I thought it was a good opportunity to kill her.

Why I went there she stands up and transformed to another girl. Her power was overwhelming then before I fight as hard as I could. I wanted to take my revenge so I fight and fight. And then I became weak. I fell into my ground. But Yui was still fighting.

"Asuna, you can't give up. You are the only one who can defeat her. Everyone believes in you" Yui said.

"I can't give up right now, I swore that I am going to bring my kingdom to how it was before and I'll take my revenge from what she has done. So I can't give up. STARLIGHT MOON CRYSTAL please grant me your power" I said.

Then the crystal Shine brightly that I turned into a princess of the moon and stars. My real crimson red long hair, my pink beautiful gown, beautiful crown in my head and a magic rod in my hand.

"As a princess of the moon and stars, I am going to destroy the evil darkness" I said

After that I grab my rod and raise it up high. The bright light shine as it destroy queen of darkness, she died and disappear. The midnight castle vanish and we were on the space.
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"Asuna, we did it, finally we took our revenge from the midnight people" Yui said.
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    《Starlight Moon Crystal》