Starlight Moon Crystal
8 The happy ending
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Starlight Moon Crystal
Author :GalaxyRose
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8 The happy ending

"Yes, we did it" I said

When we turned around we saw the moon shining brightly. When we went closer to the moon. We teleport inside the moon. Everyone greeted her as she came back to her kingdom. Everyone was okay and have a smile on there faces.

I went inside the castle in my mom and dad room. When Yui and I step inside there I saw a hologram of my mother and father.

"Princess Asuna, you did it, we are proud of you" mom said

"Listen from now on you are going to rule this kingdom because we are not going to be here anymore" dad said

"But you are not going to rule this kingdom as a princess but the queen from now on" mom said.

"We are making you a Queen out of nowhere,but this kingdom needs you more than anything. You are taking care of that starlight moon crystal and you can control it power" dad said

"So will you do this, for our kingdom shakes" mom said.

"I will be the Queen than mother and father" I said.

"Yui, can you stay by Asuna side from now on and put her the crown of the queen" Queen said.
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"Yes I will if that your wish Queen" Yui said.

"Asuna you have our blessing"mom and dad said and disappear.

We went to the royal window to see everyone. Everyone was happy. Yui and I introduced ourselves. Yui granted me the crown of the queen. Everyone was cheering for me. When I look at them. My kingdom was back to normal.

All the life energy from people were back to them. They didn't remember that we were the champion of magic battle. Everyone was okay.

Thanks to starlight moon crystal our king is back to how it was before.

The End

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    《Starlight Moon Crystal》