Story Of DarkShot
6 Rough times
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Story Of DarkShot
Author :Mystt
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6 Rough times

Me and Whiteshot woke up at 6:00. I didn't want to wake the others, so I left the cave and started training to stay fit. As I trained I gave the dog my food from my pockets. He seemed healthier after I gave him food, then all I remember Is getting hit from behind and Whiteshot getting shot with a bullet that put him to sleep for a little while.

I wake up and look around and I see white domed walls and red floors and then I down and Whiteshot is on the floor, he looked badly hurt. Dom, Shadow and Ash wake up they look for me, but they can't find me. Shadow says he's been kidnapped and the wolf to. Dom says We have to go find them.

They go out searching looking and they find one of my swords with blood on it and they decide to go back to the H.Q but, on the way they end up finding a tiger its wounded it has white stripes, 2 gold stripes the across its back and it has a blue tongue and sharp beautiful teeth they decided to name the tiger Free and they heal the tiger and it grows bigger and becomes stronger, meanwhile back where Darkshot and Whiteshot are being held captive, I reach in my pocket and I realize that I turned some of Ash's healing rope into powder so if something like this happened.

I would be healed so I take it out of my pocket and sprinkle a little on Whiteshot and he gets up and I'm thankful that it worked so I sprinkle some on my hand it healed it wasn't bruised or messed up, the Japanese came in storming

I took my nail from my pocket and set myself free and hold the door shut Whiteshot gets behind me and jumps up then I put my hand behind me and catch a pistol, so I let the door open a smidge and start shooting I shoot one and I open the door and run through this beautiful hallway with doors for rooms with signs on them. I see more Japanese marching in, so I hide in one of the rooms the sign on the door said Himitsu. I see my uniform, my swords, my pistols with a logo of 2 stars and a vest for Whiteshot. The vest has a red diamond shape in the middle of it and its color is red digital camo, I put the vest on him. While, I'm putting the vest on him I see red thread and needles. I quickly make a red balaclava and rip off the ribbon of my uniform and I see a bullet proof vest and attach it to my uniform.

I take my gloves and cut the fingertips off them I put my swords back on my back and sneak out through the window and Whiteshot follows me I run into the woods and then I look back at where I was being held, I hear people yelling Darkshot we will find you and kill that wolf of yours, I run as far as possible and then I see Shadow.

He asks Darkshot is that you. I say "Darkshot one and only" he asks how I got out and I say "I got out with a little help of Ash's healing powder. Did ya miss me?" Shadow says a little. I say, "I see you have a tiger what did you name him" Ash says we named him Free

I say, "cool name, alright guys let's go back to the hut." Ash says okay. As we're walking back to the hut I say, "guys I'll be right back" Dom says okay we will have dinner made I say "okay". As I'm walking I get shot in the stomach
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    《Story Of DarkShot》