Story Of DarkShot
8 The Start Of Viden Nightshade
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Story Of DarkShot
Author :Mystt
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8 The Start Of Viden Nightshade

@@I wake up, I look around me and wonder why there's dead bodies everywhere and I see this dog running up to me I wonder what his name is. I look at his dog tag it says his name is Whiteshot, "I wonder who your owner is Whiteshot." I whispered. As we traveled through the forest of lime green trees, I see a house.

Whiteshot ran inside and leaped on to a boy about 18 years old. The boy looks at me and calls me Darkshot. "yes" I replied assuming that's my name. "Your – your alive!" he yelled. I was confused entirely "what do you mean" I asked.

"It's July 31st, you died protecting me and Ash. My name is Shadow. Your name is Darkshot Bolt, but if you don't like that name I can call you something else sir" both ash and shadow exchanged looks as he replied. "I will change my name to Viden Nightshade, "I heard about this myth about gold. Do you guys want to join"

Shadow seemed tense "No and neither does Ash. We've been through a lot… I don't want to re-live it" I sighed, I was thinking, well... first journey alone "Bye guys." Shadow and Ash responded "Bye. best friend..."

To Be Continued On To (A Quest For Gold)



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