Story Of DarkShot
5 New recruit: Ash
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Story Of DarkShot
Author :Mystt
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5 New recruit: Ash

people came out of hiding all around us and they start shooting at me and I dodge them and reach for my swords then remember that they are in the chests of the thugs that shot me. I just run until I see good cover in a ditch. I jump in and I return fire and take down five of them before they can find cover. I take a deep breath and I check to make sure that Shadow is breathing and he's fine. I look around and see that there is only seven of them left. I look up and I see a ledge above me that I can snipe them without them shooting me. I climb up and I notice Shadow is not pale any more he looks normal again. I look down the scope of my gun and start to shoot. I kill five more before they try and fail to effectively return fire.

I cut down the rest as they run. I head back out and start running with Shadow. I look at the blur around me and I see something that could have been a shelter fly past. I turn around not caring that it could be infested with the Japanese Military soldiers and Shadow wasn't feeling too well so I sat him down and make a fire, so he can be warm. I go off and I see a house in the woods and snow all over it, so I walk in

it's a girl with wings and blond she has dirty blond hair and I learn that her name is Ash I ask her how she got wings and she says from the blast. I ask her "want to join me on my adventure? Oh, yea I almost forgot to tell you my name is Darkshot. She says okay and we walk to the fire and she breaks down in tears and says brother is that you and he says sister in a crying voice. She gets mad at me and says what did you do to him, he's hurt?! I said, "it was from the blast" and she say you guys were affected too?

I say "yea, but he is not doing so well" and she starts to make a medicine that heals him. I ask, "can you heal me too please". She lifts her hand and a green glowing rope comes from her hand and she attach it to my back and I suddenly begin to feel better and I ask, "how did you do that?" She says I don't know.

I say that we have roughly 50 more miles to go to the nearest inn. She says it's miles. I ask, "how did you know that?" She says that she became brilliant genius from the after affect from the blast. Shadow's says we have nowhere to go so we will stay with you Darkshot and I say, "okay Shadow". I say, "we need a team name." Shadows say's what about The Angels? Ash says that it is a good name.

I agree with him and now it feels like we have a purpose in the world. I say, "The Angels it is then". While we're sleeping in the little cottage owned by Ash but then I hear something outside like as if it were a wolf and I went outside to see what it was. It was a giant wolf it had 2 stripes that where white and the rest of him was a silk black, and he was wounded in many places after some fight.

I gave him some of Ash's food. He seemed content and just fell asleep. I went to sleep a few minutes after that and when I woke up I expected the wolf to be gone, and to my greatest surprise he is still there watching the shadows that are on the wall, so I named him Whiteshot after the stripes on his face. I woke up Ash and asked her "can you heal Whiteshot" she said okay she healed him, so he wouldn't be in pain anymore. We continued our journey, it was long and rough we went through harsh weather and storms, Shadow was half frozen to death and I couldn't feel my hands, but I forced everybody to keep going that winter, I had a bad feeling about having keep going more so I told Ash to use her wings and fly up in the air and flap them so hard that it makes a cave in the snow. So, we go in and rest.
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    《Story Of DarkShot》