Sweet Desire
9 Chapter 7
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Sweet Desire
Author :Penqiuyan
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9 Chapter 7

Before Sou Fei encounter with the Prince.

Li Shimin Bide got up early like usual. He orders the servants to prepare a bath. Shimin took his sweet time relaxing in the tub. The warm water feels nice. He making soap in his hand then rubbing it all over his body.

Minutes later, he gets out and has the servant dress him. Back in the dining room, Shimin Bide found Goa Don waiting. Goa Don's appearance shows a sign of aging. His once black long hair had turn grey. Working with the Emperor over the years made his youthful glow disappear.

"Second Prince I am glad to see you this fine morning."

"Goa Don it is rare for you to come and visit me," Shimin said eyeing him.

"Ha! Ha! True. Come eat and talk to me."

Going over Shimin Bide sat down and picks up chopsticks. He pops food in his mouth. After swallowing he inquires, "What do you wish to discuss with me?"

"What do you think about the throne?"

"Throne! Whatever do you mean?"Shimin asks while raising his eyebrows.

"What qualities do you think an Emperor should show to his people?"

"Hmm... I think an Emperor should rule his people with kindness and understanding. I also think an Emperor should be wise, cunning and be ready for war if conflicts arise." answer Shimin Bide.

"I am overjoyed to hear you say those words."

"What reasons made you come to see me?" Shimin wants to know.

"Well, you already know that your mother been ruling the country since your father being ill."

"So, you and I know this. Why you mention it now?" inquire Shimin.

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"You and your brother are getting close to the age to able to rule the nation."

"Yeah, are you insinuating something?" ask Shimin.

"Do you have ambitions to rule the kingdom?"

Pacing the floor Shimin ponder over the question. Do I even have the qualities of a good Emperor? I do not care much for court politics. Maybe being an emperor may not be wrong. No, I better keep this to myself.

Facing Goa Don once more Shimin spoke, "Can I be honest with you?"

"Of course, I welcome your opinion."

"To be candid, I have no desire to tangle with the matters of the court." Shimin reply

"Eh! My Lord, does this mean that you would give your brother the throne?"

"I am willing to help him if he asks me to," answer Shimin.

"Huh, I expected you to have great ambitions for the future. I guess I was wrong."

"I have aspirations for my future." Shimin voice as he sits back down.

"Young Prince, please do tell. I am rather curious ."

"I think the court is calling for you," Shimin said pointing to Gao Don's attendant.

I feel like Gao Don has something up in his sleeve. Well, I better do my study. Ugh! I do not want to study.

Getting to his feet Gao Don walk towards the exit. Turning his head, Gao Don spoke, "Young Prince, I wish that you would come to see how your brother deals with the court."

"Maybe I will some other time."

"I will look forward to it then," respond Gao Don.

After Gao Don disappears Shimin Bide walk to his study room. Shimin grabs a few looks from the bookshelf. Going over to the desk he plops the books down.

Sitting down he pulls the books close to him and also a candle and grabbing one of book Shimin flip to the first page. For a few hours, Shimin's eyes ran over the pages. Although the information is quite dull and dry. Sometime later a servant came in which startle Shimin.

"Who dares to disturb me!" demand Shimun not looking backward.

"Young Master, sorry for disturbing you. I brought you tea."

Turning his head, Shimin said, "Oh, Fu Cangzhi thank you just put the tea down near me,"

Fu Cangshi, a young man with black hair that is put into a bun

Deep brown eyes stare back at Shimin. On his face had a broad smile and he wears the servant uniform.

" Come over and sit with me, " says Shimin pointing to the seat across from him.

"Young Master, are you certain about this? I am just a servant."

"I am sure," said Shimin with a hint of annoyance in his voice

"As you wish."

Fu Cangzhi went over and sat down. For several minutes silence fill the room. Shimin glance back to the book in front of him.

"Young Master, can I assist you with anything?"

Shaking his head Shimin response, "NO, how was your visit with your family?"

"The visit was good. Thank you for letting me go see my family."

"I would like to know from you. What qualities do you think an Emperor should have?" inquire Shimin.

"I think-."

Before Fu Cangzhi could finish speaking another servant came rushes in.

"My lord! I was sent to get you."

"What is the matter?" Shimin asks.

"Second Young Master, your brother is having a fit, and I cannot calm him down."

Getting to his feet Shimin and Fu Cangzhi follow the servant out of the room. The three of them dashed down the ha!l. When they reached Chun Mu the table flip on its side. Tiny glass scatters all over the floor which made the ground hard to walk on.

"Brother Chun! Is everything alright? What is the issue at hand?" Shimin asks with concern tone of voice.

Chin Mu glare at him, "Little Shimin, I am fine. I was having some fun."

"How is messing up your room fun? Are you drunk early in the morning?" question Shimin raiding his eyebrow.

"I am not drunk! My spirit is just high today."

"If you say so then come with me. I will have servants clean up the room," states Shimin motioning the servant to carefully guide Chun Mu around the glass.

When Chun Mu got close to the exit Shimin grab hold of his arm and said, "Brother lets go to a different room."


Both brothers left the room leaving the servants to their work. Shimin led his brother to the living room.

"Brother, have a seat in the chair over there. I would like to talk with you for a bit."

"Okay, I will go sit down." Chun Mu response.

When the two finally settle down, Shimin faces him then asks," Brother, have you ponder about your future?"

"Hmm... What causes you to ask this question again?"

"Oh, nothing really. I only want to let you know that I will support you as emperor." Shimin said reaching over to pat his brother's arm.

"Eh, little brother I appreciate you are willing to help, but It is still a bit early to know who is next emperor. You may be the emperor." Chun Mu states.

"Gee thanks for saying so. What else are you going to do today?"

"I will go see Hei and Bia and do some studying," said Chun Mu getting to his feet.

"Oh alright, I guess I will go back to study too."

Woo! I thought my brother would talk to me more. Oh well, doing my studies is essential.

Shimin watches his brother amble out of the room. A loud sigh escapes his lips. Shimin than made his way back to the study room. Plop into a chair Shimin once again open up a book.


A couple hours later, another servant rush in and said, "Second Prince, please forgive me for barging in but we have trouble."

"What kind of trouble is it?"

"Master Chu Mu has been punishing a maid, but she is getting close to death." answer the servant.


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