Story Of DarkShot
7 Mystery note
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Story Of DarkShot
Author :Mystt
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7 Mystery note

I struggled to stand back up. I saw nobody, I keep scanning the trees and ground to see who shot me but nobody was there not even footprints. I walk back to the cabin and I go in and everybody was gone then I see Whiteshot lying on the floor and Shadow sitting against the wall. I look behind the door and there is a note it said:


Darkshot or should i say bolt, too get your friends back you need to meet me at 9:00 pm at the cave alone if you don't your friends will die

I put the note in my pocket and I run over to shadow "Shadow wake up!!" he's not waking up I lay him down and there's blood everywhere then I look at his back and he had 2 gaping holes where had been hit with hollow point bullets.

I stand up and I turn around looking at the moldy wooden door I look back at Shadow and put my head down seeing the blood that drained from Whiteshot. I take out the powder and there's only a little left spill some on Shadow. Whiteshot wakes up and sits right beside me.

Shadow Stands up, he Just stares, it's like he just saw a ghost. I turn around, I notice that the door is open I draw out my swords, something hits my left sword, it has. I look up and see 4 men they all have red masks and the dressed in dark black, I take out my pistols and shoot two of them and I drop my pistols reach for my swords. I jump up in the air and throw them, it impales them both.

I say "not this time" I get up, take out my swords.

I see six of them two of them are in the trees and 3 of them are searching for something the one of the come up to me and says where are they I say "who's they" he says you know what I'm talking about, Your crew I say "why should I tell you" he says because if you don't then I will kill you I say "well, sorry to ruin your moment, I have a message it says: what a loser does this guy even know how to shoot a gun" he gets mad and I take my pistol out and shoot him the other five start to look at me in shock.

I put my pistol in my pocket and take out my swords before they get the first shot off. I throw my swords at both troops, I reach for my pistols and I notice I'm bleeding. I rip the sleeves off my uniform and there's blood everywhere I say to myself "you can do this, come on Darkshot you're doing this to save your crew."

I take out my pistols and shoot two of them in the trees. I try to shoot the last soldier. Then, I run out of bullets while he's shooting at me I run and grab my swords and jump up in the air and throw it up I fall, I lie on the floor, the sword impales him.

He falls, I crawl to the body to get my sword. I get shot in my legs and I stand up in pain holding my stomach, I let go of my stomach, I say "I did it for Angels, I did it for my brother, I did it for my Wolf" I take off my vest and say "it's no good to me the bullets already went through" I grab my sword and charge at him while he's shooting me and I stab him, I flip over and look up and say "protect them while crying." back at the hut Whiteshot whimpers every night in memory of me.


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