Story Of DarkShot
4 Surge
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Story Of DarkShot
Author :Mystt
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4 Surge

I feel really dizzy and I pass out. When I wake back up my feet are numb, and my legs feel all tingly, like pins and needles. I start to crawl across the floor, and the shadows fall back as I advance. My eyes seem to be getting hotter and hotter, and It's almost like I can feel this power I have translating into strength, I can feel myself getting stronger, and it's the most amazing feeling ever. Shadow is waking up so I pick him up and slung him over my back, carefully, trying not to injure him any further.

I decide to try my luck with the ladder and start to make my way up. Rung after rung passes under my feet and up by my hands, until I'm dizzy from the vertigo of being up so high. Just keep going and don't look down. DON'T look down, Bolt.

By some miracle, mostly due to my newfound super strength, I manage to make it to the top of the ladder. I push against the hatch cover with one hand, the other clinging desperately to the ladder and Shadow. I swing my weight behind it and push as hard as I can. I feel huge hunks of something very heavy moving above me, and with one last push the hatch splinters and gives way to a barren wasteland laid out before my eyes.

I throw away the debris and somehow, I'm much stronger than I was before. I started running out of the cave but, I end up miles outside of it in seconds. I look around and see that I'm in the middle of nowhere. I turn around in the direction i came from and started running back the way I came. It's a blur and suddenly I'm back at the bunker." I look around again and hit myself to make sure I'm not still unconscious.

And then I fall unconscious again because I hit myself too hard. I look around and see that more of the Rising Sun military is coming to investigate the threat of radiation. I duck behind a rock and snipe the general with my rifle. The others in the squad freeze with shock and I take down three more of them. Then they scatter for cover from the bullets that seem to come from nowhere. I then take out my automatic and spray them with covering fire as I run from cover to cover. I cut down four more of them until there is only three left. I throw my dagger at one kill him and walk away with the car exploding behind me from when somebody tried to shoot me. I turned around and threw my sword through his head then said "you're a nobody anyways" then I take my both of my swords out and my own military is shooting at me so I spin my swords in a circle and the bullets scatter onto their bodies.

Then I run the cave to get to Shadow then I realize Shadows not there anymore, so I walk in and I get shot on left leg and my right arm, but i take both of my swords and I stab them in the chest and then I get red eyes again and I stab them over and over till the only thing I can see left is there blood.

Then I'm running and suddenly I'm back in my hometown, and the same girl who I saw in the military base is there and I push her against a brick wall and she reaches for my blade on my back and draws it out of the scabbard, and I'm like "no you don't", and I flip back, nailing her with a kick to the face that sends my sword flying. I leap up in the air, cursing myself for falling for her tricks, and catch the sword, then send it in arch towards her head. Blood sprays on my shirt, and her body slumps against the wall, her head dropping to the ground with a lifeless thump.

"Nobody messes with Darkshot, you hear me. NOBODY!" I yell at her dead body. Then suddenly I start to run again and Shadows there, tugging at my sleeve and looking up at me with a horrified expression.

"Who did you kill?'' He asks in his small voice, and I nearly crumble to the ground. Instead I grab his hand and say, "How about we find a place to sleep."

"Okay." he walks beside me until we get to this abandoned hut on the outskirts of the ruins. So we go in and I get Shadow settled down on the cot that's in there, and pull the threadbare blanket up to his chin. He falls asleep immediately.

The sunlight coming in from the slats in the hut forces me to open my eyes. We must have slept for at least 12 hours. Shadow wakes up.
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    《Story Of DarkShot》